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August 29, 2013

That’s all it took to get Lei Shen down.

Pretty much everyone else in the raid started playing Final Fantasy this week. I got my Hearthstone beta key late yesterday afternoon. We all logged on 5 minutes before raid time and unanimously agreed … Let’s get this bitch down so we can all go back to our new games. I don’t think there was a single person in the raid who didn’t have something else they’d rather be doing. This does NOT mean WoW has done something wrong or is dying or any other negative thing you can come up with. Obviously we cared enough to still want to kill him.


Adoe messed up the first pull. At least, he’s the one who said ‘we screwed the pooch on purple’ just before a herd of adds came stampeding over to my quadrant, so I’m going to go ahead and blame him. The second pull was smooth and we were out of there. Being the final boss, however, people did manage to stand in line for a decent screenshot first.


Left to Right: Zugzuug, Zarm standing in Lei Shen’s body, Arvash, Sorak, Vanicus, Tyledres, Liyhe, Wok, and Shadeey.

Ok, everyone except Adoe. I think he’s on the other side of Shadeey just out of the picture. Sorry, dis photo be a No Troll Zone mon.

Twins Down

August 9, 2013

Day late posting this, but we did get the Twin Consorts down Wednesday night. One pull. Easy.


We did a little better at lining up for this one.


We got some good work in on Lei Shen. It’s just going to take working through each stage. We have the most trouble on the transition or intermission stage. We did get him to 30% and the second transition on our last pull, so we’re getting there.

Melted Iron

August 7, 2013

Ok, this first shot isn’t a first kill for the guild, but I wasn’t there the night they killed Dark Animus, so here …


I even remembered to use the quest item on his body, so I got my Sunreaver battle standard … basically I exchanged one useless item taking up bag space for another useless item taking up bag space. But I did get some gold for it too I guess.

Iron Qon … I dunno why tonight was different than the last time we worked on him, but I was on. I didn’t die in any tornadoes. I didn’t stand in anything. Ok, I maybe got hit by a flame line once. But I didn’t die from it, so :p


And the usual SR half-ass lineup:


We came close to killing Twin Consorts as well, even though most of us hadn’t looked at the fight yet. I’m pretty sure they will go down tonight, and we’ll get to work on Lei Shen.

Primordial Soup

July 11, 2013

So .. Primordius. Man, I’m so sick of this fight. Pull after pull after …


Here is pull #2.


Yes, two. Arv found a suggested strat for normal mode where you just hold the boss in the center, ignore the adds completely, and play Patchwerk with him. Obviously, it worked like a charm. (We did not try that strat on the first pull.)

Wait. Zarm has an energy bar. Did we 2 heal that? No wonder I was oom more than once.

People were so dazed, they mostly forgot to line up for the victory shot, but a few of us were still thinking.


Left to right: Shadeey, Vanicus, Tyledres, Arvash, and Psynite.

We died more times to the six named Mogu before Dark Animus than we did to Primordius. That fight will take a little more work because of the organization necessary, but we made good progress on it so far.