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Hearthstone: Praise Yogg

September 15, 2016

I wasn’t a fan of the tavern brawl where you just picked two cards and got a deck full of them, so I was expecting this Top Three to be just as annoying. Last time people ran druid with innervate and Yogg and, well, I didn’t have Yogg so I couldn’t join in the fun and had to go with mechwarpers, which worked very well and quickly but wasn’t as much fun. So this time … owait, I still don’t have Yogg. Ok, but I can still have fun with druid, let’s go innervate, Prince Malchezaar, and, I dunno, let’s toss in Kel’Thuzad cuz I love me some KT.

My first match was another druid doing the Naturalize + murloc mill deck thing. That doesn’t work too well when my deck is double sized because my 10 Prince Malcheeze added all those legendary cards to it. The only problem with the deck is that, even if I innervate out a Prince on turn 1, it’s still too slow to keep up with the fast decks. I ran into a lock running mechwarper + annoy-o-tron + fel cannon and another lock running 1 drops and power overwhelming and just got swarmed. Maybe if I put swipe in that third slot for some AoE …

Oh well. I got my pack, and it had a legendary … too bad I already had Onyxia. She was actually the very first one I ever got. But the dust brought me up to enough to craft a new legendary and … well, I know it would be best to craft something from the classic set that will always be usable in standard, but I see all the fun people are having with Yogg, and the last two cards I crafted were classics, so I decided Ysera would have to wait. I need a Yogg. So I made one. I’ll at least get to have fun with him for a few months before the set is rotated out, right?