Consolation Prize

So, Monday night we killed the Paragons quick then had all night to poke Garrosh. Poking literally, as we don’t have enough dps to do it with 3 healers, so I went ret. Man, I’m telling you … melee is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of WORK. My wrist hurt at the end of the night. We had some good pulls and some bad pulls, with the best one getting him to the final phase but not handling the mind controls well enough. Close but … not close enough.

Last night at the beginning of the night I didn’t even want to raid. I was cold, and tired, and very much de-motivated after not getting Garrosh down the night before. I died like an idiot to the swirl thing on Immerseus. After that, however, things got better. I got a ret chest off him, and a strength belt off of the Protectors. Then since we had geared up some since the week before and had everyone present, we set Norushen to heroic.

On heroic, there are four orbs instead of two. So with twice the number of people going in, the number of adds ramps up pretty quickly. Toss in having a healer go in as well, and remember this is only 10 player, and it gets pretty intense in the first part of the fight. I used all of my cooldowns multiple times each attempt, with the low mana warning persistently beeping at me. The berserk timer is so tight that if any one dps accidentally soaks an orb, that lost dps is enough to throw it off. We had wipes at 8% and another at just 3 million health before getting it all put together perfectly.


I know it sounds terrible to call a heroic kill a consolation prize, but it feels weird getting one before killing the final boss. It feels like I don’t quite belong there, ya know? I know I do, but still. Anyway, he dropped heroic bracers for me, which I needed badly as I was still wearing ToT bracers. I got a ring and the mace off shaman later, so I think my healing set is all at least normal 10 man gear now, minus trinks. Yeah, I got the three slots that I really needed all in one night. PLUS like four things for my ret set …. Garrosh better look out.

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4 Responses to “Consolation Prize”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats woman!! 😀

  2. Lore Says:

    Grats! I love the heroic Norushen fight. Its simple, but keeps everyone on their toes. The Heroic Sha fight is crazy.. and I absolutely hate it. The only fun thing about it is playing pacman.. lol

  3. khizzara Says:

    Yay! That’s us in that there screenshot! 😀

    And you do totally belong with us, why would you think you didn’t? You’re already comfortably middle of the pack with healing looking at the latest logs, with some stronger fights and some weaker fights just like the other healers. You’ve already improved in DPS and learned like, 13 fights in the space of a couple weeks. You are awesome! Go you! 😀

  4. repgrind Says:

    Well there’s a lot less to learn when I’ve already done them multiple times in LFR. I also studied them all *before* I ever queued for LFR and followed all of the mechanics, even though most people in LFR don’t bother. I knew I would need to know them eventually. 😉

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