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Son of a Loa!

September 15, 2018

Yeah so … I know it’s been almost a year since I last posted. Who knows when I’ll post after this? But some things just have to be recorded.

First of all, I finished all of the class mount quests in Legion and not much else. But I went into BfA with all 12 classes at max level, plus one extra warlock from the boost. I chose Kerick the Alliance paladin to level first this expansion. Let me just say I love Flynn Fairwind.

Afterwards, I started the opening Horde quests with my undead warlock. She did the scenarios, sailed to Zandalar to meet King Rastakhan, and went … meh. She had no connection to the story whatsoever. Fortunately, it was almost Faire time at this point, so on Faire week I leveled my troll druid from 102 and got her going. Normally I won’t repeat the scenarios, but she NEEDED to meet Zul. I knew she would be smitten with him.


His sarcastic wit had her head over heels instantly. She happily went questing about Zuldazar until she got finished wiping the mogu out of the port and was flown back to report to the king.

I should have seen it coming. No. Really. I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING. Ro’kahn knew, if only I had been paying attention.


In the interest of not spoiling things I won’t elaborate further. Just know that Vorta is feeling hurt and betrayed and very confused. She knows what she needs to do, and knows where her loyalties need to be, but that doesn’t mean she is happy about it, ya know? But fear not, King Rasta … you can depend on her.


Busy Busy Busy

November 29, 2016

Oh my, it’s been awhile since I last posted. It’s not that I haven’t been playing because I sure have! I just haven’t found anything new and exciting to post about, really. Other than this, which I had been dreaming of since Sunwell was current and I was a newb who’d never even raided before so had no chance in Azeroth of attaining it and its magical dream of not having to carry around ammo anymore.


Last week I was on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I took advantage of both the WoW Anniversary and Pilgrim’s Bounty to get some leveling done and get extra bonus rep on the world quests because of the world quest weekly which is so wonderful. Juna who is pictured up there getting her now-obsolete bow was the first one I worked on. She managed to finish the world quest weekly as well and is now flush with resources and working on her campaign. Kerick also finished leveling, albeit not until Saturday or Sunday I forget which, so he didn’t try to finish the weekly, but he also got work in on his campaign. He hasn’t been to Suramar yet, Juna has. I have a more hate than love relationship with that place. Juna did find it nice and easy to get over to the eastern part of the zone though with her network of Eagle aeries. She went there to do the other Murky world quest. I didn’t even know these existed, but she’s the only one so far who’s done Murky’s quests in northern Highmountain, so they didn’t show up for Oranis. She got an achievement after finishing that third one. It’s always fun getting achievements that you don’t even expect. Then when I cleaned out her bags later I found this Mrgrglhjorn toy in there. Neato!11111111111111111

Ready For Legion

August 29, 2016

Well … almost ready anyway. Last night after finishing my rogue I said I was done with invasions. Then I logged on this morning before work and was like, let’s just see how far my level 90 feral druid gets in one invasion. Well, she still had rested xp, so she got 2 levels and then I was like, ok let’s go do Azshara, too, and she got almost halfway through level 93. So now I’m thinking, it’s only 6 and a half levels. I can do it! So I guess I’m doing more this evening. Anyway, here is my outlaw rogue Kroy to bring you the list of what I have ready and planned for Legion:


DEATH KNIGHT: There are now only two dps spec variations (no more 2H frost) and I have 3 DKs.
Arelin – Male belf. Was already 100 and is unholy.
Kalyon – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and was 2H frost but will be dual wield for Legion.
Kirgra- Female orc. Was already 100 and DW frost. She probably will mess around with blood just to get the artifact but I won’t actually tank anything.

Driandis – Male belf, havoc.
Feorn – Male nelf, havoc.

Hunahuna – Female Tauren. Leveled from 96 (4 levels). Sparkly astral cow.
Kaladis – Female Worgen. Leveled from 42 to 63 (21 levels). Sparkly astral wolf/kitty but still an alt. At least now she’s at boostable level.
Vorta – Female Troll. BY bedtime tonight will have leveled from 89 (11 levels). Psychedelic troll kitty.

Junahu – Female Tauren. Was already 100 and is BM but .. the artifact is a gun. She doesn’t do guns. She might try marks. Or she might just mog the thing.
Towanda – Female Gnome. Leveled from 7 to 60 (53 levels). She’s fun and Titanstrike would be *perfect* for her. But .. too many levels.

MAGE: Gotta cover every spec!
Karius – Male human. Was already 100 and is frost.
Oranis – Male belf. Leveled from 89 (11 levels) just so I could have a belf fire mage to wield Felo’melorn.
Rozjin – Male troll. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is arcane.

Adryen – Male undead. Was already 100 and is WW.
Kimchii – Female Pandaren (Alliance). Leveled from 20 to 30 (10 levels) and is WW. Just … not into her and no reason to have another WW.

Kerick – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is ret. I still don’t like the way he looks after the new models were put in, but … he has to get his Ashbringer. Van doesn’t feel the connection to it that Kerick does. Probably my main again.
Vanethos – Male belf. Was already 100 and is also ret.

Paddey – Male undead. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is shadow.
Ragle – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) also as shadow, but will be switching to disc even though he probably won’t ever heal anything.

Alestav – Male undead. Was already 100 and is subtlety.
Kroy – Male human. Leveled from 59 (41 levels) and is totally in love with the new outlaw spec. So much so that I leveled him all the way because he needs his artifacts. Possibly a new main/co-main.

Kriann – Female dwarf. Was already 100 and is elemental.
Vozzkaz – Female troll. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is enhancement.

Korgus – Male worgen. Leveled from 53 to 63 (10 levels) and is destro bank alt. Now he can make netherweave bags. Mission accomplished.
Madorsa – Female undead. Was already 100 and is demonology. Doesn’t miss metamorphosis because she never used it. Maximum wild imps is her style. Can’t wait to get her creepy floating skull artifact.

Oslee – Male undead. Leveled from 96 (4 levels) and is going back to arms.
Sanbec – Male human. Was already 100, was pretty much the main in WoD (the only one to get the legendary ring), and is fury.

I have other characters, these are just the ones that either are 100 or that I put levels on during the invasions. So if you add those all up … I gained 218 levels from invasions. Um … dang. And I have 23 characters at level 100 ready to jump right into Legion. Weighted heavily towards Horde, I admit, with only 8 of them on Alliance … but the two I intend to start on first are both Alliance so there is that. And no, they won’t all get leveled. Some probably will be completely ignored. At least until the next easymode leveling thing comes along. (Please Blizz we liked this, remember it next time you’re designing an event!)

Get Those Alts to Invasions

August 15, 2016

If you have any alts left to get to 100 before Legion hits in two weeks, you’re in luck. Those demon invasions aren’t just for max levels! They give HUGE xp. Coming into the weekend I had two classes to get to 100 yet .. my druid was sitting at 96 almost 97, and my priest at 92 almost 93. It only takes about 3 invasions to get a level. And you don’t even have to participate if you don’t want to, you only need to be in the zone. My druid is now 100, and my priest dinged 98 this morning. Heck, I’m even thinking about getting the rest of my 90 and up alts done, there are two whole weeks yet. Assuming Blizzard doesn’t nerf the xp …. *offers up many sacrifices to the Metzen* Oh and while you’re at it, save the boxes until you do hit 100 … the gear will be ilevel 700 then.

Also, if this is a preview of how the scaling zones will work in Legion, I love it. Seriously, the mobs and rewards all scale to YOUR level. So no matter what level you are (as long as it’s 10 or above) you CAN participate in the invasions! Sure you’ll die on the final boss … pretty much everyone does. But you can also just afk in a random corner of the zone and get credit. Awesomesauce.