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May 17, 2011

So, remember how Van was taking his time, enjoying old content as he leveled up? Well, Saturday this happened …

(Holy crap, that was just SATURDAY?!? /dizzy )

So, the NPC_Scan popup covered the achievement, but you get the idea. I finished up those tourney dailies, and headed out to Hyjal. Did the first three quests to get the Poisonfire Greatsword, slapped on the ret spec, and from that moment on it was fullquestmodeahead. I stayed in Hyjal long enough to hit friendly and grab a tabard, then I moved over to Vashj’ir.  I quested through the first couple of areas there until I got to the place where the quartermaster is, bought a tabard, and stopped. Somewhere along the line I hit 81 and decided to try a dungeon.

I only had two dungeons available to me at that time, BRC and ToT, so I went ahead and hit random and got Throne of the Tides. Van, welcome to Cataclysm! You would think by the time people had gone through 80 freaking levels, they might have a clue how to play their toon, amirite? ( Zari, quit laughing.) This little exchange happened right before the hallway to the right with the faceless ones … paladin tank, I’m a paladin healer, you’d think he’d know a little about our class … this made my jaw hit the floor so hard that I managed to let him die while I was picking it up.

Once I hit 82 I did Blackrock Caverns as well. We cleared the first boss along with the trash pack next to him, followed Raz across the bridge, jumped down to the left … you know where this is going, don’t you? Let me give you a hint … there was a hunter *and* a warlock in the party. Pet classes …. please please PLEASE … you should have learned this back in Wailing Freaking Caverns .. ANY time you JUMP DOWN you must DISMISS YOUR PET or they will pull half the flipping instance and wipe your party. Yeah so … dps warrior can’t find the entrance to get back in, tank drops group … I follow. I requeue and get a group all from the same guild, complete with level 85 tank and DK, and two level appropriate mages.  Bam. Instance done, quests done, good to go.

Tiem for Deepholm! In case you missed the memo somewhere along the last six months’ worth of posts … I ❤ Deepholm. It is my big glorious mining circle of love. It also takes a day and a half to traverse with slow flying. By the time I got the first World Pillar fragment, though, I had enough money for epic flight. By the time I get to Pebble, I’m ready to ding and have hit honored with Earthen Ring.

I haven’t actually done Pebble’s quests yet, so you have to wait for the bat pile. Anyway, I dinged 83 and went back to Vashj’ir to see what cool stuff I could buy for being honored … and then thought ‘hey! I wonder what I can get from Hyjal!’ So I went back there and quested through Goldrinn’s section and the first Flamegate until I hit honored and could buy the iLevel 333 goodies.

Alright, now I can do the opening quests into Uldum. I do those to get the portal opened up and go to bed. This is Sunday night. I dinged 80… wow, the screenshot says 2:40, I didn’t realize it was so late in the afternoon … oh right, I spent a few hours Saturday morning in ZG. Ugh. So … late Saturday afternoon (I’m an hour later than realm time) to Sunday night I went from dinging 80 to about 25% into level 83. And that’s with Saturday night being taken up knocking off Cho’gall. Blazing!

Last night I logged on and figured what the hell … I better get Stonecore out of the way. We clear the opening trash, then the first tank goes afk for five minutes in front of Corborus. We finally kicked him after he dc’d. Wait another five minutes for a new tank and a dps because the lock couldn’t be bothered to wait around … and the rest of the run is smooth and easy. No Tear of Blood though. boo. Then I finish up my Dalaran cooking and fishing dailies and head out to the Tourney grounds. I get there, and Sarm’s Stood In The Fire achievement pops up in guild, along with him complaining about how he has it on every alt or something. I’m like, dude, do you think I can get there fast enough? So I hearth to Dal and hop a couple of portals and bam! I’m dead.

Well, now I’m in Uldum and my hearth is on  cooldown so … yeah. I might as well get honored with them, too, and buy more gear! Quest quest quest quest quest … I did the first section of Harrison Jones along with the Ramkahen questline because, well … it’s awesome. I need xp, I need gold, I need gear … I was still there plugging along at a steady pace when I dinged 84. Heck, I was on a good roll and honestly didn’t even want to stop. But … I still had those tourney dailies to finish and of course now I had Twilight Highlands to open up. So I hearthed, finished up the valiant dailies (and Chillmaw too for fun) and went back to Orgrimmar. I finished getting my JC high enough to start those dailies, did the cooking and fishing dailies, and opened up the Highlands.

I still need to finish off Deepholm, and I’ll want to finish the Ramkahen line soon as well, along with enough questing in the Highlands to get a tabard from Dragonmaw. Oh, and of course I’ll have to do more of Hyjal before 4.2 so that I’ll be able to do the new content there. But really … I’m almost a quarter into 84 already after dinging 80 late Saturday afternoon .. and I’ve only done three dungeons. It’s insane!!!

Poor Elgar

February 28, 2011

Last night Kerick was standing around in Stormwind debating on what to do, when Elgar logged on.

/guild “Hmmm, that reminds me … I should go catch Mr. Pinchy”

I’m sure most of my readers are familiar with Elgar’s eternally cursed mission to catch the elusive crustacean.

Kerick’s total catch:

33 Furious Crawdad

7 Golden Darter

2 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout

2 Curious Crate

1 Mote of Water

and one ….

Oh, and it gets even better! After hearthing back to Stormwind, I look at Kerick’s  map and decide that the four archaeology spots that are close to each other up North have mocked him long enough. It’s time to get rid of them. So I hopped a tram to Ironforge. (Why the tram instead of the portal to Twilight when the nearest dig is in Arathi? I dunno. Sometimes I just like the tram.)

I hop on my horse and fly out of Ironforge. I’m thinking to myself that he really needs to get killed by Deathwing to top off the night. I swear it’s true, that was actually on my mind. As I’m approaching the Wetlands, I hear Elgar exclaim in vent. Now, Elgey had just been showing off his Razowmaw Hatchling in chat a few minutes ago, so I know he’s in the Wetlands. As I cross the border, the screen goes red.

“OMG are we gonna get it?? Where are you?” I ask. Elgar is all excited, but then says that the kid he’s mentoring just got killed but he’s still alive and didn’t get it. I thought I was flying towards Raptor Ridge but all of a sudden I see an expanse of water in front of me. Oh crap! I’m going to wrong way!! Turn the horse around and …

GOGO CRUSADER AURA!!! All of a sudden I am falling … I hurry up and turn my UI back on so I can screenshot the cheeve spam.

Sorry Elgey. Here, let’s have Lady La-La sing for you and cheer you up!

Oh. Um, my bad. I kinda killed her. But I’d always wondered what that boombox was doing under that one roof in the Naga section of the first part of Vashj’ir. Now I know! It plays this really crappy, tinny pop music when Lady La-La spawns. It’s really, really horrid.

So sorry Elgey. But hey, you got a Hatchling! And Trout got to tame King Krush! So your day wasn’t ALL bad. 😉