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Battle Dress!

July 29, 2011

When the previews of the T12 armor came out, I was excited. A return to the war kilt of T10 suited me just fine! But then after I’d gathered my first 2200 VPs and went to buy my pants, I was shocked to find that they were, indeed, pants. I did some researching and found other armor previews showing the set with pants, and people saying that Blizz had caved to player complaints and reverted to regular pants instead. So I sighed and accepted my fate, although my guildies can tell you that I bitched about it quite a bit in guild chat. haha. Then maybe a week ago I was reading one of Kurn’s posts and she mentioned being unhappy that the tier chest is a robe. Waitwut? Back up there! It’s the chest, not the pants? A robe, not a kilt? Squee! /happydance … From that point forward, my next VP purchase was set in stone.  Of course, it helps that I already have the gloves from Rhyolith, so it makes perfect sense to get the tier chest for my 2pc bonus even though Alysra-ZOR drops one with better itemization.

I know many of my guy friends are complaining about having to wear this, but that’s too damn bad. I think they’re sexy!

It also does an adequate job of hiding the non-matching boots from the previous tier. Trust me, those blue things *really* stuck out with pants.  Oh, here, how about seeing what MY view looks like?

Very nice. I can’t even see the boots from my side. ^.^

Gonna be a bit before Kerick gets caught up, but he’s going to look hawt, too.