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The Important Thing

November 13, 2012

… is looking good.

Obviously, most of Kerick’s gear is green junk. After all, he just dinged. He looks and feels wimpy. So … I at least could fix half of that real fast.

Take puny green axe, cover it with awesome axe transmog and … viola! At least he looks powerful even if he isn’t.

Obviously I mogged a couple of other pieces too … the cloak, the boots. And took off his white Theramore tabard. He didn’t have another tabard that would really go with the color scheme, but once I really looked at it, I decided this armor deserved to not be covered up anyway. Check it out.

Yeah, I know, he looks more like a DK than a paladin, but that’s what the quest armor looks like, and it’s pretty awesome.

The heroic dungeon armor is nice too. Here is Van for comparison, in a mix of dps and tank plate. (No, he’s not wearing the tank pieces … mostly.)

Kerick did get some upgrades last night. He lolhealed everyone’s favorite Sha and got the quest boots, although he didn’t get credit for the kill because he was dead and running back when he went down. (sigh) He also did the Arena of Annihilation to get his 450 healing mace, and did another random scenario and got a 463 dps ring in his bag. Nowhere near LFR ilevel of course, but it’s a start. 🙂