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What’s in Karius’ Closet?

February 26, 2010

Monday I posted a screenshot of Karius and Selveria dancing in purple dresses, and Arioch commented that Karius shouldn’t wear purple with his red hair. Well, he doesn’t care, he likes purple, and he’s here to show off his  collection!

First, we have the Lovely Purple Dress that he wore on Monday.

Yeah, ok, I admit that’s a little scary. How about the Festive Purple Dress?

I suppose putting a tabard over that would at least hide the padded upper chest section, eh?

Robes of the Lich, from Razorfen Downs. These were his favorite robes for a loooong time.

Ebonweave Robe, lovingly crafted by Schubert.

Skyweaver Robes from 25 man ToC. I believe it was his first 25 man drop, so he was quite proud of them.

Not everything is purple, though. He still has his Civinad Robes from a Gnomeregan quest.

Yeah, he looks damn good in that one.

He also still has this one, which was a drop from a rare mob in Duskwood. Why aren’t there more green robes? Because green really *does* go well with his hair.

And finally, partly because I think he looks totally hot, and partly because I just want to hear Lore groan about how much he hates the T10 helm ….

So, what’s in YOUR closet?