Killing Trolls

Finally. The Council of Elders is defeated. This one took almost as many pulls as Horridon. We just couldn’t find a strat that would work for us. Then yesterday, Leit posted about his group downing them and the strat that they used. Stack ’em up, burn ’em down. That sounded like the kind of strat we excel at, so I linked the post to Slice and Adoe and we made plans to try it.

Raid time approaches, however, and there are issues. Adoe’s computer was misbehaving and Sorak and Wok were not online. Sorak was just running late, but Wok wasn’t going to make it. Adoe commandeered Shadeey’s computer, but of course, that left us without her. Ok, no problem, we have backups. Zug goes tank and we bring in Bocat and our shiny new rogue Psynite. It’s almost working, but we’re lacking just a bit more dps.

How do you get even moar brute force out of a brute force tactic?

We don’t need two tanks. Zug, cleave all of teh things plz.

But wait, doesn’t the tank get stunned for 15s repeatedly throughout the fight? Meh. You have CDs bitch, use them.

And, since Arv is Batman ….


Yes, it actually worked with him solo tanking it.

AND everyone lined up nicely and got in the picture.


Left to Right.
Back row is Zarm and then Sorak and Zugzuug on their birdies.
Front row is Liyhe, Psynite, Vanicus, Arvash, Bocat, Lyssianna, and Adoe.

Here’s what Lei Shen really thinks of the Zandalari.


We dropped down into the Depths, played in the waterspouts and died to some bats.
Some of us have very different reactions to the loot we receive from the trash, though.


Bo, I really don’t know what to say. :p

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8 Responses to “Killing Trolls”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    She really, _really_ likes her guano.

    If you want me to keep herding them into line for you guys just say so 😀

  2. Zeirah Says:

    Grats on the kill 🙂

  3. slice213 Says:

    lol zug cleave all teh things!!

    Also guano…ewwww

  4. Leit Says:

    Yoh wena, I wouldn’t want to try and solo tank that. 😀 We got a little more DPS mileage out of our healers to make it work. Good for you!

    Is prot warrior far behind on DPS even in cleave fights? I’ve read some disappointing things about prot’s damage not being up to the standard of the other tanks… or is it just that Zug’s DPS spec is that much better?

  5. koalabear21 Says:

    Zug is main spec dps. That boy is insane in his damage.

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