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Wrath Dungeon Elders Pt. 2

January 25, 2012

And now for the boring conclusion of yesterday’s post. :p

Yes, I made a conscious effort last night to remember to use my Angry Man. Unfortunately, I concentrated so hard on Moorabi that I was too slow on the interrupt. Oops.

Either Brann is wimpier than I remember or I completely missed a mob .. or two, or four .. because the little bitch went and got himself killed. It’s hard to pick up lots of adds when you can’t really use consecration (it’s got a long cooldown and takes half your mana as ret) and you can’t throw your shield. So I have holy wrath every 15 seconds and divine storm, which is also a bit of a mana hog. It’s doable but I need more practice at picking up adds in that spec … I could do it with my eyes closed on my DKs! I said fuck it and hearthed out after he was dead.

The guide I was using had two sections, one for Northrend which mentioned the dungeons in it, and one for the dungeon dudes separately. Well, I was going by the Northrend section and it had left out Utgarde Keep, so I had to go BACK to the Fjord to get that one.

Yay. Two paladins down, one to go. And now Van only has one more holiday to do to get his Violet Proto and Master Flight.

I called it after getting that last elder and didn’t bother to finish UK. Hope that didn’t bore you too much. I promise to have something special for you tomorrow!

The Holy Experiment: UK 2 and 3

May 25, 2010

Saturday night I was finishing up the quests in Coldarra in anticipation of eventually running Nexus. I’m standing in the inn at Valiance Keep talking on the phone, when my buddy Beldren materializes in front of me. Like, whoa dude! Let’s run a dungeon.

We queue up and get UK with me healing and a druid tank. The tank had some problems holding aggro, and I don’t know enough about druid tanking to know why, but we wiped on the pull before Keleseth. I was doing much better on the healing than I had the first time I was in there, but when all four mobs are beating on four different people … yeah.

Bell goes to bed, the tank drops, we pick up a new healer and a new dps. Waitwut? A new healer? *sigh* Failtank … go! We got through the first boss and the next full hallway of trash before I remembered to put up Righteous Fury. Somewhere before the next boss, the healer left the group for no apparent reason. One of the dps says they can tank, so we requeue looking for a dps and I go back to healing. I don’t remember much about the rest of the run other than, we got through it and I did much better than I had the time before.

Last night, of course, was Classic Raid Night. I decided before the raid that I was tired of my prot spec and wanted to level faster, so I wiped it in favour of copying Grom’s ret spec. So of course, epic tank stuff dropped. Doh! I did get a super awesome perfect-for-a-holy-pally trinket though, Pendant of the Violet Eye.  Although stuff dies so fast to level 80s that the fights are mostly a joke, two people did manage to blow themselves up by moving during flame wreath. hehe!! Gotta love good old Aran. Oh, and I got the legendary Gorehowl for my shiny new ret spec.

So, after I finished gemming my new pants … oh snap! I forgot to tell you about the pants. Yeah, they’re cloth but they have three gorgeous yellow gem slots. So Kaly cut 3 brilliant sun crystals and 2 of them came out perfect! Yummy intellect. I have almost 13k mana unbuffed … I mean almost as in 12,957 or something, it’s that close.

So once the pants are done, I’m still hanging out in the Crits vent and Quest asks if I want to go do a dungeon. He hops on his level 70 frost DK and we queue up. UK again. Level 73 warrior tank, an unholy DK, and a huntard. Ok, this will be a true test of whether I have gotten the hang of this or not. Gear is no longer a question, I now have Divine Plea plus this Mp5 trinket to push when I need regen … I’ve got a rage tank who is surely going to rush right along (and she did) … let’s see what happens.

Ok, I think I can understand what Hart finds so great about this. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a tank down to 2% health and had a single Holy Light fill their bar back to full. She chain pulled the dragon room … I was practically squealing by the end …  I may have even yelled a Rotface-esque ‘wheeeeeeee’ at one point. On boss fights I beaconed myself, on trash I beaconed whichever dps happened to take damage, and I just healed the tank and let beacon and glyph of Holy Light take care of the rest. I remembered to use Divine Illumination … I tossed out a judgement when I could to proc Judgements of the Pure …  I forgot about my haste trinket but I did use the Pendant of the Violet Eye.

I still hate Ingvar. No LoS issues this time, but some idiot forgot to stop casting during Dreadful Roar … and to make matters worse, the tank was already low and I had just hit Divine Favor to make the Holy Light I was winding up a guaranteed crit … uh, oops? It’s just me and the unholy DK now. I bubble, beacon myself, and lay some heals down on him … getting close, Ingvar’s pretty low, toss out a judgement … phew. Tank cheers, I apologize for losing her, everyone gets rezzed, we all go home happy.

So, as bad as UK #1 was …. by UK #3 I have fully gone holy and there’s no looking back. I’ll burn through the questlog as ret, but when it’s time to dungeon and ultimately settle on a main spec …. ooh yeah, shower me with that spellpower plate.

The Holy Experiment: UK (level 70 version)

May 14, 2010

Thursday evening is my ‘free’ night. I have zero raid obligations to either guild and no arena scheduled, so I am free to do whatever the hell I want .. including not log on if I so desire. (Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.)

So I logged directly on to Kerick and queued up for a random as healer. Waited in queue …  and waited in queue … and waited in queue some more. Like W.T.F.!!!! I thought this healery stuff was supposed to mean I don’t have to sit in queue. *grumble* *switch specs* *sign up as both tank and heals* *get instapop as tank* *sigh*

We get in, and the healer is a holy paladin from my realm. Figures. Yo, go get a ret spec or something! You’re takin my queue spot. lol. We pull the first hallway, move into the furnace room … and before the first pull in that room is down, the healer leaves the group. $#%$! We click the ‘find a player to finish this dungeon’ button and our prize is … a prot warrior! Oh goody, now I’M healing.

There were certainly some growing pains …. both on my part and the tank’s part. The difference between tossing out instant PW:Shields and renews and occasionally supplementing it with pew pew lazers or flash heals …. and the constant stand-still-and-cast style of pally healing is like … the difference between me and a Relentless Gladiator. (Hint: it’s huge) So I got some practice in but … it was painfully obvious that we were not going to complete the dungeon. The adds on Keleseth were all over the place, and on the …third? fourth? ….  attempt, when the tank got ice tombed, the dps didn’t even bother to break him out. I … went to dinner. If anyone can tell me any way to drop aggro off myself when I’m healing, I would appreciate it. I tried hand of salv … didn’t seem to have an effect. Oh, hey, what’s this bubble thing over here !?…. see? I told you I was a fail pally.

After dinner, I queued back up …. as tank only. I got a lovely group. The tree was new, as in, I think this is his first character.  We had some wipes along the way, partly due to healer deaths. (No it is NOT always the tank’s fault. Seriously, if the mob has an off-charge and the tree can’t take a single charge, there’s not much the tank can do about it. Really.) But … we had fun along the way. The DPS were a group all from Uther, and they were very cool. When the tree asked what the final boss was like while running back from his death on the second boss, they all told him how easy he is, how we could probably beat him with our eyes closed, etc. lol. Well they weren’t too far off …we got Ingvar down in only two tries, and although we spent an hour or more in there, it was a good time.

So, the score so far: Prot – 1, Holy – 0 … I’m actually a good tank and feel comfortable with it. But … I have been talking about trying Holy for … well, since before I even rolled a paladin. So I’m determined to make it work. I did get two upgrades in there. Maybe this weekend I’ll give it another go …