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It’s Full of Trolls

November 20, 2012

I spent some time this weekend leveling Kimchii. Remember her? Last time I was on her, she had recruited Huo, the spirit of fire. This time, she recruited Shu, the spirit of water, and Wugou, the spirit of earth. Here she is posing with them and looking adorable.

After successfully waking Wugou, a farmer with a cart offered to give them all a ride back to the temple. Ok! Wugou hopped right into the cart with her for the ride.

Wait! Where is Shu? Oh .. silly Shu.

On the way to the next area to recruit the spirit of air, I stopped to listen to the Loremaster’s class. Now, you all might think that we only make fun of Sorak, but that is so not true. We also make fun of Adoe and Zari, especially for being trolls. So I was literally LOL when the kids in the class came up with this little gem:

Pretty awesome. I’m still not done there, I think I got up to level … 8? maybe? So you’ll be seeing more of her later on.