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Alt Week: Paladin

September 24, 2013

I hope you don’t have anything else to do today besides read this. It could run a bit long …


When I first started playing WoW, paladin wasn’t an option for me. I was rolling Horde to play with my friend, and I wasn’t ready to shell out cash for the BC expansion until I was sure I liked the game. The first contact I had with paladins was when Juna hit 70 and the rest of the guild started teaching me about running heroics. Our tank then was a paladin. At the time I was slightly curious about them, but the Death Knight I rolled when Wrath hit filled the ‘I want to play a belf’ longing. There was sometimes a holy paladin in our Naxx runs, though, and that intrigued me much more than the tankadin had. I knew in the back of my head that I would roll one … someday. But I wasn’t ready yet.

I rolled Kerick midway through Wrath, but I was leveling him as ret. There was no LFD yet then, at least, not when he was FIRST rolled. He was still leveling when it was added though. Not that it mattered, I had no real plans for him at that time, I was just having fun leveling. He did things that I would never get to do again, completing the epic charger questline with the help of my good buddy Gromdred before it was removed from the game entirely.

Grom taught me how to ret, but deep in my heart, what I really wanted to do was to be like this guy …

Those of you who knew him, know how much fun it was to be around Hartbane. He made everything more fun. Even spending a year in ICC without killing the stupid Lich King was fun as long as Hart was leading the raid. So I picked up a holy spec when I hit 68 and went to Northrend, and I learned. I *almost* gave it up when the new Cata changes went into effect. It took some getting used to, as paladin was one of the classes that changed the most, with the introduction of Holy Power and all. I know some paladins who completely tossed the class aside and still have not come back to it.

In Cata, my intention was to stick with Karius as my main, like he had been through the majority of Wrath. But, well … healers are in demand, yo. Queue up for LFR and I guarantee, the role you will be waiting on to fill will be healers. So …

Kerick was the main man through Cata. Although, he would have a co-main before the expansion was over, named …


This is totally Lyssi’s fault. Shadow Rising needed some fillers for their raids. I already had my DK over there, he just needed leveling from 80 to 85. No big deal. I leveled him and started out filling in as off tank/dps in BWD/BoT. But, in the background, I had this little paladin that I’d rolled to learn tanking.

Well, as much fun as tanking for SR was, I really, *really* … well, I’m a healer. That’s it. So Van got respecced and leveled almost entirely through LFD. Whereas Kerick had learned healing late, Van learned from the ground up. Even though I’d been healing for awhile now, I feel like I didn’t really know the class as well as I could have until I did that.

As soon as he was leveled and geared enough, he stepped into the SR raids … as a core member. No more fill-ins, I was officially raiding on two different toons in two different factions. We downed Nefarian not long after I made the switch from Arelin to Van.

You guys know the rest of the story pretty much. The Alliance raid never quite got back together for MoP, so Van is *the* main now.

Kerick does LFR with the remnants of the old gang over in Crits though. I have multiple paladin alts besides these two … Kalethos sitting around at 85 on a server I’ll probably never go back to (maybe I’ll transfer him again someday), Rathanos at 52 who IS leveling as prot although not through dungeons, and at least two others at 30 that, well, I don’t know if they’ll ever get played.

Moar Alts

December 2, 2010

So, as I may have mentioned earlier in the week somewhere, like most others I have been rolling alts since the patch dropped the new world on us. Today I’m going to show off a few of them.

First we have, for Fiak’s viewing pleasure, my dwarven shaman Kriann. Isn’t she adorable?

She was rolled along with a new pair of alts for Analogue and Reversion, although our play time has kinda been … well, we’re all altoholics, that pretty much says it all. They finished leveling their priest/warrior to 80, and have been working on a hunter/shaman, while I’ve been rolling other alts and … yeah. Too many distractions! hehe

So while they were busy, I hopped over to Drak and made new Horde toons. I currently have four shiny Hordelings, three at level 16 and one at level 13.

I won’t really talk about Vanicus. You’ve met him before and the belf stuff hasn’t changed. Like, at all. Plus he was rolled before 4.0.3.

I don’t have a screenshot of Vorta, but she is my troll druid. The new troll starting zone was awesome, and Durotar itself just amazing. Oh, and while I was running south towards Razor Hill on another alt last night, I saw a new NPC walking up the road towards me … Tednug and his cat Scratchfever! It’s just so awesome when Bliz puts things like that in. And if you have no clue why this is awesome, or you think it only refers to the musician … go here, now. But make sure you have time to waste, because it is epic. Anywho … Vorta has been leveling feral and is working her way through Azshara. The rocketway is awesome cool. Orgrimmar is … well, I ran around a lot last night doing the cooking daily and sort of figured out where everything is. I hearthed her in the Valley of Spirits amongst her troll brethren. I still think Org is too huge .. it’s like 5 cities in one now .. but I can get used to it.

Dyle was rolled next. I’d heard so many awesome things about Tirisfal and Silverpine, so I had to have a new Forsaken. Throw in mind flay and shadow orbs at level 10 and I was sold on the idea quickly. Some of these shots are almost outdated now that he’s working out of the Sepulchre but oh well.

Brill has changed a LOT. Well, everything outside of Deathknell has. The Forsaken have truly taken over and made it all their own, complete with Vengeance Landing-esque architecture and … this ….

There is absolutely no question about who rules the Forsaken. Sylvanus’ presence is wholly felt. In fact, as soon as you move into Silverpine, you meet the Lady herself. Her leadership is strong, as evidenced by her encounter with Garrosh. The dumb orc sure knows how to alienate his allies, doesn’t he?

Note the presence of Grand Executor Mortuus there on the left. Apparently he’s been promoted, because he was Foreman Mortuus in Wrath. And if you don’t know Mortuus, check out Oxhorn’s work. Yeah, gotta love the in-game references. 😀

Anyway, after you finish a couple different mini quest areas, it’s time to go to the Sepulchre. Sylvanus instructs you to mount up and ride beside her, and there is a cutscene as you ride, during which she tells you her background, how she came to be the Dark Lady. I think she has a crush on me. I mean really, I’m just a low level priest, and she’s lavishing this personal attention on me! Great storytelling and total immersion for the player. I love it.

The last one I rolled is Naeladi, a Tauren …. wait for it …. warrior. Yes, tauren pallies are cool and all, but everyone and their dog has one and you know what? It’s no secret that I’m a horse girl. The two belfs I have on the server? A pally and a DK, so they can have their special horses. My toons will be wearing their UC tabards so they can get undead warhorses ASAP. Y’all can keep your gobby trikes, give meh horseys! *ahem* Anyway, here she is. She’s leveling through the Barrens. Isn’t she lovely?

Lovely and deadly. Shield slam hits HARD! *grin*

So there you have it .. the stable of lowbies SO FAR. There will still be the worgen lock and druid, and I’ll need a goblin of some sort. Any suggestions? I’m thinking either lock or shaman.