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Orange Text!

June 4, 2012

As some of you know, I’d recently been whining because it seemed like everyone and their dog had found a legendary item but me. Some people *cough Lyss cough* had even found multiple legendary items.

Saturday night I was goofing around on the WD when Slice or Sorak asked if I wanted to come along and level with their alts … who were also level 40ish and running nightmare. Now, I know how they level, but for some reason I said yes anyway. Arv joined us as well so we had a full 4 person party, which was … well, chaotic for me. They hooked me up with some gear to boost my damage after they saw my health pool and laughed at me. What can I say, I like having a bit of cushion. So anyway, they were slightly ahead of where I was in the questline, but not too bad. So we killed Kulle, and Belial, and moved on to Act III.

Sunday, I decided to backtrack first and get my achievement for killing Maghda since I had skipped over it to run with the boys. So while I was clearing Alcarnus, I killed a group of elites and they dropped a yellow AND … omg. Is that .. ? Really …. ? ORANGE TEXT?!?!!!11!1


Obviously this isn’t a weapon for Wega. But she tried it on to get the achievement and to see what the model looks like. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that model wielded by either the skeleton king himself or his minions. Pretty cool.

So I spent most of the rest of the day leveling my barbarian, because … well, duh, I want to use that thing!!! I had a little fun with the vanishing dye.

What? You guys have your high-heel-booted Demon Huntress, leave me alone. Girls like some eye candy too. 😛

Oh yeah, and one more to add to the Zarhym collection.