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Beyond WoW

July 6, 2012

It doesn’t matter what game it is … get two people together who know Sorak, and things like this happen all on their own:

Bleh. Why you so small, pic? Why?? Whatever.

One week! I get to hang out with Sorak, Slice, and Lyss for reals … like, not online type stuff. It’s gonna be awesome.

Taking orders now if anyone wants me to, like, pull Sorak’s hair or anything. Only 10g!!

Tel Says I am Ebil

June 29, 2012

Maybe he’s right. Check out my buffed stats here.

If you click through and look at the whole picture, you’ll see that Telanarra is actually in that brawl with me. I figured since I’m the one that got him hooked, I should at least haul his low level pyrelord through some brawls so he could get some decent cards. I’m sure one of the other noobs that was with us played Scorched Earth shortly after that was taken and ruined the whole thing, though.

I made a big change last night. Some of you who know me well enough will understand how big of a deal this is to me. I changed clans. I know, I know … for normal people this is no big deal. They change guilds or clans as often as they … well I was going to say change their underwear but most people don’t move THAT often. More like, as often as they trade in their car or something. But still … for me, it is a MAJOR DEAL.

Trout and Lore can tell you what a wreck I was when I left Crits for Apathy. I agonized about it for a week or more. Lore had to keep telling me how much they wanted me. Trout and I had long conversations about it, with him assuring me that leaving to pursue something I wanted to do was ok. (He is the GM at Crits of course, so yes, I even had my own leader telling me it was fine! And I STILL felt guilty about it. >.< ) This wasn't quite as huge as that … but I did have the leader of my new clan recruiting me hard, otherwise I wouldn't have even considered it. (I never even met the actual leader of my first clan.) I made three good friends in my original clan and I felt bad about leaving them. Like, I kid you not, I cried when I hit the 'leave clan' button. So I hope this works out.

A Week’s Worth of Crap

December 22, 2011

I was hoping to have a very short post tonight consisting solely of Deathwing’s demise. However, someone *cough Sorak cough* got Soraked tonight and we had to cancel the raid. After going 7/8 last night and getting him to 11%. I hope you gave those dishes a super good washing there, busboy slacker.

So here, have something to keep you happy until next week. I’ve been too busy playing on my 5 day stay-at-home vacation to actually post anything. And I’ll be too busy over the next several days to even play. Sooooo…….. I have a lot of screenshots saved up.

Van and Tel did some snowman dancing.

Crits downed Ultradragon. They even let me get the blue crystal of super Holy Radiance love.

Kerick got a new pet in his CtA Satchel.

Arv made some changes to his outfit. He’s calling himself a White Knight now. I’ll just leave it at that … the hair kinda leaves me blinded.

No arguments from Wega, though … she definitely approves.

Elgar shows off his latest transmog set … oh wait. My bad. That’s actually Ragle.

Dyle helped Arv kill the Greench … and this nelf warrior who was persistent despite repeated failures to kill Arv one on one. He died even faster with me there. Of course, Arv being Arv, out came the D.I.S.C.O. and the flag of ownership. Party on!

Salti pinged Kerick when he found Burgy Blackheart while out farming herbs. It was rather comical with two healers trying to kill him. Of course, then we had to put on our hats and have a sea horse parade.

That’s it. You’re lucky I didn’t bother to screenshot Kerick and Kalethos both killing Deathwing in LFR, or Vanicus and Kalethos both getting Merrymaker, or … yeah. Hell, I’m going on almost three years’ worth of screenshot heavy content here. You know there will be more. Sometimes I just get tired of screenshotting every little thing! lol. I regularly hold back some that I just run out of space to post. And now it is going on 1am and I am rambling and I should really gtfo and get some sleep before tomorrow because airports seriously harsh my mellow and it will be better if I am well rested. So yeah, happy holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate, and I’ll see you back here next week.

Hold up bitches. You know who you are. You’re not off the hook. I’ll be checking in on guild chat. You have been warned, slackers. Remote app ftw!

Goodbye Children’s Week

May 9, 2011

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to for Children’s Week? My main goal, finishing the title and subsequently achieving the meta on Kerick, was done in short order last Sunday. My secondary goal, getting the title on Van so as to keep his run for the meta on track, was completed by midweek. Which left plenty of time to work on my tertiary goal of simply getting as many pets on as many characters as I could before the holiday expired.

By Saturday morning, I had all three pets on all five Alliance 85s and all four Horde 75-85. So I started working on lowbies. First up was my 43 Alliance bank alt, yes, bank alt. He’s a rogue, he needed a rat. Then I … did a Healer Call to Arms on Kerick or something, but after I finished, I noticed that Telanarra was on and doing the Children’s Week quests on his dwarf. So I hopped on my own dwarf, and stalked him. Or maybe he was stalking me. After all, I was already waiting for the ship to Teldrassil when he showed up on the dock. I wish I had taken more screenshots, the only ones I have are in Stormwind at the end of the questline, but either way, it was a good time. It’s awesome to have friends to enjoy these things with.

We joked as we were choosing our pets. I said Kriann likes to eat so she was choosing the pig for bacon. Then I sat on the bench to wait because Tel was being a slowpoke. A couple minutes later he shows up, turtle in tow, talking about having soup. Haha!

Good times. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to leveling her for real. Van hit 77 last night and started on the Argent Tourney, so … I’m seeing the light at the end of his leveling journey.