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October 10, 2011

No, not Alysrazor. Well, yes Alysrazor, but not the big bird herself, but her Flametalon, the rare drop ground mount. Or, as Sorak calls it, Fire Anzu.

I don’t remember what I rolled, something pathetic I’m sure. But Sorak’s dice were on for once, and since he’s been drooling over this mount since it was datamined on the PTR, I’m glad he won it.

Fun time during the break before Staghelm. Fortunately, no one actually clicked on the mole machines.

And one last shot just because it does look so awesome. Sorak now spends half his time afk in the Dwarven District while people stand around and drool over his bird.

Oh yeah … we also finally killed Rag! Yeah I know, that should be the main news, but that will happen again. The chances of seeing the mount again are not so good. :p

My screen froze right as the kill happened, so I did not  get a shot with the actual achievement on the screen. The guild achievement, however,  is visible in my chat window.

Now, this was ALL on Friday night, so we had a full raid night on Saturday with all of our current content already downed. Tomorrow, you get to see what we did instead. 😉



So This is It

September 28, 2011

Firelands is done.

Slice picked up a shadow spec for the night and Zarm and I 2 healed everything. Except Staghelm … I would have liked trying that one, too, but Slice was anxious to get on to Rag so I didn’t push it. The bosses up to Rags fell over even faster than they did last week. Arv and I were put on the floor for Beth … I think we were both asleep by the end. We sent extra dps up top and they had her at like 47% when she came down off the web. No joke. I used my Guardian almost right away just because … hell, it’s not like I *need* cooldowns anymore. It’s quite sad, really. Alysrazor died at the end of a complete cycle, before even flying off to begin the next hatchling phase. /yawn

Drink up, Arv. It’s time to get serious.

‘Serious’ apparently means the wrong paladin taunts the boss during the stackup seeds phase. We won’t go into too many details, but my thumb slipped a bit trying to cleanse someone (hi Arv!) that wasn’t far enough out of the flame wall and Hand of Reckoning is there on that Opie ring that opens up if my mouse isn’t over  someone’s health frame and … yeah I went splat pretty fast. Epic Fayle.

Second pull some dumbps gets launched over the edge so we wipe that one up too. (bye Slice!)

Third time is a charm. Ado had come up with a plan for handling the giant Meatwads in phase 3, and as far as I could tell, it worked pretty damn good. Well enough anyway that no one died … except Ragnaros.

There’s no boss body, so we danced around the giant treasure chest that magically appeared in the center of the room instead.

And the group shot …

LtoR: in the back row there the troll is Adoe, then Vyshus (who is no longer a goblin *sob*), Lyssianna, and Zarm. In front we have Cayle, me (Vanicus), Pix and all his mirror images, Liyhe, Zerlegen, and Arv on his pedestal. Wait, I got all 10 in one pic? That’s a first I think.

We took a vote on what to do tonight, and alt run was the winner. Guess who is tanking? I bet I can’t tank floor as good as Cayle. Although, someone else was the Death Count champion last night …

Crap, I was supposed to pick on Sorak today and I think I picked on Arv more than him. Oops?

Notes From the Weekend

September 26, 2011

Lazy today, so instead of breaking things into their own posts I’m just tossing stuff together here. Deal with it.

Ragnaros. Still needs to die. Sigh. We made super awesome progress … especially once we switched over to 2 healing it. Things just all go to hell in the final phase though, and having an extra healer isn’t going to solve meteors rolling through the tanks/melee. Our best attempt was … 1%. Yes really. All of my friends in other guilds were telling me how they downed Rag this week. Well … so what. We’re as close as you can get without him actually dying. It’ll happen soon enough.

Direbrew. Got Juna to 84 over the weekend and found that she could queue for it now. Woohoo! It’s probably a good thing I have recount disabled on her though. Also, despite running the boss on 8 (now 9) toons each day, the only thing I have to show for it is a couple of tankards. You’d think I could get a mount in there somewhere eh? Zari got one. Kisara got one that she already had! One funny thing happened though .. queued up on Arelin and guess who was in my group? Arv’s hunter! And we didn’t even queue together. Oh, yeah, and he got a mount.

Hartbane. Is bored already and I haven’t really been able to help entertain him since I have so many projects I’m working on. Sorry! Yo dude, roll some alts or somethin!

Dizzee and Dyle. The main reason I didn’t play with Hart much. Arv is eyeing those Direbrew trinkets, so we’ve been pushing hard through Northrend. We’re about 2/3 of the way through 77 now. Tempted to open up the Argent Tourney at 78 to boost the xp in those last two levels. Probably about time to start looking at Cata greens so I have replacements for the heirlooms once I hit 80. We’ll need an ilevel boost to queue for BRC once we get there. I’m just a few points short of Cata tailoring … my enchanting is about 15 points behind.

Rathanos.  Wrath-a-who? Yeah, um … there was this article a little over a week ago on WoW Insider about rolling a prot pally. I left a comment about how I was really tempted by the article… and something about how you can never have too many pallies or belfs … and when the author (veteran prot blogger Rhidach from Righteous Defense) replied to my comment, it totally sealed the deal. I know! I know. I already have a paladin. Um .. some paladins. Two on the same server and faction now. So??? Here he is at level 4 or 5 in the starting zone.

Yeah he didn’t even have a shield yet there. I finished getting him to level 15 yesterday. I crafted some green stuff for him to wear. I found a couple of old enchants lying around to put on a couple of his things. I reached for the LFD button … and had a total breakdown in gchat. Dude. My first toon to kill an end boss this expansion was a tank! I’m not the greatest at it, but I willingly step into raids as a tank when needed (or did before Firelands at least). Why does the prospect of tanking 5 mans freak me out so much? Especially level 15 5 mans? I mean seriously … I think I even said in chat “It’s only RFC, how bad can it be?” Except my next thought was “but what if I DON’T get RFC? WC and Deadmines are right there on the possible list too!” So yeah … I finally talked myself into it and got an RFC in progress. There were two other paladins there wearing shields. One was holy … the other wasn’t. Really? Why queue as DPS if you’re prot? They at least didn’t have RF on, so once I had aggro it was all good. But it was only like 3 pulls and the boss. Since I missed the quests because of zoning into the middle, I wasn’t down for staying around. I decided to count it as a success and get the hell out of Dodge. Small steps … with my stage fright, this is totally the way to go about it. No way am I gonna try to learn prot on one of my 85s. Hopefully Arv won’t get sick of me asking questions, because I’ll probably drive him crazy later when things get more involved and I have more to do than throw my shield and curse about the 20s cooldown on Word of Glory.


Domo Down Like Kisara’s Gold

September 19, 2011

Good week for Crits, as we caught up to SR and finished at 6/7 pre-nerf. Friday night we downed four, having some issues with Alysrazor as we were short a melee and it made interrupts … interesting. Saturday night we went in and got her in short order, and moved on to Domo. Now, last week we spent the entire Saturday wiping on him. We got close and knew we could do it, but just couldn’t quite make it happen. It still took awhile, and we were approaching the last 90 minutes of raid time when he went down.

We still had plenty of time to go look at Rag, so off we went to the trash from hell. We did fine on big lava wall guy … but those worms. Ugh. HATE. Once we finally made it past there, we took a break because some people had not watched any strats. Some of us, of course, know the fight, or at least the first phase and transition, so we found ways to entertain ourselves. If you guessed naked dance party, you win 10g. Whisper Kisara for payment.

First up we have the essential naked belf, courtesy of Kerick’s Orb of the Sin’dorei.

Then Log, Grom, Kisara, and Slice joined in. I kinda dig that dog.

No more dog. Dog = Log.

Oooh la la! Triple Kisara