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Why I Play Dudes

August 30, 2010

Because Lore asked …

I play what I like to look at.

Seriously, check out how hot these two are.

There’s just something about a man in plate armor …

… although Kar is pretty sexy in his robes, too.

Now for the answer to Hart’s prompt.

Last night after the raid, Hart and Cael and I went exploring to Old Ironforge. We died plenty of times before Hart researched an alternate glitch that supposedly only works for human males. Well damn, that sounds good but … owait! We ARE human males! It took awhile because I failed at getting the angle just right and kept falling down the side of building, but we eventually got down there.

Let’s get this party started!

Yeah baby, they look just as good WITHOUT their plate armor! Rowr

Come on Hart, it’s only a mechanical yeti … although you ARE kinda overmatched in size at the moment.

So there you go, Lore. Got any more questions that you probably DON’T want to know the answer to?