Outland Again

So, after my last RaF pair finished on Friday, I made a new set. I learned a few things on the previous run which have made this one go faster … so much faster that Alestav and his buddy Edgabran rode through the Dark Portal last night.


My plan is to have them fully leveled sometime Sunday and be working on the next pair. I’d like to get two more pairs done before my time is up late next month.

I don’t do the usual multiboxing strategy of having both characters act in tandem. Could I? Probably. But I’m too lazy to set it up. I have one character handle the killing while the other is on follow. When the second character needs to pick up/hand in quests or loot quest items, I tab over to his window. It may be less elegant than true multiboxing, but it requires no setup other than a convenient ‘follow’ keybind. With this in mind, here are the things I have learned to make leveling go faster:

1. Use a pet class as your main questing dude, i.e. warlock or hunter. It makes no difference whether the character is on the main account or the RaF account. And no, frost mages don’t count. I already tried that with Oranis. Sure it’s doable, but the pet doesn’t tank, so there’s a lot of downtime. He had to port to town often to keep up on his first aid training. Lesson learned.

2. Aside from the obvious ‘wear as many heirlooms as possible’, you should also make sure to log out in an inn. That rest xp is very much worth it!

3. Don’t be afraid to skip quests! Some, like the one to pick Banshee’s Bells in Eastern Plaguelands, just take too long when you have to pick up so many items on each character. For fastest leveling, kill x things are the easiest and fastest to complete. If you’re on a quest that a lot of other people are on and everything is dead, just move on to another. You level so fast you can often skip ahead to the next hub after doing only one or two quests at your current spot.

4. Move to the next zone as soon as you can. You’ll get more xp by doing level-appropriate quests, and with full heirlooms there will be no issues with having to kill yellow or even orange mobs.

I think that’s about it. I’ve been keeping up with 10 levels per day on this pair pretty easily, without playing them on Tuesday because it was raid night.

I have everything on this server now except for druid and shaman. I think. Let me count … DK, Lock, 2 paladins (because of transferring Van), hunter, warrior, priest, mage, rogue, monk … yeah. Factor in the xp transfer from the characters on the RaF account, and I might end up with another double by the time it’s all over!

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4 Responses to “Outland Again”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


    I need to figure out how to set up the RAF with my own account. I bought another copy of WoW to do this but I haven’t used the code yet. Nor have I had the time to be able to focus so I don’t lose the XP bonuses.

  2. AmerPriest Says:

    Im still having trouble downloading the game and still unable to play the game im so sad! =( but its nice all of you coming back to old contents and seeing the screenshots just brings back a lot of memories overall. =)

  3. Cain Says:

    Setting it up so both toons can act really isn’t hard. It’s just installing one program called hotkeynet. I could help you if you’d like. Even if you don’t care about the damage of the second toon, but just with the handling of quests, following, and interacting with target it makes a big difference in the time you spend. Not to mention it’s tons of fun.

    There is an addon called Jamba that is useful for multiboxing as well. It works even if the second toon is just following you not doing anything. It will allow you to auto accept and turn in your quests without tabbing between windows. It also helps with following, taking flight paths, and using items. It greatly cuts down on the maintenance of the two toons and having to switch back and forth.

    I was trying to figure out last night how to best stagger my toon levels to take the biggest advantage of the free levels. Instead of leveling every pair to 85 and then completely gifting a couple of toons from 1 – 85, only some have to level to 85 and each successive one only has to be less and less levels. It will make the gifting of levels more complicated at the end, but if I figured it out correctly it should allow me to do less time while still getting all the classes I want to 85. Less time just because it is quicker to gain the lower levels than the higher levels.

  4. JD Kenada Says:

    I might have to give you the keys to the kingdom and bounce a toon or six up for me. lol

    Nice job on elevating the Rep Army!

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