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Lei Shi

February 14, 2013

As I predicted yesterday, we took a few pulls to get the adds under control, but ultimately prevailed against Lei Shi. We had everyone stack in the center when they came out and our mage Shaadey put down a Circle of Frost. It holds them long enough for the shaman and lock to Bind Elemental/Banish. On the 40% and 20% phases where there are 4 instead of only 3, we fear bombed the extra one. I threw in a Blinding Light to disorient them if we ran into trouble.


She was nice enough to leave a Sigil of Wisdom in the chest. I still need 5 more though. /slacker


Hey a shot with all 10 of us in it! L to R: Adoe, Sorak, Lyssianna, Bocat, Vanicus, jumping Zugzuug, Liyhe, Arvash, Shaadey, and Wok.

You can see the Sha of Fear there in the background. He’s next. He … is not going to be done in a few pulls. He is going to make me cry. Jerk.