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Big Dead Troll

November 1, 2012

So, last night was all Gara’jal, all the time. We’d had trouble getting the dance between the two worlds down. Yeah yeah, the guides are all ‘it’s just like Theralion and Valiona’ … well, yeah, if you did the twin dragons on heroic! Or you were fayle and ended up in the shadow realm accidentally. We never did it on heroic so this was a mostly new mechanic. We went to 3 heals to give us a bit of breathing room and get more comfortable with the swapping in and out. When we got to the point where we executed correctly but hit the enrage timer, we went back to 2 healing and promptly got the kill.

Much like on Baleroc, I had to spam Flash of Light inside the spirit realm to build stacks on and heal up the dps who went inside with me. I swapped to the FoL glyph for this fight because of that and it worked quite nicely. Three healing I never had to look at my mana bar. Two healing … well, by the time I healed the dps up to full I was gasping for enough mana to heal myself up as well, so I had to work some Word of Glory/Eternal Flame in there. Once out of the realm, of course, my bar filled up quickly from the buff.

We had time afterwards for a few pulls of the Spirit Kings. Oh boy. That is gonna be a crazy fun fight.