My New Hobby: Lords in the Field Series

Are you guys tired of Mount & Blade posts with no screenshots? Well then, I have good news for you!

What? No! I’m not putting an end to the Mount & Blade posts. Geez. You still have to put up with them. But at least now they will have pictures!
(I happened to be looking in the options and noticed the keybinding for screenshots. Score!)

So of course, once I found the key to quick screenshots, I came up with a new hobby … shots of me next to the other lords in the field! I took a lot over the weekend but I am only going to subject you to a couple of dudes at a time.

May as well start at the top with the boss man himself.


Hmelnitski is a hard man to catch standing still. Usually he leads the charge, and since he’s on a fast Thoroughbred, I can’t catch him before he gets himself knocked out. In this battle, however, we had a huge advantage in number of troops, so he elected to stay back and let our men take care of things.


Here we have me and my boyfriend Les’ … oh. Wait. You don’t want that one, that’s the one in the dark. (No futher comments, I am going to behave. hehe)


Better? Ok. Somehow when I was previewing that one I managed to make it my desktop background. I think I’ll just leave it for awhile. That sky is *amazing*.

You might have noticed that I am wearing different armor than I had been in the first post I made about this game. Last time I posted I was still fighting back and forth to get and keep Minsk. Over the weekend, I helped take it back, but Zolotarenko led the siege and had recently lost his fortress to the Crimean Khanate, who we had recently gone to war with. So, since I still had my town and Vasil had nothing, Hmelnitski gave Minsk to him. Ok, fair enough. But THEN the lousy Tatars took Ladyzhyn Fortress .. and my town was attached to it. So I lost my town and was back to having zero holdings. To add insult to injury, we made peace with the Poles, so Minsk hasn’t needed defending. I’ve taken over Ladyzhyn and been awarded it, only to have the Tatars take it back .. same story, different fortress, right? So one of the times they took it back (with difficulty, I might add .. I have learned a lot about the garrison and holding out in a siege) and imprisoned me, they decided that taking my weapons wasn’t enough, they also stole my armor. I ran around bare-chested for awhile (and looked good doing it, I might add) but eventually found some crap armor and, well, gave it to one of my followers in exchange for this shiny coat of mail that he had on. Hey, I gave the mail to him in the first place, and without any holdings, I have no income and can’t afford to buy more. I have to make do right now. Anyway, I built my army back up and enlisted Popovich and Nesterenko to come help me take it back. We would have succeeded if they hadn’t sent several armies to come break us up. We did survive, however, and decimated their forces in the process. I even captured one of them to deliver to Hmelnitski. (What? I had a quest!)

Ok, more to come later! I hope I’m not boring you all to death but if I am … well, it’s my blog. :p

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4 Responses to “My New Hobby: Lords in the Field Series”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Crazy woman

  2. repgrind Says:

    but …. it’s FUN
    The Warband version would not have held my interest like this has. Putting real history behind it just slam-dunked it for me.
    I wish work would slow down a little so I can get more of the books read. I, um, may have even ordered the DVDs of the Jerzy Hoffman movies (in Polish, subtitled, foreign films zomg!)

    Crazy was probably an understatement … >.>

  3. tomeoftheancient Says:

    Oh well, with pictures it’s whole different story!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I know, right? You’re probably lucky that I put that armor on first though. Or maybe not, I mean, my character is a nicely-muscled man, after all. ^.^

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