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Lots ‘o Lovin

February 20, 2015

Yeah I know Love is in the Air has been over for a few days now, but I’ve been busy!

I finally bit the bullet one night and used the new group finder tool to join a group doing the achievement to get the new toy. And I have to say … that thing is SUPER convenient for getting things done! I was very surprised at how easy it was to find a large group and get in on the action within seconds, no waiting.


One person was ‘it’ and went around the circle. As that person went around targeting each person making up the circle, they would use their item on them and either jump or say ‘used’ to let them know they could move on to the next person. The stacks fall off after 10 seconds if not reapplied, thus the need for many people and a good system. The person in charge kept a list of people who still needed to be ‘it’, and would mark the person who would be next with an ‘x’ so that when ‘skull’ was done, they could jump right in and keep the circle moving.


It did take awhile because of the number of people involved but it was easy and actually a pretty good time.

In other news that sort of fits with the theme, Karius and Kalyon finally finished their joint effort to create a Vial of the Sands for my good friend Bocat.


In exchange, she helped me get Alani because she seems to enjoy farming skyshards, but, I don’t have any pictures yet because even though cloud serpent riding is account-wide, the mount still requires August Celestials rep to learn, so Sanbec has been visiting Pandaria to do dailies. :p

Dragon Caravan

January 14, 2014

So, I’ve almost come to the end of the RAF journey with my second pair, my bank alt Oranis and his rogue girlfriend Ilieda on Kargath. Over the course of their adventure, the Lemon Squares guild has hit level 4. Maybe I should finally get around to designing a tabard for it.

They headed out to Uldum on Sunday. Since the second account is pretty much only going to be used for RAF and then deactivated, I have not bought any flying for the character. I probably could have gotten away with not buying any riding at all, but I did because there are times when she needs to ride somewhere alone. But I skipped the flying. So she goes everywhere on the back of the Sandstone Drake. Well, when we went to join Adarrah’s caravan, I didn’t shift out of dragon form, assuming it would automatically ‘dismount’ me when I clicked on The Lady. So I clicked, and the caravan started moving, and there I was …


Interesting, well, I guess I’ll just head to the back of the wagon.


Sorry there, troll, I sort of take up more than my fair share of the space in this form. Ohai Budd! How’s it going, dude?


Um, yeah, dragons don’t really have a /rude emote so … just pretend that this is a glare, ok? Thanks.


Oh, Adarrah, I just LOVE the smell of that shampoo. You must tell me what it is! This is way more important than the fact that we are in a cage, trust me.


Yeah, so …

in other news!

We cleared to Garrosh last night and I got to at least get some attempts in on him. Here we are all in our Mr. Smite disguise with some D.I.S.C.O. and we also had an ogre pinata and it was almost but not quite like having Arv around.


We didn’t get him, but that’s ok. I’m not the only one new to the raid, so we had some behind on gear issues and of course just some learning curve issues because hey … this is not LFR and it is Garrosh! Not some scrub. I would honestly be disappointed if it didn’t take some work. So maybe this week. I’m having a good time anyway. It’s clear that this group has a solid core of people that enjoy raiding with each other and are truly friends, and that is way more important to me than where they are in progression.

Lil’ Tarecgosa!

February 22, 2012

She’s so cute! /squee

Ok, ok, I know you want the whole story. So last night the plan was to finish up our last staff run in Firelands.

I started by logging in to my bank alt, standard procedure you know, and snapped this shot real quick because Arv and Wega are just so cute standing by each other. If only I had known exactly what it was that he was digging out of his bank at that moment ….

Not ten minutes later, I zone into Firelands to this …

Hartbane, you have some stiff competition for that Rainbow Knight title, my friend.

Sooo we zoom through and one shot the hell out of everything in sight. What do you do when you get to Rag? Have a dance party of course.

Then when he dies you have a major strategy session on how to loot the stupid quest item from the center of the lava pool. We had this massive plan centered around something like 9 healers (6 shaman lmao) with bloodlust and spirit link totem and bacon and a resistance elixir and a speed potion …

And then when we GET the item Fayle is all like ‘do the RP later we need to kill the first four bosses in Dragon Soul so we can start right off with Heroic Ultradragon tomorrow.’ So while Lyssi is doing the RP stuff and Arv and Shady and I are all watching, the rest of them head to DS. Little note for any of those doing this quest … even though you have to RAID to get to this point, you can’t be in a raid group to finish the quest line. Why the hell do they do that? I don’t get it. But whatever. So it didn’t complete anyway and we had to put it off til after the raid was over.

Of course, once the raid was over, guess who was RIGHT THERE watching the RP with the rest of us?

If you guessed Fayle, you win 10g.


Hmmm … so he watched the RP AND bought a pet? And then was dumb enough to stand still in Cowtown so I could screenshot it … muahahahah.

Ok Lyssi, I totally admit that you being able to turn into Tarecgosa is pretty cool. BUT the dragon that *I* can turn into can be ridden by ….

DAMMIT! Ok, fine, you win. =P

Save a Horse

January 11, 2012

Ride a Paladin!

I used to beg Arv to buy me a bike. One day I caught one for a good price on the AH though and that put an end to that.

So I switched my wish list to a sand drake and have been bugging him for one of those ever since. I constantly tease him about it, and he counters by telling me he can’t afford it .. and follows that with how close he is to getting a million gold. >.<

Van's little bit of pocket change has been growing steadily … actually, it's been increasing ever so much faster now that the mule and his other cronies are off playing in space. Arv and I have the gem market to ourselves now more or less and we've taken full advantage of that fact. So when my 'huge' bankroll hit 60k, I decided to see just how close I was to getting the mats I need. Let's see … I have the recipe. I have 10 truegold. Over the course of another week or so, I checked the AH for cheap volatiles to transmute another truegold, and bought the final bar when some showed up for only 400g each. Then it was on to the flasks. I bought a few herbs, but I sent my mage out to grab most of what I needed. Not paying 50g for a stack of herbs when I can farm a stack myself in 10 minutes. I had a stack of albino catfish stashed away, so I turned all of those into Deepstone Oil and am selling the leftovers on the AH.

I made the flask on Sunday and saved it to use last night before the raid, when everyone was on to see it. And of course, to make sure that Arv got the first ride.

Ouch! Hey, are those spurs you’re wearing?!?

Sooo …… now that I’ve got my sand drake, I need something else to try to get Arv to buy for me. Hmm ……oooh, I know!

ARV .. buy me a seahorse ^.^