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One Hot Troll

June 27, 2012

SO … remember Monday I posted Roz in all his mismatched gear? I asked for suggestions, but hoped that I would have enough crap stuffed in his bank to throw something together.

Initially, I wasn’t planning on keeping any of the original outfit, especially the shoulders and gloves. Ewwww. BUT … when I dug through the bank, a couple of pieces practically jumped out of the bank and into my bags, just begging to be used, and they just happened to complement the pieces that I had so callously pegged as hideous.

JD suggested the Scythe of Ahune. Amazingly enough, my memory did not fail me, as I actually do have the level 70 version of said staff hidden away in the bank. However, since this orange color theme was begging to be used, I went with another specialty holiday weapon; the sword from Hallow’s End.

Zari wanted me to hide the helm and get a mohawk. Done and …. done!

He also suggested losing the water elemental which … well, with this color scheme, it was a no brainer to go back to fire spec (especially since he already had it as one of his specs). Once that was all done he went to find Zari’s hot little mama Jendora to show off his new look.

Seems to have worked, Jendora was pretty impressed, mon.

So, I’m calling this one a roaring success, and it only took 5 minutes of digging through the bank! Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder. ^.^

And for all of you mog addicts out there, here is a rundown of the outfit, because I know you like that sort of thing.

Helm: doesn’t matter, hidden

Shoulders: Mantle of False Virtue, Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight

Cloak: Medicine Blanket, ummm … sorry I have no idea where I got this and it is no longer available in game, so it was probably a pre-Cata quest item. I TOLD you I am a hoarder!

Chest: Corsair’s Overshirt, Cookie in Deadmines. This is the low level version, NOT the one from the heroic.

Shirt: Deckhand’s Shirt, random drop from Southsea pirates in the Northern Barrens. This is actually an important part of this outfit (unless you want lots of blue troll chest showing. hmm perhaps I should take that off …)

Wrists: Chronoboost Bracers, BoE from the VP vendor. Probably don’t show anyway. (Thanks Van)

Gloves: Archivist’s Gloves, End Time quest reward

Belt: Chillbane Belt, Arcurion in Hour of Twilight. There are many options that would work well here though.

Pants: Magister’s Leggings. More unobtainable stuff from my archives. You *can* get the replica version from the Darkmoon Faire though.

Boots: Kavan’s Forsaken Treads, BoE from the VP vendor. (Thanks again Van)

Weapon: The Horseman’s Baleful Blade, drop from the Headless Horseman during Hallow’s End. A new version is usually added each year.

Offhand: Iron-Bound Tome, Inscription 400, Roz made it himself for PvP back in Wrath.

P.S. If you look at Rozjin’s armory, please ignore the bad gems and lack of enchants. Thank you. >.>


June 6, 2012

So, I beat Izual. I just had to rethink my approach. Going toe to toe works great for cleaving through hordes of trash but isn’t advisable against (most) bosses. So I threw some defensive abilities on my bar and took the ‘hit him once or twice and gtfo’ approach. I also used some nice aqua dye so the few pieces of armor I haven’t made invisible would match my shiny legendary mace.

Yeah, he looks awesome. Unfortunately, he also makes an awesome smear on Diablo’s platform. I do fine until the final phase, and then he does that fire breath that pretty much freezes my screen and leaves me unable to move. I got close, but then I logged over to Star Wars to say hi to everyone and let them know I’m still fine even though I hadn’t logged in for a week. >.>
I hung out there for awhile, then came back and banged my head against Diablo for awhile longer before becoming too frustrated and giving up in disgust.

So now what? Guess I’ll check in on WoW. So I logged on to Van to see if he’d earned any more gold and re-post his auctions. Then Arv logged on, and I got to be jealous of his shiny new Time Lost Proto Drake.

Then Zari logged on and I was so excited to see him. I know, I know … he’s been there all along and the only reason I’m not seeing him is because I am playing other games. But still … I was very happy to get to hang out with him. So the three of us cleared out AQ and BWL. And Zari and I had a little fun with our archaeology toys while we waited for slacker Arv to stop being afk so we could summon him to Blackrock Mountain.

Then … at the very end of the night … I gave Arv the 100k I owed him for my Deathcharger. I think I have like 4800g to my name on that server now, but hey … I have my horse!

Hanging With Khizzara

May 7, 2012

Quickpost today as I have a lot of work to do. Typical Monday. Bleh.

So I was goofing around at the Faire when Arv sets up a group to run heroics. He’s working on the 50,000 VP achievement. Yes, he is crazy. We all know this. So he gets me, Slice, and Zari to agree to this and then tells us to wait, he has one more he wants to invite. I check my stalker ID. Hmm … no, Stunnah isn’t on. Who else does he know? I have a suspicion, based on who is online on my list. And … I am right! Kashina!! Yeah, hold on, I’m getting Van. No crappy alts for this party!

Moar HoTs!!!!!

I bet you can guess how that ended, right? It’s always a toy party disco with Arv around.

I have a TON of other stuff to post from this weekend … Arv drug me back to WoW hardcore ya know. Crap, here comes another delivery truck. Back to work!

P.S. WTB Hour of Twilight! We ran an endless loop of End Time and Well of Eternity. I am once again completely sick of them.

Run Away, Little Girls!

February 8, 2012

I haz tentacles.

(JPG provided by Sorak, Google it at your own risk.)

Yeah so let me back up a little here. Last night was our usual Dragon Soul run. Since we’re still doing normal to gear up all of our regulars and Arv has pretty much everything he needs, he brought his warrior. All night long, tank stuff would drop, Dizzee would get a nice high roll (even though he technically wasn’t rolling against anyone), and he would say “suck it Arv” because apparently he feels like he always has crappy rolls on his main. I half-heartedly rolled against him for the 2h mace off lootship, and mentioned in vent that I didn’t *really* want it because I’m kinda holding out for the sword off Madness. Didn’t matter, Dizzee rolled great.

Get to Madness and we make some pretty lousy attempts at it and are discussing calling it. Sorak is like, just one more pull guys, come on. Arv swapped back to the pally … he’d spent most of the night complaining about not having the same toolbox on the warrior anyway. Not sure if it was him being back on the more familiar toon, the infamous last pull of the night, or pure dumb luck, but we got a solid kill.

Aaaand the drops are … Maw of the Dragonlord, the awesome healing mace that Slice spent most of the raid being jealous of since I got it last kill … and my coveted Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, aka the Worm Sword.

I totally said “suck it Arv” in vent when I rolled that 99, too.  I’d feel sorry for him, but his warrior, lock, and hunter ALL got weapons in Dragon Soul in the last week.

I put it on right away and took a screenshot still in my holy gear while I was collecting my gems of non-epicness from the vendor.

Oh yeah, I also sort of got two pieces of tier for my ret set. Great timing, since I obviously was going to have to change my mog anyway. I want to show this baby off, not hide it under another skin! I didn’t quite have what I want lying around, and of course there was none of the set I’m eyeballing on the AH, so I had to make do with this for now. It’s not terrible, other than not having boots of the right color.

We’re doing Firelands tonight since DS is clear, and I think I have them talked into letting me try dps. So I started gemming and enchanting the stuff but had to go to bed before I was finished. I guess I better refresh my reading on ret priorities so I at least have something resembling the correct reforges. I’m looking forward to creating a whole bunch of these! …

One more thing … super big grats to my two favorite trolls, Stunnah and Zarigar, on their Destroyer’s End titles! Why didn’t anyone make fun of Zari for getting the title on his alt? You’re slacking bigtime, Sorak!