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So Many Ivans

September 18, 2014

So, I haven’t had any luck trying to get shots of the Cossacks I am still missing. I did hang around with Shumeiko and Vygovsky but wasn’t lucky enough to get a shot of either one. I did grab this one, though, because it amused me.

Ivan, Ace, Ivan, and Ivan.


And that’s not even all of them, that’s just Vygovsky, Sirko, and Hmara. There’s also Bogun and Fedorenko. And of course, that’s not even counting the ones in the Muscovite Tsardom! These guys and their Ivans are just as bad as the Poles and their Jans (Kazimir, Skrzetuski, Zenowicz, Sobieski, and Zamojski).

Speaking of the Muscovite Tsardom, well, they are now history.


So instead of Cossacks, I give you a couple of Russians who joined our side. These are both from sieges because we have been busy taking all of the Swedes’ stuff.


Prince Andrei Khovansky (on the left in the screenshot) is the son of Ivan (lol! see?) Khovansky, who led an uprising in 1682 about which an opera, Khovanshchina, was written. As far as I can tell, Andrey only appears in the opera, because every single reference I could find to him is in conjunction with some performance.


Warlord Vasiliy Buturlin served as the Muscovite envoy in the signing of the Treaty of Pereyaslav in 1654. As far as I can tell, he has no relatives named Ivan.