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Last Post of the Year

December 14, 2016

Vacation starts next week, so I won’t even be playing, let alone posting. I know I’ve been slow on the posting this year, but I just … haven’t felt it. I’ve been playing though.

Oranis has gotten to revered with everyone except the Wardens. He’s about halfway there on them so I’ll be prioritizing their world quests. He’s also got the ability to automatically complete one world quest per day, so he’s working on the PvP World Quest achievement to get a horse. I’ve *always* wanted one of the PvP horses, but the requirements to get the vicious saddle, which require a large number of arenas or rated battlegrounds, are not worth it to me. So this is the way to get one … and of course, now I go look it up on Icy Veins and realize the ALLIANCE version is the horse, and the Horde is the wolf. Well, I’m still doing it. If I have to do it on Alliance too in order to get the horse, then I’ll just have to do it on Alliance too I guess. The kind I *really* want is the new Midnight in the new Kara … which is not going to happen until I can queue for it as a heroic. I should also probably get the old Midnight one of these days too, especially now that there’s a portal directly to Kara’s front door. I shouldn’t be putting it off.

As for Hearthstone, I like the new Jade mechanic quite a lot. I’m not that big on Reno decks so I haven’t really played the mage or warlock much. I need one more draconid operative and a potion before the priest deck is really ready to go. Aggressive decks like the pirates just annoy me, and I don’t have the cards yet to make the buff paladin or hunter decks really work. So I’ve stuck with the jades for now. I do have enough dust to craft a leg, but I am completely undecided. Here are my best options:

Malygos or Alex old school dragons that I still don’t have and could be used in a few decks. Alex right after the opponent heals up from Reno? always nice
Harrison Jones I’ve held off on him because I can always drop in an ooze. Probably worth it if I wanted extra weapon removal in a Reno deck, but otherwise .. meh
Aya Blackpaw Well I did say I like jades … but she can also be discovered through several means; Lotus Agents, Journey Below, even Raven Idol if you’re desperate and lucky.

any of several old school class legendaries that are staples. For instance, Tirion Fordring, Edwin VanCleef, Grommash Hellscream, Archmage Antonidas the downside is, they can only be used by one class. Would I love to have Tirion? Yeah! But my dust only goes so far so I can probably get more value out of something else that I will use more often.

I’m definitely leaning toward filling out my classic set because those will always be available to use in Standard. And now that I look at a card list, there are quite a few non-class legendaries that would be good to have, too. Baron Gedden, Leeroy Jenkins, Cairne Bloodhoof

That is a lot of possibilities. If I had N’Zoth, Cairne would be the obvious choice. Even without it, he’s a pretty good choice. He’s 4 attack so priests can’t straight up kill him, and a dragonfire potion still leaves Baine on the board. Hmm … I think I’m leaning that way.

A Week’s Worth of Crap

December 22, 2011

I was hoping to have a very short post tonight consisting solely of Deathwing’s demise. However, someone *cough Sorak cough* got Soraked tonight and we had to cancel the raid. After going 7/8 last night and getting him to 11%. I hope you gave those dishes a super good washing there, busboy slacker.

So here, have something to keep you happy until next week. I’ve been too busy playing on my 5 day stay-at-home vacation to actually post anything. And I’ll be too busy over the next several days to even play. Sooooo…….. I have a lot of screenshots saved up.

Van and Tel did some snowman dancing.

Crits downed Ultradragon. They even let me get the blue crystal of super Holy Radiance love.

Kerick got a new pet in his CtA Satchel.

Arv made some changes to his outfit. He’s calling himself a White Knight now. I’ll just leave it at that … the hair kinda leaves me blinded.

No arguments from Wega, though … she definitely approves.

Elgar shows off his latest transmog set … oh wait. My bad. That’s actually Ragle.

Dyle helped Arv kill the Greench … and this nelf warrior who was persistent despite repeated failures to kill Arv one on one. He died even faster with me there. Of course, Arv being Arv, out came the D.I.S.C.O. and the flag of ownership. Party on!

Salti pinged Kerick when he found Burgy Blackheart while out farming herbs. It was rather comical with two healers trying to kill him. Of course, then we had to put on our hats and have a sea horse parade.

That’s it. You’re lucky I didn’t bother to screenshot Kerick and Kalethos both killing Deathwing in LFR, or Vanicus and Kalethos both getting Merrymaker, or … yeah. Hell, I’m going on almost three years’ worth of screenshot heavy content here. You know there will be more. Sometimes I just get tired of screenshotting every little thing! lol. I regularly hold back some that I just run out of space to post. And now it is going on 1am and I am rambling and I should really gtfo and get some sleep before tomorrow because airports seriously harsh my mellow and it will be better if I am well rested. So yeah, happy holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate, and I’ll see you back here next week.

Hold up bitches. You know who you are. You’re not off the hook. I’ll be checking in on guild chat. You have been warned, slackers. Remote app ftw!

On Ice

July 19, 2011

Rags Jr., a little help here please? I mean really, I can cook delicious feasts over your flame, but you can’t get me out of this freezing trap?

Yes, Fiak has talked me into PvP again … or at least into doing some BGs … in my ungemmed, unechanted PvE ret gear. I’m not going to try healing PvP … I prefer smashing heads. We did several over the weekend. I even got to run a flag in … uh … whatever the new one is that has flags. The one where I got the achievement for killing 5 dwarves in a single battle. Twin Peaks I guess? Must be, because I know that Gilneas is the place where we controlled the Lighthouse … and I got more KBs than Adoe. Hammer of Wrath FTW.

I’ll Die For You

August 9, 2010

I had a three day weekend thanks to my crappy sinuses, so I made some good progress on Loremaster. I need 100 quests in Kalimdor and 125 quests in Eastern Kingdoms yet. Doing nothing but questing gets old, though .. sometimes I just need a break.

Jorlex had some ideas … like ganking me over and over for achievements. So we headed on over to Wintergrasp and proceeded to kill each other ten times at each of the spots on the map needed for Wintergrasp Ranger. I was an easy kill even when I tried … he had to get naked for my poor little hunter in Naxx gear. Dang prot pallies.

To break up the monotony, he showed up each time on a different mount from his extensive collection.

It actually took longer than we expected to finish it all. Like, we participated in a battle shortly after we started on it, and it was fifteen minutes before the next battle when we finally got done.

By that time, I was tired of dying, so we waited a couple days before moving on to the next project … getting Wrath of the Alliance for him. That one requires killing five enemy players in each of the enemy capitals. He already had Orgrimmar, so we got to skip that one. We started at Undercity … just inside the entrance to the sewers works great. Then we moved on to Silvermoon. For that, he had to actually enter the city. But .. well .. it’s Silvermoon. This screenshot is a great example of how much resistance he faced.

Puny little human. No wonder I always feel clumsy when I play tauren. He killed me right after this was taken.

Thunder Bluff was easy enough too. Outside of the city, underneath the bridges between the rises, is a great place. He hearthed away after he got the achievement, but forgot to bubble. I had to make fun of him for that.

When Hart gets back we’ll all have some fun at Halaa. 😀