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What’s Going On

February 22, 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a rambly thing like this. Then again, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt like I had anything to talk about other than boss kills. It’s not like I haven’t been playing, it’s just not interesting to talk about grinding dailies, or document every single flawless battle stone that I receive. (Actually, that part wouldn’t amount to very many posts … those things just do not drop very often.)

On Drak, I’ve mostly just done dailies with Van, although recently he has ventured into LFR since it’s the only way he’s going to complete his Sigils of Wisdom. Kash drug me along a couple of weeks ago to her Friday night LFR, and I’ve sorta just made plans to leave Friday evenings open for that since we have so much fun together. Dyle made the trip to Pandaria, but he hasn’t gotten very far yet. I should really get him to the Valley so he can start making Imperial Silk … I need that moth!

On Winterhoof, Kerick finally hit the ilevel for LFR with the necklace from the holiday boss, so he’s been running MSV. He’s gotten the helm, several cloaks, and the shield so far. Kaly has been busy leveling and is halfway through level 88. I need to get him to 90 for a screenshot that I have planned, and he also needs to funnel some more ghost iron bars to Kerick so he can finish his blacksmithing.

Most of my non-raid time lately though has been spent on Kargath. (I really need to update the armory links on the sidebar eh?) Madorsa has been leveling steadily. She recently hit 50, and Averry sent her some shiny new glyphs, so now she can play locktank when she wants to. I’ve had so much fun with her there, that I took my baby mage and made a bank guild. (Special super big thanks to Grom, Bocat, and Lyssi for helping me out with charter sigs!) That’s not all though … I also deleted my level 60 DK and transferred Futara over from Firetree. She was renamed Kirgra and has been blasting full speed through the Cata zones. Last night she whirled through part of Uldum, moved on to Twilight Highlands, and ended the night at the Crucible of Carnage with Averry’s assistance. (I am kicking myself this morning for not taking a few screenshots) The weapon will literally only last for a couple of hours until she heads off to Pandaria (she’s at 83% right now) but it was a huge chunk of xp and a lot of fun. Oh yeah, there’s also a baby monk there that you will be hearing more about soon.

So that’s mostly what I’ve been up to. I’ll be out for the next week geeking it up in FL with the SR crew. (Florida, not Firelands!) So, no posts next week, but there will be awesomeness the week after so come back then! 😀

Short and Sweet

June 27, 2011

This … is the week from hell. Not in game, out of it. We have events and inspections all week at work. I am pulling my hair out already and it’s not even lunchtime yet. So you’ll have to forgive me if the posting this week is lacking.

Accomplishments over the weekend:

Dyle went from level 55 to 63 or thereabouts. Arv outleveled me to Outlands and ended up getting on Arvash to run me through LBRS and UBRS to catch me up so we could both queue for Ramps. That got me both pets from LBRS as well as the Jenkins title in UBRS. Zari ran with us a bunch of times (which meant I had to dps, because he only queues as healer. sigh) and Slice even got in on the action and joined all three of us on his rogue for a couple of runs. Good times.

Van finished Flame Keeper

Van finished World Explorer

Van got his transmute specialization and is somewhere above 400 in his alchemy skill .. still a ways to go but the end is in sight.

Van has enjoyed his new gem selling business so much that Kaly has set himself up over on the Alliance side, too. Yeah … Cayle helped me set up TSM and they all got me on their whitelists and I have joined the SR dominance of the Drak AH. It’s a sickness I tell ya. Now when I get a few minutes of downtime at work … I’m logging in to the remote app to relist the auctions that have been undercut. I even checked in while I was at a baseball game Saturday night. >.<

Um …. I think that’s it. That’s all I have time for either way. Maybe I’ll post later this week, maybe I won’t. You all will be too damn busy with the patch tomorrow and new dailies to even notice anyway. : P

Oh yeah … Zug is changing to a mage for 4.2. He started leveling it on .. Thursday I think? He was 16. Today he is 76. No help, no runthroughs, no getting powerleveled. Slice and Cayle have a bet on it … if he makes 85 in time for raid tomorrow night, Cayle wins. If not, Slice wins. He’s insane enough to do it .. it’s only 9 more levels!