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Don’t Panic

June 10, 2013

I know, I know … I didn’t post at ALL last week. I just …

I dunno.

I woke up Thursday morning and the cord to my cell phone charger was in two pieces, the phone dead. Of course, this happens on a day when there is a big event in the neighborhood so I cannot move my car or I won’t have a parking space when I come back. So there was nothing I could do about it that day. Then I remembered that I have a car charger that I have never even taken out of the packaging. I dig that out, and confirm that the phone is still operational, just out of power. I juice it up enough to remove my mobile authenticator. Don’t panic! I have an old style key fob authenticator that I put on the account instead. I would never leave it unprotected.

So, now that that’s done, I can play. I did panic a little that day knowing that my authenticator was on the phone and if the phone was fried, I would be in trouble.

Then Friday … I didn’t even feel like playing. I just … didn’t even make it to the login screen. I may have loaded the launcher, I don’t remember. But … I ended up playing Dragon Age: Origins instead. Yes, I know, free beta weekend in Neverwinter and I’m … back in DA:O. Not even DA2!

Saturday morning I took the dog to the vet to get his allergies looked at, and on the way home we stopped to take care of that whole cell phone charger issue. The sales associate was a hot Filipino-looking dude, so of course … I let him talk me into upgrading my phone instead of just getting a charger. I know, I know … but to fair, I’d had this same phone for 5 years. It was past time to replace it. Moving on up from 3G to 4G, yo.

Then I got home and … still didn’t feel like playing. I did a little more DA:O then watched a bunch of stuff on Hulu and played with the phone. Sunday I *did* log in for a couple of hours. I did some fishing and pet battling. Oh, and I went to TK and finally did lay the smack down on Kael. Then I was done. I did more Hulu, and more DA:O, and more playing with the phone (the two games that I play I had to start over from level 1, so I had some catching up to do).

What will I do tonight? I don’t know. I have no burning desire to log in right now. I don’t know if I’m burned out, or just need a break, or what. What I *really* want is to get my hands on Hearthstone already. Come on Blizz! Gimme gimme.

/afk bbl

June 29, 2010

No, I’m not taking a permanent vacation from blogging like some people (looks at Trout). I’m not too busy to post or have run out of things to post about. (blows some dust off a blood elf over at clearcasting). I’m just going out of town for a few days. I may post some drivel from the Droid while I’m there, but since I will have zero computer access at Mom’s, it won’t be substantial. Not that anything posted here ever is. I’ll be back on Wednesday next week.

Speaking of people who haven’t posted much lately … I finally convinced Lajos to pass GM over to one of his other toons and come join the gang at Crits … along with his son, of course.  We celebrated first with a random. As we zone into Nexus  I say “oh good, a long one with lots of ledges for the mage to jump off of” … I think he spent half the instance trying to get back to us after falling off near Anomalous. hehe!

Then we took Lajos and Nick to Magister’s Terrace with us. We had to do it twice on regular because not everyone did the quest the first time through. (/bonk Coach) In the three runs we did, two pets dropped. Guess who won them? Dang noobs.  :p

Let’s see, what else have I done recently … Kaif and Kerick arranged a full clear of ToC for the weekly on Saturday. We were both wanting a shield off Anub’arak. He dropped both of them. o.O

Kerick finished off all of the holiday achievements on Sunday. I took the juggling torches to a back corner of the hallway of the Alliance inn and faced the corner … one try, bam! Achievement done. Why was it so much easier than the other night on Karius? Beats me. Now they have some addon out that will even do it for you. I kinda liked my Hartbane method though.

Kerick got the pet from Ahune. OMG it is so cool. It throws snowballs at people .. and even at minions. I was sitting in Grom’s favorite spot on the Eventide Bank stairs the other day, and it threw a snowball at Gatekeeper’s imp. hehe! Awesome.

I duno, do I have anything else to say? I’m just kinda rambling from thing to thing because .. well, that’s the way I’ve been playing this week. I’ve done Outland dungeons and even a WSG on Sanbec. I did UK on Ragle, and got 2/3 of the way through the place before I remembered to put up VE. (fail) I ran two or three alts, friends from both guilds, through ZF a couple times. I did VoA on Kerick, OS3D on Karius, tanked ICC on Kaly … and multitudes of Ahunes and randoms. Heck, I even did Deadmines on my bank alt!

Tonight is going to be more of the same, nothing planned, nothing scheduled, just grab some friends and run some stuff. I’m kinda enjoying that freedom. Tomorrow I took the day off to pack and do all the last minute crap that I procrastinated before going halfway across the country for the weekend … which means I’ll probably spend most of the day in-game. I know at least two friends who will be online during the day as well … maybe three … so …. yeah. Anywho … have fun and I’ll see y’all here next week. 😀