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Little Games

May 16, 2014

So, end of expansion, no new content for awhile. How do you keep yourself entertained? I know some people have lists of goals they want to accomplish before WoD comes out. Others log in, can’t decide what to do, and log out again. I’m somewhere in between those two. I have things I want to get done, but I have 14 90s and several other alts still being leveled. So how do I decide what to work on when I’m not raiding? Easy. I create little games for myself that determine which alt to dust off for the day. Let me tell you how it works.

I start in Hearthstone. I only play a couple of games there each day, basically until I win a game or have to log over to raid. If I still have a quest for the class I won with the day before, I’ll keep that class and deck. If not, I’ll choose a class that I do have a quest for, build a suggest-a-card deck, and go. Yes, this means I rarely play the same deck twice and am not likely to ever rise much above my current ranking. But I enjoy the randomness of playing whatever I put together with this method. If I lose, I go back to my quest list and pick another class, build another deck, etc. Whatever class I win with, is the class I play in WoW for that day.

‘But Rep!,’ you say, ‘there are only 9 classes in Hearthstone! What about your DKs and monks?’ Well, if I win with the same class two days in a row, then I play one of those. Simple, right?

Sunday I won with a hunter deck. So I brought out Juna to play. I haven’t devised a method to determine which alt of that class I play, I just let myself pick. If I win on hunter again soon, maybe I will play the other one instead of her. But Sunday I chose her, so she copied Vozzkaz and queued up for some LFR. In six wings, she got a trinket, two rings, ToT pants, and her sha-touched gun.

Last night I won with a priest deck. Priest decks are SO much fun. Anyway, this one was easy to choose because I only have one priest on each faction right now, no multiples. And, uh … I dunno, I just haven’t ‘felt’ Alliance this expansion at all. I did Operation: Shieldwall and some of the Thunder Isle stuff but …Jaina or Lor’themar … yeah. So I hopped on Paddey Dyle. And … queued up for some LFR! LOL. He’d done LFR in the past, clearing ToT multiple times and the first two wings of SoO once. But he’d never done anything from the first tier. So I started at the beginning, just for the achievements. Although, I think this Light of the Cosmos is probably a super trinket for him, even with a lower ilevel than some others he has.

In between queues, I worked on picking up tailoring recipes that he doesn’t have. I recently installed Ackis Recipe List. I’ve known about this addon for a long time but resisted the urge to download because I know me. If there is an easy way to see that I am missing recipes then I MUST go get them. This may still prove to have been a bad idea. Do you know how many Cata gem recipes Van doesn’t have? AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I ended the night with a late-night first wing of SoO with Averry, Ruekie, and … I believe Shen. Averry can yell at me if I’m wrong.

So, am I just really weird, or do other players have silly little rules and games too?

Boost Baby

April 7, 2014

Ok, I finally made up my mind. I was having a hard time deciding between Oslee the warrior or Oslen the hunter. Yes, they’re brothers. There was a third, older brother, Osler the priest, but he died in a tragic I-don’t-need-two-undead-priests-on-one-server-group accident. (Nevermind that I now have 3 belf paladins on the same pair of servers … )

Here is Oslee passing through the dark portal:


Anyway, based on research and advice from a post over at Sportsbard, plus my recent decision to finally break down and transfer the rest of my 85+ Horde to Kargath-Norgannon, I decided to get BS and LW both on the boosted character. Obviously, this would mean that whichever one I boosted would have one profession that doesn’t go with his armor class, but meh.

Here is Olsee a couple of hours later, magically materializing at the Shrine as a fully geared and professionally maxed 90:


Arelin hasn’t been transferred yet because he has to be in charge of my bank guild for a week before he can come, but I am including him in my count here. This gives me a professions count of:

BS: 2 (1 maxed)
LW: 2 (1 maxed)
JC: 2 (1 maxed)
Engineering: 2 (1 maxed)
Alchemy: 3 (1 maxed)
Inscription: 2 (1 maxed)
Tailoring: 3 (2 maxed)
Enchanting: 3 (2 maxed)

Plus multiple miners, herbalists, and skinners.

Oslee replaced almost his entire set of boost gear with Timeless Isle gear, and promptly ran out to get himself a Crystal of Insanity and a Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner, because … toyz! He handled the elites in the cave with ease. It didn’t take me long to see why Averry has so much fun.

Who to Boost?

March 10, 2014

Well, decision time is nigh. The pre-orders for WoD, including the level 90 character boost, have arrived. True, you don’t have to use that boost right away. You can hang onto it as long as you wish. I thought I had my mind made up, but then I got to thinking … you get fully leveled professions if you boost a character that’s already above level 60. That could really come in handy. I already have Tailoring x2, Enchanting x2, JC, Alch, and Mining maxed on Kargath/Norgannon. That leaves me with plenty of professions still to go. My recent foray into RaF has left me with every class at 85 or above. RaF boosted characters include a rogue, a shaman, and two druids .. the three classes (besides monk, which I have at 89) that I haven’t gotten to max level yet. They are pretty much not a consideration. I NEED those five levels to, um, learn how to play them … >.> Plus it seems silly to boost a character only 5 levels. If I had any stuck in Outland … well, let’s look at what I DO have.

Faranell, level 1 undead mage
Averry joked that he was surprised I didn’t have an Edwin anywhere, so in response, I created one! I considered RaFing him, but decided to leave him alone and give him the free boost. The only real argument against it is, well, I already have a mage at 90 and another one at 85. And that’s not even counting the Alliance one who is 86!

That’s really the only one I was considering boosting under 60. So how about some 60+?

Rathanos, level 85 BE prot paladin
I wanted a separate pally to learn prot on. So I did some dungeons from level 15 to maybe level 30. Then I quested. Then I RaF boosted him from 55 to 85. So … yeah. I still don’t know what I’m doing other than throwing my shield, bashing hammer of the righteous, and uh … wait, maybe that’s shield of the righteous? See?!? I have no clue. Argument for = he’s my wannabe scribe. Argument against = it’s dumb to boost a character only 5 levels, and I can always transfer my fully leveled scribe over from Drak when I have a few extra bucks.

Giska, level 75 orc monk
Proud member of the DPS crew over at The Warchief’s Command Board. Also my future leatherworker. It’s taking forever to level her because I am keeping up on her crafting as I go. But really, other than not having to finish the leatherworking, I can’t think of a good reason to boost her. She’s got heirlooms, she’s got the monk xp bonus, she’s got 15 levels to go.

Oslen, level 40 undead hunter
Obviously, I would level him to 60+ first. He’s my engineer. I don’t have another hunter besides the original character Junahu. However, I DO have a fully leveled engineer … wasting away on Drak. Boost Oslen or transfer Arelin? There’s no Arelin listed on Norgannon, so he would get to keep his name. Hmmmm … *checks bank account*

I think that covers all of the professions on K/N. Kirgra is slowly leveling her BS, and is already 90, so that one is off the table.

Naeladi, level 77 tauren warrior
Still on Drak, and a possible candidate because of her BS. But … she would have to be boosted AND transferred, because she’s on that PvP cesspool.

What about Alliance?

K … wait, what the heck is her name again? Oh yeah. Kriann, level 68 dwarf ele shaman
Well … she’s my scribe there. I still don’t have a shaman at 90, although I RaF boosted one to 85. I play her so much I forgot her name. Yeah. Still … level/prof wise, she’s a decent candidate.

Kroy, level 58 human rogue
He’d only need a couple of levels. He’s an engineer, BUT … so is Ragle. So he’s redundant for professions. I don’t have a rogue at 90, but again, I RaF boosted one to 85.

So, uh … what do you think? One of the above, or someone else entirely!

P.S. I am NOT paying $60 to boost a second character. This is a one-time, free-with-the-xpac deal for me.