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My First Legendary!

November 5, 2013

I haven’t dropped any cash on Hearthstone beyond the $2.99 for 2 packs needed to score the golden Gelbin Mekkatorque card. So beyond those first two, every pack I’ve opened has been earned through gold from daily quests. Needless to say, I’m opening no more than 2 or 3 packs a week, depending on the quests I get. So to open a legendary was extremely exciting for me. Even better, it’s one that was near the top of my want list .. not necessarily because it does something good, but just because … well, it’s Onyxia!


It might sound weak to flood your board with 1/1 minions, but even those lowly whelps can be deadly in the right situation. I got a chance to experience this firsthand in a match last night. I was in unranked play mode, leveling my shaman deck. I was facing someone playing a mage deck. On the 7 mana turn, I had about five minions on the board, which were wiped out with a Flamestrike. On the 8 mana turn, however, I draw Onyxia. Obviously since she costs 9 mana I can’t play her this turn, but I can start planning. I don’t want to lay down a bunch of things, I want to save room for maximum whelping. I have 7 mana to spend, as I had used something with overload the last turn so one of my crystals was locked down. No problem. I toss out a 6 mana Lord of the Arena. On the next turn, I toss out that Ony and use the Lord to take out the opponent’s taunt minion, leaving him with 1 health. On their turn, they Fireblast my Lord, sheep Ony, and kill a whelp.

Ok, so, going into my turn, I have on my board 1 1/1 sheep, and 4 1/1 whelps. The mage has 2 or 3 minions on the board without a taunt and has 27 health. Now, I’m going to kill them on this turn. THIS is how you turn a few lowly 1/1 whelps into death. I have both Flametongue totems in my hand. I toss one out between the sheep and a whelp, and the other between two other whelps. Now I have 3 3/1 whelps, a 3/1 sheep, and a 1/1 whelp. So I’ve gone from 5 potential damage to 13 potential damage. But wait! I have Bloodlust! NOW I have 3 6/1 whelps, a 6/1 sheep, and a 4/1 whelp. Let’s see here … 6, 12, 18, 24, 28! BAM! I was giddy for the rest of the evening. I just wish I had screenshots of it. Oh well.

Days Behind

August 2, 2012

Yes, this happened on Saturday. Yes, I’m finally posting it on Thursday. Wut?? I hate summer. >.<

Laid Back Raid for the week was Alliance Onyxia. I drug Rev and Ana along so I didn't have to tank, and also talked Addoe and Shady into coming. Toss in a Bocat for some real shadow priesting to go along with me posing as one, plus JD, Mrs. JD, Mavgret, and Dragonray, and that ensured that it took longer to get everyone there than it did to kill the dragon.

Yes, you are seeing that right. 6 Druids, 3 Priests … and Addoe.

So after that a couple people left, but most of us went and did OS3D as well. I swapped to Kerick for better DPS, not that I really *needed* to but … meh. And then Mavgret wanted to do BWL, so Rev swapped to his hunter and I got out my warrior who dearly wants an Ashkandi and Bocat stayed with us and we went and cleared that out, too. Good times.

Ok I’m going back to work now. Bleh.