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May 7, 2013

Titles. Now that they’re account-bound, all your alts have a list to choose from as soon as you roll them. So today I want to know – Who’s wearing what, and why?
Let’s go through my list (including links to back issues for those of you who are bored and want to clicky):


Vanicus is my main this expansion. Now, being the character that I do the most things on, you would think he would have a special title. But there just isn’t anything that sticks out to me. He cycles through titles depending on my mood. At the moment he’s wearing Savior of Azeroth because it’s the last achievement we did. But he didn’t get it when it was current, so it has no special meaning.

Arelin wears Defender of a Shattered World because he was the first to kill Cho’gall. Yes, I realize the title required killing the rest of that tier, but I finished the tier on Van, so Arelin gets to wear it as a nod to his 15 minutes of fame as Arv’s sidekick. (side note: omg I’ve been raiding with you bitches for two years?

Junahu, the first character I ever rolled. Who knew she would lead to this? She wears Loremaster because she was the toon who achieved it, BEFORE Cataclysm changed the zones and you had to guess where to find the quests you were missing out of the 700-some that you needed to do in Kalimdor.

Rozjin wears Kingslayer because he was the only one of my Horde toons to kill the Lich King before Cata came out. Granted, he was totally carried by the SR crew, but still … he got it, he wears it. Ok fine, so it was the night before Cata … it was still officially Wrath, bitches!

Dyle has done nothing but look fabulous in his transmog and get ganked repeatedly in Halfhill. But I’m quite fond of him. He alternates between Professor and Loremaster. I think it’s just .. priest, robe, undead male, he must be one of those smart guys so he gets a smart guy title. Whatever, they both fit him.

Why is Kalethos even in my sidebar, other than being 85? I don’t think I’ve even logged into him more than once since MoP came out. Anyway, he wears the Hallowed because he earned it at level 64 with the help of Averry, Khizzara and friends over on Kargath … and then I went and transferred him back off the server to help Stunnah get his guild on Firetree to level 25. But I’m making up for it now with my army of alts on Kargath.

Kirgra is wearing Dragonslayer, because it’s cool and she’s badass like Zaela of the Dragonmaw clan. Hm, she’s actually about the same skin tone and has the same hairstyle too.

Madorsa is wearing the Exalted, because she has a pretty high opinion of herself and thinks everyone else should, too.

As for my Horde babies on Kargath, the priest got Professor, the hunter got Tamer, and the warrior got Bloodsail Admiral.


Kerick has worn the Noble since he got it back when he was level 61. It’s just a perfect fit for him. It embodies everything that he, as a paladin, stands for. Even though he and Van are both paladins, Van just … isn’t like Kerick. Kerick is a total good guy. I did the Operation Shieldwall quest the other day to purge the Sunreavers from Dalaran and … well, if I hadn’t been doing the questline to help out a friend who needed screenshots of the final cutscene, Kerick would have refused to do it.

Kalyon wears the Kingslayer because he was the first of my characters to kill the Lich King. That night is still the most memorable night in my entire WoW ‘career’. It was the end of not days, not weeks, but literal MONTHS spent zoning in to ICC. It was … truly epic. Nothing since has even come close.

Karius wears Guardian of Cenarius because (a) he’s the one who earned it and (b) it rhymes with his name, duh! I’m sure there’s a post showing him getting the mount, but I can’t find it and I’ve spent too much time on this already.

Ragle wears of the Nightfall in shadow spec, and the Hallowed in … um, whichever healing spec I put him in. He’s been both disc and holy at one time or another.

Sanbec is and will always be Jenkins.

As for the lower levels, Kriann the dwarf shaman wears the Explorer because … dwarf, Explorer’s League, duh. Kroy the rogue wears Bloodsail Admiral.

That’s it! At least for the toons that matter. If you’ve made it this far, you must *really* be bored.

Ok, your turn! What titles do you use and why?