Leveling Alts

No pictures today. Deal with it.

I’m curious about something. Alts. Which ones are people leveling? I don’t mean specifics here as far as classes or races that they like. I mean level-wise.

Let me explain my own situation. At the start of MoP, I had 11 max level characters and one level 82 that I never quite managed to finish. (She/he languished at 76 through the end of Wrath, also, thus has never actually achieved max level at any point.) Currently, I have 3 max level characters. The other 8 still sit at 85-86, the 82 has made it up to 86, and I’ve leveled the warlock from scratch up to 85. So I have 10 level 85+ now sitting around waiting for me to take them through Pandaria.

So what am I doing then? Rolling babies. Yes. I KNOW. I have enough toons. I had to delete toons to make new ones. But …I don’t know. I just *feel* like running around lowbie zones, happily licking flowers and capturing murlocs so old man Calston can have a pet. And I didn’t make just one. I made three. I know what you’re thinking …

‘But wait! Don’t you already HAVE lowbies that you haven’t leveled?’

Yes, yes I do. My panda hasn’t even made it off the turtle yet. I have others that are not so low that had hopes of getting leveled someday as well, like the shaman at 60+ and the rogue at 40+.

You others out there. I see you leveling the ones you already have. I see you gearing up multiple alts in LFR. (Of my 3, only the main is geared for anything other than MSV. The third … um … what is the ilevel for heroics, anyway?) I see you taking multiple toons to the Isle of Thunder day in and day out. And here I am, quietly puttering around on toons that aren’t even able to choose a spec yet, in a guild where only one or two other people are logging in.

Part of the reason I bring this up is because the PTR patch notes indicate a 33% nerf to the xp needed to get from 85-90 in the next patch. Are there others out there like me who just aren’t really motivated to finish off their high-level toons? Will this nerf get you to focus more on those characters to get them leveled?

I really don’t think it will make a difference for me. It’s not that I dislike Pandaria. I like it quite a bit. I like it even more now that I’ve seen everything and don’t feel like my alts that go there have to follow a designated path for leveling. Kirgra has been having fun just riding all over the countryside, hunting down rares and camping spawn points for the BoA weapons. I enjoy the leveling part. It’s just the other stuff that comes after it … especially LFR and Isle of Thunder. (The lock is hopefully the exception since she wants to see the green fire questline, but she has plans to level through Pandaria with a friend, so she’s in a holding pattern temporarily.)

There. Have I rambled enough for one day? Good. So tell me … what level are your alts and what have you been doing with them?

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14 Responses to “Leveling Alts”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I have 2 max level 90s, my lock (main) and my priest.

    The priest was leveled to 90 ASAP so we had a back up healer just to not need her. She currently sits on her farm farming up herbs for the gbank and occationally transmuting a living steel bar.

    I have my rogue at 89. She would’ve been 90 already but Slice wanted to level his druid with her. Since his druid was 87 (now 88) he wanted to catch up. So now I am waiting for him to get around to getting her closer to 89. Since he keep switching between his DK and hunter, this won’t be any time soon. So the rogue sits on her farm farming pink turnips for the panda feasts for the gbank. Gaining some xp from the occupied soil and wiggling/alluring crops.

    I have my alliance mage sitting at 85. She barely dinged 85 before the end of Cata and hasn’t been touched since. I think I was dragged in for a Rag kill when Shadeey was finishing her staff so she is rocking that weapon off him. I don’t have any plans in the near future to level her.

    After reading about Bocat’s adventures I kind of want to level my DK. He has been sitting in Org since I race changed him from night elf to blood elf. He does the JC daily (if he has the gems) and his inscription cooldown then gets ignored.

    My druid will most likely not get leveled unless something happens to change how horrible the boomkin leveling process is. And to answer the question, no I will not be going kitty.

    All the rest of my alts are either on my old server or sub 70.

  2. Leit Says:

    Ooh, an alt post! (Look upon what ye have wrought and despair.) 😀

    I’ve got 6 toons at 90 and 4 geared for ToT, with my druid stalled out at ToES ilvl and the perfidous human pally juuuust about geared enough for scenarios. The 90s are because gearing anything in 5.0 was a ballache, so I levelled toons instead. The gearing is because 5.2 was a massive upgrade in quality of life for endgame alts. It’s not what I’d call precisely easy, but it is possible to blast through the LFR gearing process in a couple of weeks, and burst activity + upgrades = happy me.

    Other than the 90s… got a priest at 87 who was my main through most of Cata. Had to work hard to convince myself to get him into the Vale, which is where he’s currently camped out, supplying my toons with gems and more gems. Atonement’s strong through Jade, but loses a lot of its punch by the end of Krasarang.

    My ‘spare’ belf paladin from cata hasn’t been levelled at all, my tauren DK is still barely into Jade Forest, forsaken DK on another realm is still in Orgrimmar, I deleted my little shadowpriest at lvl 40, my mini prot pally is keeping the off-realm DK company at around 35, and I’ve got a warlock at 45. The warlock was started simply to see content other than Pandaria again, and is levelling with yon wifelet’s rogue. Both were a welcome escape in 5.1, but since 5.2 they’re sort of on the back burner.

    Neat thing about 5.2 and the gear changes is that it gives us a chance to experiment a bit more with other classes. Warriors feel godsawful with low gear but are good fun once they’ve gotten moving. Rogues feel slow as molasses in winter, but with a bit of gear they’re… still slow as hell. I don’t know what that’s about. Still, they’re at least visibly effective, and surprisingly resilient. And so on. We’re a bit less chained to playing whatever the first thing was that capped back in 5.0.

  3. tomeoftheancient Says:

    Most of my alts are languishing around 85 or 86. Leveling them is not what I want to do. And the only reason one of my 90s got there is so she could make me stuff, lol.

    I seem to enjoy the trip not the destination. I love Pandaria but I miss leveling through the old world and seeing how all my friends are making out back home.

  4. Cain Says:

    I had 3 80’s when I came back with a scroll of resurrection when that was announced (I didn’t get a free 80 because I wanted the free server transfer). I leveled all 3 to 85 and worked mostly on achievements on my druid trying to catch up for missing an expac of achievements. Spent most of the rest of my time running old raids solo on multiple toons for mounts/legendaries/ fun of soloing. I saw a lot about hunters being able to solo a lot of stuff, and started to level one to hunt for rare pets and solo old content. Got him to 85 just before MoP, and maxed out his stable with rare pets. After getting the druid to 90 when MoP hit I started leveling the hunter whenever I was done dailies for the day. Got the hunter to 90 and didn’t want to do more dailies so immediately started the warrior to 90. Repeat again not wanting to do dailies and leveled the mage. At this point I didn’t have any more chars to level without starting from scratch and they changed the way the rep worked for alts so I did dailies to get the reps I “needed” on the hunter and warrior both. Started getting reps on the mage and just hated playing an undergeared mage yet didn’t want to sit in heroic queue’s to get geared so I stopped. At this point I bought a second account on sale and did RaF multiboxing with myself. This was tons of fun to me. In two months I leveled on my main account one of every class I didn’t have, plus a second hunter horde side, and a druid to like 40 before the time on the account ran out. So now I have 4 90’s and like 8 80’s and I keep saying I’m going to level all those 80’s, but I never seem to do it. I think I got my horde lock to 81. I’m probably one of the people now you referred to you see me spending all of my time on Isle of Thunder. I am on either my druid, warrior, or hunter, and all I do is wait for LFR queues while I do a few dailies, kill some rares, afk. The only other thing I really do at this point is my weekly MC run on the druid and warrior (still no Eye), and sometimes BWL on any of the three. I think as far as leveling goes I definitely liked the lower level dungeons when multiboxing and think probably 15-30 was my favorite level range so I can relate to why you like that lowbie time.

  5. Tyledres Says:

    Hmm…Let’s see… At the end of Cata I had 8 Alliance 85’s and 1 Horde one of those I’ve only been able to get 3 of the Alliance ones to 90. The first was my dk that had been my main at the end of Cata and then since I thought I’d rush to get the rest of my collection to 90 I got my druid to 90. Somehow. I then convinced myself to level my pally to 90 because I fed myself the delusion that I would someday be able to scrape together enough gold to make a panther mount if I got my jewlcrafter the recipes. But I couldn’t seem to work up the enthusiasm to level up another toon from 85-90. It’s just really painful to me.

    The last 90 was the Horde warlock. She is brand-new. Freshly created. The leveling process was such fun. And it goes so quickly and easily until you reach 85. Then it’s so slow. And hard. And not fun. And the Zandalari are hiding in bushes ready to smash in the faces of low-level passerbys.

    As to what I want to work on next? Another death knight. I love being on Drak and the people in Shadow Rising are really awesome. I want to be there. But I’m really miss being a death knight.

    And you say the leveling from 85-90 will be easier?! Oh thank goodness! It’s needed! But I’m not too sure that I really want to level my army of 85’s. I guess I’m feeling more like rerolling then sticking around where I was at.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Well we’ve really enjoyed having you around, Tyledres. And we could always use more DKs. 😀

    Thanks for all the comments so far guys! It’s fun to see what everyone is up to. I mean, I kinda see who you’re playing and where since I have most of you on stalker ID, but it’s not the same as getting to hear details directly from you. 😉

  7. Lore Says:

    I have (4x) Lvl 90’s. I really dont think I will be leveling any more toons, as I dont have enough time to dedicate to each of them the way it is.
    Main: Shammy.. Alts: Healer/Dps Monk, Then of course mighty Baltok the warrior, and I just finished leveling my healer/tank druid. I may ding my horde shammy up to 90 for the chieve.. But I seriously doubt it. After this xpac, I dont think I’ll have the WoW bug biting me anymore. Just dont have the time/blood/sweat/tears to throw into the game, nor run a guild anymore it seems.

  8. kamaliaetalia Says:

    I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time with alts who are NOT in Pandaria. I finished leveling my Warrior to 80 and haven’t started her on the Cataclysm content in part because I’m not quite ready to take her to Pandaria yet. I played through Thousand Needles with my 40-something Priest. I took my Paladin through parts of Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh and got her to level 64. After having leveled mini-Kam from 85 to 86 by doing Thunder Bluff cooking and fishing dailies, I’ve begun running dungeons with her, intending to get her to 90 before even setting foot in Pandaria. I’ve been working through the Jade Forest, one quest hub at a time, with my currently-86 hunter. I played through the Shado-Pan opener questline in Kun-Lai Summit with my currently-88 DK. My level 86 Druid is sitting in Halfhill waiting for me to get up the nerve to take her into LFD as a Tree. My level 88 Monk has started doing the Dalaran and Orgrimmar/TB cooking dailies because I want a Chef’s Hat. I started thinking about leveling my 37 Prot Warrior again, because I’m getting really tired of her current Transmogrification kit.

    I think the XP nerf will definitely help my cluster of alts who are languishing in the 86-88 range. My husband and I have been leveling Monks together, and he’s been increasingly reluctant to play with them because of how painfully long the time from ding to ding has gotten now that we’re in Pandaria. Maybe once the XP nerf goes live we’ll actually be able to get them to 90!

  9. Zeirah Says:

    I have an abiding love for alts. I’ve levelled 5 x 90s, a couple simply for their professions. I seem to have a sticking to levelling issue between 85 and 90 as I have a 87 lock, 86 monk and 85 druid that aren’t moving anywhere fast. I have a few double up of classes but that’s mostly because I like to level in a different spec rather than spec change an existing toon.

    Thanks to doing raf with myself I have an 81 priest, 80 warrior and 80 paladin. I also have a 72 dk who i’d like to level just to see what dk’s can solo. And a truly low little panda that I levelled to 12 to see the Pandarean starting area, I might make another to see the horde ending.

    Also tucked away on a number of servers are a host of sub-level 30s. I’d really like to get into RP so I’m levelling a few alts on an RP server. I’d also like to see what a PVP sever is like so there’s one over on a PVP realm, I haven’t actually ventured out of the Worgen starting area but I will one day and then my PVP adventures will start.

    I also love lore and find that each time I level a toon through a zone I learn more of the back story behind the npcs or the zone so I’m really content running through zones I’ve been through before just taking my time and reading the stories I come across. I think the next one I concentrate on will be the warlock mainly because I want to do the quest to get green fire.

  10. wolfgangcat Says:

    OMG I need a DK on Drak lol!

    6 level 90s, a pally, druid and monk in the 40s, a myriad of priests/rogues and a warlock scattered around in the 20s.
    I keep thinking I should get my 85 shaman and hunter to 90 but I find Pandaria very unforgiving to casters/ranged so maybe after the nerf I’ll give it a try.

    I’m just burned out on dailies – especially the Isle of Thunder dailies that take forever because I seem to aggro the entire zone every time I take a step. Dying every 2 minutes gets old really fast. I might only take my DK through it just because she has better survivability than my poor priests and rogue.

    So compared with the frustrating dailies nightmare, baby toons are a heck of a lot of fun – especially low level dungeons before everything becomes “serious business.”

    This has been coined the “alt-unfriendly” expansion, but geez – dying every minute to over-tuned mobs isn’t exactly friendly either. Give me an alt any time over graveyard runs.

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  12. Arioch Says:

    Happily licking flowers… to each their own I guess, but picking them seems more useful.

    I can’t get enough time to deal with my mage at this point, let alone any other characters. There’s a lot of characters I feel I ought to level but because it feels forced I can’t be buggered to do it.

    But I really need to finally get a rogue underway and I need to level up something on the Ally side for that damned achievement.

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