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Up To No Good

May 28, 2014

So, I’ve won with a warlock deck the past couple of days in Hearthstone. I don’t play any of the so-called zoo decks or what have you. I just toss some demons and other stuff in. I got Twisting Nether in a pack recently and have had a lot of fun erasing the board with it.

Anyhow, since I won with the lock deck, I took Madorsa out to play. However, since she’s already done all of the LFRs at least once, and I had been in LFR over the weekend with Paddey, I decided to find something else for her to do … namely, collect enchanting recipes that she is missing. Some of this involves buying recipes from vendors using mats as the currency. So of course, I needed more Heavenly Shards and figured the best way to get some would be dungeons.

So Madorsa went to Stonecore and did what any warlock with any sense would do … killed almost everyone and took over the place.


Some of it also involves bind on pickup recipes dropped by bosses. Kael’thas in Magisters’ Terrace drops like three different ones. So of course, she headed there as well. And on her first ever run of Terrace, she got the Orb of the Sin’dorei. She was pretty disgusted with me for actually making her use it, though.


So yeah, I’m having a lot of fun on my non-raid days just dinking around on all my alts.

Pink Mounts Aplenty

February 15, 2012

Wrapped up a whole bunch of holiday stuff last night before raid.

Kerick gathered enough tokens to buy his ugly bird.

The only thing he has left is to get a black dress. I might use up the charms he has left on dailies to try for it, but he won’t bother farming more. It’s just not important enough.

Van logged on needing to throw roses on a human DK, and needing a bouquet out of a dungeon. So I log on and do the holiday boss, then take a few spins around Dalaran. Nothing. Ok, let’s queue for one of these dungeons. I was using a list of 5 of the older ones that had dropped them last year … BRC, Stonecore, Deadmines, SFK, and Grim Batol. I threw out Grim Batol because it drops off Drahga and most groups skip him since he’s optional. I also threw out Deadmines because I had run it a couple nights before and didn’t feel like it. I got SFK. This group … sigh. The DK had blood presence on. The (Tauren of course) pally would pull and toss down a consecration and then just stand there scratching his ass doing nothing. That lasted through the first pull after the first boss and I was pulling a Slice. Back in Dal … oh, look what just walked out of A Hero’s Welcome …it’s a level 81 human DK! I tossed some rose petals on him while he was reading his mail, and promptly thanked him as my achievement popped up.

So now, needing just the bouquet, I’m like yeah … time to queue again. Off to Stonecore. This time the tank is a real (aka belf) pally. (Yes, sorry to all my Tauren bros out there but really … I haven’t seen a one of you yet that can tank worth a damn.) Apparently he’s in quite a guild discussion, because he’s taking a minute between pulls. In the meantime, the shaman is hexing stuff and the rogue is sapping stuff. The DK gets snippy and whines about how we don’t need CC and can we just pull already, but other than him, everyone else is chill and patient. DK dude leaves after he stands in Corborus’ ground phase and dies. Halfway down the next hallway Slice comes on and is like ‘lol old heroics?’ and I explain why I am there. He’s like … those drop in the new dungeons you know. /facepalm … No I didn’t know. But it’s ok. This group is slow, but they are not fail. And hey, sometimes it’s a lot of fun to tag along with a group of people who are still gearing up and show them that not everyone wearing a raid title and the top gear is an ass. My usual comment of “boo that’s not a mount” after dropping Slabhide is always a good icebreaker. Anyway … we roll along nice and steady. We lost the rogue somewhere along the way, too …went afk and never came back. The tank, Rivenlore, did an absolutely flawless job on Ozruk. We finished the instance, and …

Yeah baby! That is Violet Proto-Drake number the Five. Yes, I know, I’m nuts. But hey, other people are nuts in their own way … like Arv and his 10 toons that have all run LFR.

And yes, I also know that violet does not equal pink … suck it. It’s close enough.

Ok, that’s enough. I’ll tell you about me tanking Firelands some other time. I’ll just mention a couple small things here about it … DK is NOT as easy as Fayle makes it look … seriously, dude, you freaking rock (why yes, Zari, I AM feeling a bit ill today) … and, cleaving the raid during Alysra’s ground phase is F-U-N … fortunately, Arv is awesome and we spent the dead-on-the-ground time discussing what I’d done wrong and the next pull was pretty much flawless.

Tonight should be back to normal and hopefully we can clear DS again.

How to Make Stonecore Fun

November 14, 2011

Critter Bites + Shale Spiderlings

Bringing along your own tank buddy helps, too.

Had a long weekend with lots and lots and lots of dungeons.

Finally felt almost normal when I woke up this morning, too. Week long colds are teh suck.

P.S. Don’t lifegrip your friends back into the hallway after Corborus unless you actually *want* them to die to a pack of borers. Sorry Stretchy! >.<

Number Six

April 21, 2011

Other blogs will complain about the linear nature of questing in the post-Cataclysm world. They are unhappy with having to do the exact same questlines over and over in order to level, with no variation, especially if you want to hit up all of the reputations. Very little can be skipped, with the possible exception of Vashj’ir since you get more ER rep in Deepholm anyway, which you absolutely cannot skip if you want shoulder enchants.

You won’t find any of that here. There are options, including many that didn’t exist in the past, such as xp for archaeology/herbing/mining, or daily cooking/fishing quests  starting at level TEN, or leveling through BGs or even LFD. Sure, I get tired of the same quests over and over, who doesn’t? I get bored, I try one of the above options or swap to another toon in a different level range. But even when I’m facing the same questline for the sixth time … there are gems to be found that are worth doing on every single toon.

You’d have to be a heartless, inhuman cretin to not love Pebble and his pile of stone bats.

Hmm …. at some point Van is going to have to start collecting ret gear. I’m not sure I want to do *all* of Deepholm as holy. Oh. Hmmm … my baby warrior is wearing the heirloom chest and shoulders … maybe it won’t be so tough.

Anyway (back on topic) a few quests later and we have max level toon number six.

Of course, being the wonderful friend that I am, I rushed right back to town and proceeded to inject just enough iLevel into my gear to get into heroics, so my dear sweet Divergent would have an undergeared melee to heal. Kerick threw a chunk of his useless VPs into a pair a boots, and I borrowed a set of BoE holly pally PvP shoulders out of the guild vault. NO, I did not equip them. I’m not Logarithm.

We drug Slice‘s mage Velineda along and … got Stonecore. The experience deserves a post of its own but … ugh. Maybe someday when I’m over the pain. Hahaha. I was tempted to swap spec and throw on my sword and board … I couldn’t have failed on Ozruk any worse than the pug tanks we had. Srsly … they made the fight easier than it was before! Are you all a bunch of slack-jawed, window-licking keyboard  turners??? /headdesk

Anyhow, after 3 hours in there …. the Monday night raid got over and several guildies took pity on me and took me along so I could get my VPs. We got …. Stonecore! Aaaaaaand …. steamrolled the place. And with my shiny new Tear of Blood, I could put the holy pally shoulders back in the gvault and still have a high enough iLevel to run heroics. 😉