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3 Peas in a Pod

July 29, 2011

… a guest post by Sorak




Floor Tanking With Fayle

March 16, 2011

I’m sure many of my readers have heard about the infamous 3-DK Grim Batol run. Well, Monday evening I was hanging out over on the Horde side working on my baby pally (post on him coming later this week) when Cayle/Sorak logs on and says ‘Hey! Get on Arelin and come do a Heroic!’ Well, I *am* supposed to be getting him geared up enough to raid, and Sorak *is* the GM … so I did what I was told.

Ok, it’s not quite 3 DKs … but 2 was enough to drive Slice crazy. We had a hunter for the third and Lion tanked for us. Aaaaaand … we got Grim Batol. HAHAHA. I’m kinda surprised Slice didn’t cry. Maybe he did and just hid it well.

Those of you who keep up with the patch notes know that Raise Ally will soon be turning into a full-on battle rez, instead of raising your buddy as a ghoul like it is now. I decided to make sure to have some fun with it before it changes. Suffice it to say, by the end of the dungeon, Cayle had dug it out of his spellbook and added it to his action bars as well. First time he died I wasn’t fast enough. The second time, he just sorta stood there. Silly DK.

So … we get to Drahga. You all know this one, right? Flame adds that must be burned down before they reach their target, swirly shit on the ground, dragon breath, random shadowbolts … it is one nasty fight to heal. This is from one of our wipes … I did my best Fayle Floor Tank impression … and Cayle was good enough to die right next to me for the screenshot of the week. There ya go, Slice … dead DKs! Happy now? 😛

Later on I got to ghoul him again, and this time at least, he jumped into battle … and promptly blew himself up. His comment? “Hm, exploding didn’t do much” /facepalm

Hopefully Slice didn’t mind putting up with us too much. Compared to the death count in his other GB, it was a cake walk! And sometimes, wiping can be fun, especially when you’re with friends and you’re all laughing.

Coming tomorrow: My first Cata raid with SR