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Guess Who’s Back

October 19, 2010

Back Again

Kerick’s Back

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Oh come on … you knew as well as I did that it wouldn’t last.

After downing Arthas on Sunday night, that left group one with open plans for Monday night. Several people have been interested in doing the Uldy achievements for awhile now, and a few more have decided it’s a good idea since they want 310 flight. So we figured out who all wanted to go and what toons they would bring. Because of Karius and Kaly already having violet protos, and also the need for a healer, I said I’d bring Kerick.

Now that I’ve had a chance to really play around with it … omg. Holy is teh awesome! As awesome as smite healing? Well, maybe not. It’s two completely different styles. I did not take Renounce and have no plans of working exorcism into my healing. It might be fun in dungeons but for raids? I’m too busy casting heals.

Razorscale: Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare. We had three tanks picking stuff up, since the main idea is to hold the adds for Razor to finish off with her breath. Beacon one, and with Protector of the Innocent, I’m healing that tank, myself, and whoever I directly heal. The fight takes forever to get all 25 … actually, we had to wipe to the berserk timer a couple times in order to get all that we needed.

That proc that causes the next holy shock to not initiate a cooldown? DO LOVE! I mostly threw around holy shocks, and used holy lights whenever the other thing that causes it to cast really fast procced (yes, my terms are so technical. WTB Holy Paladin spells and procs that don’t all have similar names so that I can remember which one does what!) Word of Glory on three stacks of Holy Power. Divine Light when a bigger heal was needed. And best of all … when Razor is grounded and the tanks are in front of her with the adds, a Light of Dawn aoe cone right when she breathes … screen full of green numbers zomg!

Anyway … we had a great time and knocked off a half dozen of the drake achievements. Later this week I’ll get my first taste of cleansing Fusion Punch. Owait .. maybe I should have stayed retired. lol