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Spiders and Zombies and Templars, Oh My!

May 21, 2012

What’s this? A D3 post?? Well … yeah. I kinda got sucked in over the weekend. Let me back up though to the beginning.

Release night I couldn’t get in because of the login server problems. So my adventures began Wednesday evening. I started on a barbarian, as I had planned. I got him to level 8 then went back to ToR. Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same … each night I started a couple of the other classes, played them a few levels, then logged over to ToR. So, going into Saturday, I had played all 5 classes to somewhere between levels 5 and 8. The wizard stopped at 5 and I sold off all of his gear. I just didn’t like him at all. The others were all fun though and I wanted to see more. So, I spent most of Saturday getting the other four classes all through the fight with the Skeleton King.

The fight was easier on some than it was on others. My witch doctor soloed him no problem. My barbarian died at least 3 times before Reversion hopped into my game on a monk, and then we ran around and did the next couple of areas as well. My monk couldn’t do it either, so I checked my friends list. Lajos was the same level and was just one step of the quest behind me, so I joined his game and we ran around looking for the Royal Crypt, and then another friend of his joined and we all killed him together. Debbie the Demon Hunter (who I love as much for her name and high heels as I do for the gameplay) was joined by Stunnah’s wizard, who was a couple of levels below me. We had a rough time of it, so he went and got his witch doctor and we roflstomped him.

Sunday we get to decision time. Do I continue to run a string of alts through the same content, or do I want to pick one and run with it?

The barbarian was great fun, cleaving through scores of enemies. It was as awesome as I expected it to be.

The monk was interesting, zipping around from foe to foe, hitting several with each roundhouse kick, and also able to heal herself.

The demon hunter, which was the class I expected to like the least, was actually great fun, with the slowing shots that chain mobs together, and the rapid fire …

But when I asked myself ‘Is this the class that I want to spend the majority of my play time on?’ the answer, clearly, was the witch doctor. I get zombie dogs to fight for me! Yes, they are notorious for running ahead and pulling more things … but between them and my Templar buddy and my jars of spiders I can usually handle anything that comes at me. Yes, that’s right, my main attack is throwing a jar full of spiders at my enemies. So I played on Wega all day. I finished Act I and moved on to the next zone.

The scenery in some places is quite beautiful .. it’s not ALL doom and gloom. Check out this rainbow.

Oh, and I finally got to meet the dude whose horse I’ve been riding around Azeroth on for the last few months. (MIGHT BE A SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED ACT I)

I finished the night at level 20, and got another addition to my little army, a gargantuan zombie. So I have myself, my Templar companion, 3 zombie dogs, and 1 large zombie … plus all the spiders I toss around. Or frogs or bats. And then there are the eels …