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June 18, 2013

Look what you made me do!


Yeah, so, it took me a few nights to remember that I wanted to download Neverwinter, but I finally did and checked it out last night. I rolled a half-orc Great Weapons Fighter … basically a warrior, with a big 2 hander and heavy armor. I know you are all so surprised. I got almost to level 7. So far it is a lot of fun.

Now if I can just figure out how to zoom in with the camera. I had to adjust (again) to the WASD to move, mouse to attack the little targeting thing above your head style of combat. It is one of the things that drove me away from Skyrim. So far though, I’m doing alright with it. I think having clear objectives helps me.

Follow the shiny glowy line! Follow the shiny glowy line! Follow the, follow the, follow the, follow the …

Well you get the idea. It is nigh impossible to get lost. I like that. Oh sure, I leave the line to explore little corners that might have treasure. But it is there if I need it, to keep me headed the right way. In town, it was a godsend. Seriously, that place is a maze. And then there were portals opening up with droves of undead pouring from them. Pretty cool.

Ok I’ve rambled enough. Once I figure out this camera I can get a better shot of Wega for you.