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Dead Kings

November 8, 2012

Progress was made again this week in Mogu’shan Vaults.

First, I got to check out Zug’s new ride.

I think we should have traded, his matches my outfit. And yes, I’m riding a plain old windrider. I have a random mount addon, so that all of them get a chance to come out once in awhile.

Took a few tries with some bad chain combos and stuff, but we downed the dogs AND everyone had the right pet out.

Hm, looks like I had my HoT on Fayle. Must have misclicked something.

I didn’t hit my screenshot button fast enough on Feng because I wasn’t expecting an achievement, but we got that one as well. Arv rocks, nuff said.

That took a few pulls, as did Gara’jal, but we got them all and moved on to pull the Spirit Kings three or four times before quitting time. On our best pull we got two of them down and were working on the third when it all went to hell, so we knew it wouldn’t take long to get the hang of it.

Not long is a bit of an understatement, as we went in last night and downed them on the first pull.

There WAS a slight delay in getting the raid started though, as Ahmule noticed several hundred stacks of cheap ore for sale, so some of us got a bit distracted filling up our gbank tabs. >.>

Alright! Let’s go kill us a star dragon.

Yeah … the TRASH leading up to Elegon kicked our asses. We one shot the Spirit Kings … and wiped repeatedly on trash. We did get through it eventually, thanks to the super kiting skills of Adoe, but geez. And Elegon himself is going to be a couple nights of learning. There is a lot going on that has to be timed right, plus the tight enrage, and so many phases to learn. It’s like LK or Rag … totally seems like an end boss.

I had a bit of fun standing inside the ring and playing around with the celestial form it gives me, though.


Stone Guard Down

October 18, 2012

Ok, so … contrary to what I said in my last post, I did NOT go into the first official raid wearing boots from Dragon Soul.
I bought some green ones off the AH.
I didn’t wear those to the raid, though, either. lol

Not 10 minutes after I purchased and equipped them, Arv told me about the epic boots you get from a quest after killing the Sha of Anger. Well, I was looking forward to killing him anyway after hearing him yell all the freakin’ time I was in Kun-Lai, so I started to head for that zone and then Arv mentioned a group forming to kill it and I whispered the leader and bam. Moar new boots.

So, Tuesday night we wiped. And wiped. And then wiped some more. We tried two healing, then three healing. We tried swapping tanks around. Slice tried his priest, then his shaman. We were up to more than 50 total wipes by the end of the night.

Last night, same thing, but without Fayle for most of the night. Apparently, wine tasting > raiding? We made progress, and finally on one pull, we hit the enrage. Ok, if we can hit the enrage, we have the mechanics figured out. We just need to tweak a bit. Then Fayle gets home. “Tag me in,” he says. I get my core hound pup out. We’re going along, going along, going along … I’m still healing when this loot roll thing pops up on my screen and I’m like ‘oh! it’s dead’

I swapped out Stay of Execution for uh … the AoE hammer and lightning on the ground thing. I like that much better, especially now that PoTI is gone. I can toss it between me and Arv and heal both of us. Or toss it over there on the casters that are supposed to be sort of spread out but aren’t. It’s a lot of fun.

Let’s see if I can figure out who is who in this:

L to R: Wok (Moog), Salacia (Slice), Lyssianna, me, umm … ok one of the blonde belf twins is Shadeey and one is Bocat but I’m not sure which is which, Adoe is there but camouflaged, wait who is that sexy belf oh it’s Arv hah he went back to the black hair, fatty Fayle, and Zugzuug.

I joked before we started that we would kill it last night because I mogged my gear and now looked good enough for a first kill screenshot. I changed my weapon afterwards, you can see the funky pink plastic thing I was using in that shot above. I’m still not sure about what weapon to use with this, but since I am using the Umbrella, I mogged my armor to go with it.

Why yes, that IS the AQ40 tier set.

I was pretty happy to finally have a reason to use it, after I spent all that time in AQ getting it. I got the last piece I needed the last time we went there for Laid Back Raid. I’m not 100% happy with the Judgement Gauntlets with it, but the colors are right. The only thing I’m really not sure on is the weapon. But meh. It works. 🙂