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Saving the Protectors

September 26, 2013

We didn’t have enough people to raid on Tuesday night. So several of us went and ran around the Timeless Isle together. Being in a group allowed us to get things done that I would not have been able to accomplish solo. Thanks to Arv’s legendary cloak and Expedition Yak, Lyss and I were able to fly over to the Sanctuary. Ty was with us too, and Adoe and Zerl each hung out for a little bit. We cleared all the Yaungol in the side courtyard and got our Blazing Chest. We killed all of teh things to complete Killing Time, although the Elder Great Turtle decided to kill us first. No one got any rare drops, but we all had a good time, and still got to play with guildies even though we couldn’t raid. Thanks for the idea, Lyss!

Last night we had our full group, and had lost a full night of raiding, so we really needed to make up for it and focus. We blew the first pull on Immerseus, which Zarm and I both admitted was our fault. But the next pull was fine, and we ended with most of the raid alive this time, unlike our infamous first kill with only a tank left standing. Soon we found ourselves in front of the Fallen Protectors. Last week we spent an entire night wiping on them. This week, we pulled them once …


How’s that for focus? Not even one dead raid member. (although we may have used a brez shhhhhhhh) You can tell from the victory photo how many of us have been playing on the Timeless Isle.


Left to Right: Wok, Zarm, Adoe hiding behind the head of Zugzuug’s onyx jeweled panther, Lyssianna, Arvash, Vanicus, Sorak, Liyhe, and Tyledres.

That left us almost the entire night to work on Norushen. Here’s a complete reversal of roles … I was explaining the fight. Given my previous aversion to LFR, I normally hadn’t seen the bosses until our guild was standing in front of them. This time, I knew the fight as well as anyone else and even better than some. It’s going to take some more pulls to fully get the mechanics and necessary dps smoothed out, but we made progress on him.

Great night, guys! Hope we have more like it next week. 🙂

Soap & Water

September 12, 2013

We are the soap; Immerseus is the water.

Ok, in the end, nearly all of the soap got rinsed down the drain, but Tyledres was there to make sure that he got cleaned up.


Yeah yeah, we barely pulled it off. I believe we even hit the enrage timer. But hey … a kill is a kill! Considering we almost didn’t even raid this week, I’ll take it.


In other news, the Celestial Tournament is a real challenge. I’ve managed to beat the three challengers once, but then Yu’la ate me up.

And despite being kind of meh about the whole Timeless Isle prior to the patch, now that it’s out, I love it. I spent most of the day yesterday just running around it. My alts will be geared in no time. Time to level moar!

Also, super big thanks to Tyledres, who tanked the dungeons I needed for the noodle cart quest, and also drug me through BGs to finally advance Wrathion’s stupid questline. It was worth it though to see the next bit of lore. Wrathion and Anduin are so funny together …


Now I just have to … ugh … LFR to get a start on the seals, and get myself 40 trillium bars. I’ll finally have a use for that bank tab full of ore.

Honestly though … this is the first time in a LONG time that I am truly excited about the game. I don’t remember the last time I’ve sat here at work thinking ‘I can’t wait to get home and log on.’ It’s a great feeling.


August 29, 2013

That’s all it took to get Lei Shen down.

Pretty much everyone else in the raid started playing Final Fantasy this week. I got my Hearthstone beta key late yesterday afternoon. We all logged on 5 minutes before raid time and unanimously agreed … Let’s get this bitch down so we can all go back to our new games. I don’t think there was a single person in the raid who didn’t have something else they’d rather be doing. This does NOT mean WoW has done something wrong or is dying or any other negative thing you can come up with. Obviously we cared enough to still want to kill him.


Adoe messed up the first pull. At least, he’s the one who said ‘we screwed the pooch on purple’ just before a herd of adds came stampeding over to my quadrant, so I’m going to go ahead and blame him. The second pull was smooth and we were out of there. Being the final boss, however, people did manage to stand in line for a decent screenshot first.


Left to Right: Zugzuug, Zarm standing in Lei Shen’s body, Arvash, Sorak, Vanicus, Tyledres, Liyhe, Wok, and Shadeey.

Ok, everyone except Adoe. I think he’s on the other side of Shadeey just out of the picture. Sorry, dis photo be a No Troll Zone mon.


August 20, 2013

omg omg the patch is in one week what ?!?!

Yeah ok it’s not like I didn’t know. I’ve known since the info was leaked well over a week ago. So what do I still want to get done over this final week?

Obviously, killing Lei Shen is priority. We have tonight and tomorrow as our regular raid nights to get it done. We should have our full group available. Cross your fingers.

Then there is Battlefield: Barrens. I’ve gotten four toons through it, three of which also finished the weekly to get the title. Kalyon doesn’t really care if he gets the title; he was the first toon to kill the Lich King while it was current content, so he is Kingslayer for life.

Which brings us to Rozjin. As you might guess from the name, he is a troll. Last night after working off Adryen’s bonus xp, I wasn’t ready to log off yet (partly because there were people on in guild and it’s always fun when there are people making fun of Arv chatting). Let’s see … Roz is halfway through 88, has 43 minutes on a carousel buff, and full rested xp. Let’s do this! I didn’t even think of the Barrens until he was almost 89, then the thought hit me … I have one week and full rested xp. If I can at least get him to 90, I bet I can get guildies and stalker ID friends to help me with the scenarios and maybe even burn down some commanders. Adoe always has fun with that. Arv? Slice? It would be a real shame if my troll didn’t get Darkspear Revolutionary for his title.

BTW I realized after one quest hub why I hadn’t finished leveling him yet. Frost is BORING. It used to be fun. Back in Cata, there were big old Deep Freeze crits that were so awesome they made me weep with joy. Now it’s just … sigh. So I went back to fire, which is how Roz originally leveled. Pyroblast! is just plain FUN.