Locking Around the Isles

March 20, 2017

Syp over at Bio Break recently posted about how much he’s enjoying his affliction warlock. My lock, Madorsa, had always been demonology for leveling and destruction for raids. So far in Legion she had only been demo and had just reached level 103, but the new playstyle just wasn’t grabbing me and she was near the bottom of my list of classes to level. So I figured what the heck, let’s make the change now before her floating skull eats up too much AP.

She does have a face, really. Then again, being undead, it’s not really one you want to look upon, so maybe it’s a blessing that it is obscured in this screenshot.

True to Syp’s musings, affliction proved to be a lot of fun, albeit a 180 degree difference in playstyle from my main fire mage. Whereas the mage obliterates things within a few seconds, the afflock wants to throw dots on everything in sight and cackle maniacally while their health gets eaten away. There is no such thing as burning something down … killing takes time, but you can kill a lot of things in that time.

One of the best things about the spec is that I get to run around with the felhound. That has always been my favourite lock pet and yet somehow, I had never actually gotten around to playing the spec. I think maybe because it wasn’t good in Pandaria when Madorsa was created? I don’t know. Anyway … I’m enjoying it now. I put a couple of levels on her over the weekend. I even went and got Light’s Heart, which I have been mostly ignoring on alts because bleh. But it does unlock a weapon appearance and I wanted the purple scythe look so I went and did it. I’m glad I did, too, because I really got a kick out of this demon’s reaction when I brought Light’s Heart back to my class hall.

Here let me blow up his dialogue:

Yeah dude. Totes serial.

Real Neat Blog Award

February 15, 2017

Zeirah nominated me for this Real Neat Blog Award that’s going around. It’s a good thing she did, since I seem to need inspiration and/or a kick in the behind these days in order to get a post up.


So there’s 3 things involved as part of the award:

Thank and link the person who nominated you.
Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them.

Ok, first off, thank you Z! Everyone make sure you go read Z is for Zeirah, she has a lot of fun and loves to share it with us all.

And then, her questions for me:

1. If you couldn’t blog about Wow anymore, what would you blog about?

Hm, probably my dogs. They are my best buddies. I occasionally post pics of them on Twitter (@acehawkblade)


2. What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best is definitely the friendships I have made in WoW because of it. I have joined guilds and raided at the highest difficulty with people I’ve met through blogging, and even been to Disney World with guildmates and been Maid of Honor at a wedding between blogging friends! All of whom I would not have met if we didn’t all blog.

The worst is feeling guilty when I go weeks between posts. I kept up a two or three posts per week schedule though for what, 6 years? I probably should at least make an effort to get up one a week though, that shouldn’t be too onerous.

3. What’s your favourite achievement in WoW?

By favourite do we mean the one that was most fun to get, the one I’m most proud of, the one I don’t have but still want? The most memorable to me are ones that friends and I did together. Remember when you had to skill up weapon skills? One of them was no weapon, or fisticuffs. So a friend and I went out to Borean Tundra, removed our weapons, and slapped some elementals or something around. I know I posted about it but I dug through the archives and haven’t found it yet. It’s there somewhere, I swear! OH! WAIT!!! I found it 😀

4. How long have you been playing computer games?

Wellllllll ….. do I have to tell? Kids these days won’t even know what a Commodore or an Amiga is. And there was this thing called ‘dail-up’ that hogged up your phone line so no one could call you, and then your Mom would freak out because your phone was busy for hours and call the cops to come check on you. Oh. Yeah. They don’t know what a landline is, either. I also had to walk a mile in the snow, uphill both ways, for a bio break. Really!

5. If you could have one day to do anything in, what would you do?

I’m not very exciting, I’m afraid. I have these days frequently on the weekends, where I just hang out at home with my doggies and we pile into the recliner with the remote, the tablet, and some snacks and watch reruns all day. This one channel has been running all-day seasons of White Collar the last three Sundays, so we’ve been watching that after I get home from church.

6. What’s your favourite food?

Tacos. Hard shell, none of this soft shell stuff … gotta have that crunch.

7. Where do you prefer to go, Mountains or Beach?

The beach is ok, but … mountains all the way. I’m no vampire, but I’m very much NOT a sun-worshipper, either. I also don’t like to swim and we won’t talk about the whole ‘middle-aged woman in a swimsuit’ look. Give me trees, hiking boots, a nice trout stream, pond or lake, and a good pair of binoculars for bird/wildlife watching. Heck, just send me back to Yellowstone, I didn’t get to see a wolf last time I was there.

Now I have to nominate 7 people. These may not all be strictly WoW blogs, but they have all played at one time or another.

1. Big Bear Butt
2. Sportsbard
3. Gnomecore
4. Kamalia et alia
5. Superior Realities
6. Bio Break
7. Misdirections

And the hardest part, coming up with 7 new questions for them!

1. Do you have a favorite mount or type of mount? (horses, dragons, mechs, etc)
2. Do your characters have individual personalities?
3. Transmog, yay or nay?
4. Do you have pets?
5. What is more important to you, a good storyline or plenty of endgame activities?
6. How did you get started in blogging?
7. What kind of car do you drive?

That should do it! Whew! I’d better get back to doing actual work now before I get into trouble. 😉

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Changing Mains

January 25, 2017

Z and Cinder do a weekly blog challenge topic that they post about and encourage others to join in and do the same. They link all posts for each topic on their shared blog. This week’s topic is one that I can definitely weigh in on so here we go!

If I couldn’t play my main anymore, what would I be? Well, I already changed mains once going into Legion. Despite my love for my paladins and the knowledge that I would be wielding Ashbringer, I just .. couldn’t make peace with the ret playstyle. (We won’t even bother talking about healing, I quit that completely once I quit raiding .. pug healing stresses me too much.) So during the pre-launch invasion events I took out all of the classes for test drives and settled on what I felt was the most fun. Thus I have been a fire mage since Legion’s launch. I had mained mage in the past, although not with this particular character … but it would have felt wrong for my fire mage to be anything other than blood elf. It just feels *right* what with the weapon being Kael’thas’ Felo’melorn.

But let’s say they mean NOW, not six months ago when the expansion launched. What if last week’s patch had changed my current main too much and I didn’t want to play him anymore? Well, strangely enough, since it has never been a class I really cared for, I would probably go with my outlaw rogue. The pistol shot procs and quick combo point buildups are a lot more fun than I had expected, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy finishing the last 5 levels. He’s also a lot more durable than in my prior rogue experiences, partly from class changes over the years and partly just from playing him and becoming more familiar with his abilities. I’ll never be a pvp phenom or anything like that, but even in PvE I’ve found plenty of uses for the utility abilities like stealth and sap and, of course, vanish. Plus, there are some really nice leather transmogs. What? That’s an important consideration ya know! 😉


Hello 2017

January 17, 2017

Yeah I know, we’re already 17 days into the new year and here I am *finally* posting. But I figured I should at least toss up an update on how things are going.

Oranis got a legendary in one of his emissary bags finally, Marquee Bindings of the Sun King. These give a chance for your next non-instant pyroblast to deal 300% more damage after consuming hot streak. Normally I NEVER hard cast pyro, using it only with hot streak. But this certainly makes it worth it, even with only a 15% chance. I still won’t usually cast it mid-fight when I’m running solo, preferring to use it to pull the next mob. Coupled with my favourite trinket, the Devilsaur Shock-Baton which slows the enemy when it procs, most things burn to ash without even reaching me.

Junahu finished her hunter campaign so I am essentially done with her. Kerick and Hunahuna, who reached 110 over the weekend, are both working on their campaigns and did the World Quest event over the weekend to get the bonus rep and the 5k resources. I suppose I should get back to work on leveling someone else to follow them. I think Kroy and Sanbec are probably the furthest along.

I posted awhile back that I was having problems deciding what to craft next. I finally decided on Tirion even though I’m not really playing paladin right now. Anyone who has been around this blog for any length of time will not be surprised, though, as I am a longtime Tirion fangirl. It just seemed wrong to not have him in HS, especially since they killed him off in WoW. 😦

Summoners War
Who … what? This isn’t a Blizzard game! Heck, it’s not even a PC game. You’ll just have to bear with me because BigBearButt posted about this game a couple of times and got me hooked. No I mean really hooked. Like, I’m looking stuff up and making spreadsheets hooked. Yeah. So, probably none of you will know what I’m talking about but that’s ok.

My Dagora is 5* and over 23k hp so he’s able to solo Tamor 3 Hell to level up my other mons. I also have Belladeon and Konamiya 5*. I don’t know who to 5 next .. I have Ahman, Chasun, Shannon, Bernard as likely candidates .. Darion is still 3* but I could easily evolve and level him by the time I have the mats to do a 5. I have some other good 4s that I definitely want to evolve at some point, too, but I’m not sure they should be next .. Mikene, Platy, Shimitae. Honestly though it’s probably between Bernard and Chasun. From what I’ve read, I’ll need Bernard and Shannon for my giants 10 team for sure. Then again, I’ll need Mikene to fuse Veromos, so … yeah. Either way, whatever I do will be for building my GB10 team. I probably should have done Shannon instead of Konamiya but his cleanse is so useful everywhere …