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Break Time

March 19, 2014

Man, how long has it been since we’ve had this kind of post here? It was long-standing tradition in SR … pre-MoP at least. Then pandas came along and people race-changed and/or swapped mains and Lyss, Arv and I were the only belfs left. Fortunately, that is NOT the case in That Guild, where half of the raid is Sin’dorei.

So, we’re on break Monday night between Garrosh pulls, and I dig through my bags for something to pass the time and click on Gokk’lok’s Shell. Schriko sees me, walks over, and uses his too.


Naked belfs, yay! BUT it doesn’t end there. Stickfigure gets in on the fun, dancing between us.


Having fun is definitely a big part of raiding for me. I’m lucky to have a guild that knows how to do that AND kill bosses at the same time. 🙂

Side note: DKs get a different colour of underwear? How did I not notice this before now?

So This is It

September 28, 2011

Firelands is done.

Slice picked up a shadow spec for the night and Zarm and I 2 healed everything. Except Staghelm … I would have liked trying that one, too, but Slice was anxious to get on to Rag so I didn’t push it. The bosses up to Rags fell over even faster than they did last week. Arv and I were put on the floor for Beth … I think we were both asleep by the end. We sent extra dps up top and they had her at like 47% when she came down off the web. No joke. I used my Guardian almost right away just because … hell, it’s not like I *need* cooldowns anymore. It’s quite sad, really. Alysrazor died at the end of a complete cycle, before even flying off to begin the next hatchling phase. /yawn

Drink up, Arv. It’s time to get serious.

‘Serious’ apparently means the wrong paladin taunts the boss during the stackup seeds phase. We won’t go into too many details, but my thumb slipped a bit trying to cleanse someone (hi Arv!) that wasn’t far enough out of the flame wall and Hand of Reckoning is there on that Opie ring that opens up if my mouse isn’t over  someone’s health frame and … yeah I went splat pretty fast. Epic Fayle.

Second pull some dumbps gets launched over the edge so we wipe that one up too. (bye Slice!)

Third time is a charm. Ado had come up with a plan for handling the giant Meatwads in phase 3, and as far as I could tell, it worked pretty damn good. Well enough anyway that no one died … except Ragnaros.

There’s no boss body, so we danced around the giant treasure chest that magically appeared in the center of the room instead.

And the group shot …

LtoR: in the back row there the troll is Adoe, then Vyshus (who is no longer a goblin *sob*), Lyssianna, and Zarm. In front we have Cayle, me (Vanicus), Pix and all his mirror images, Liyhe, Zerlegen, and Arv on his pedestal. Wait, I got all 10 in one pic? That’s a first I think.

We took a vote on what to do tonight, and alt run was the winner. Guess who is tanking? I bet I can’t tank floor as good as Cayle. Although, someone else was the Death Count champion last night …

Crap, I was supposed to pick on Sorak today and I think I picked on Arv more than him. Oops?

Domo Down Like Kisara’s Gold

September 19, 2011

Good week for Crits, as we caught up to SR and finished at 6/7 pre-nerf. Friday night we downed four, having some issues with Alysrazor as we were short a melee and it made interrupts … interesting. Saturday night we went in and got her in short order, and moved on to Domo. Now, last week we spent the entire Saturday wiping on him. We got close and knew we could do it, but just couldn’t quite make it happen. It still took awhile, and we were approaching the last 90 minutes of raid time when he went down.

We still had plenty of time to go look at Rag, so off we went to the trash from hell. We did fine on big lava wall guy … but those worms. Ugh. HATE. Once we finally made it past there, we took a break because some people had not watched any strats. Some of us, of course, know the fight, or at least the first phase and transition, so we found ways to entertain ourselves. If you guessed naked dance party, you win 10g. Whisper Kisara for payment.

First up we have the essential naked belf, courtesy of Kerick’s Orb of the Sin’dorei.

Then Log, Grom, Kisara, and Slice joined in. I kinda dig that dog.

No more dog. Dog = Log.

Oooh la la! Triple Kisara

Rep Farming is Fun!

July 22, 2011

I’ve been promising this post all week and am finally getting to it. Boss kills kinda take precedence, sorry Arv!

I was puttering around last weekend doing whatever, archaeology I think, when Lyss says in guild chat that she has one of the NPCs in her Protectors of Hyjal group that is needed for the achievement. It was one that Arv and I both needed, so she invited us and summoned us out there.  Once we’d waved, she dropped group and we hung around looking for the last one we needed … and of course any time the two of us hang out, shenanigans usually occurs. Like, him giving me rides on his Vial of the Sands and then dropping me. He did somehow manage to kill me, even though it’s supposed to give you a parachute. But that’s ok, because the parachute worked on the second try, and he managed to kill himself instead. Good times.

Well we’re kinda standing around doing nothing after that, so he’s like ‘Wanna do some BC heroics?’ Now, anyone who’s been around the blog for a bit knows that I like to farm rep.  I had actually already been to Blood Furnace and MgT earlier that day.  Heck, it’s even the blog title!   Do you *need* two paladins to clear any of this stuff? lol. Not hardly. You didn’t need two of them at 80, let alone now. But of course, rep farming is *always* more fun when there are two of you. Farming rep with Hartbane is one of my fondest memories from my Wrath days.

First we headed out to Netherstorm to hit up those instances. I’m travelling in style, not even having to figure out where to go … but I don’t go afk just in case some brat decides to drop me again.

We also hit up all the dungeons at Auchindoun … well, minus Sethekk Halls. We didn’t need the achievement for that one; Arv’s already got Anzu, and Van has been farming for it. Here is one of the great benefits of having two paladins instead of just one …

I actually came *very* close to killing him there. He has forbearance because he had to use LoH. ^.^

Then in Shadow Labs AGAIN I got mind controlled. Good times.

Never did manage to kill him though. We went back to the Netherstorm instances last night and I got MC’d at the end of Arcatraz. Maybe if I gem and enchant my ret gear …

Anyway, after that we headed out to the Caverns of Time. Can’t say I’m thrilled with Van’s human disguise but hey .. at least he got hair! Arv’s is definitely hawt.

Hmmmm …. I wonder if changing your hairstyle changes your CoT disguise?! I must experiment with this!!

We also did … hm. Shattered Halls. And then the NEXT day, we did all of the Coilfang Reservoir dungeons to finish off Outland Dungeon Hero for Van. And did MgT to get Outland Dungeon Hero for Arv. And then last night, we hit up Netherstorm again, and Arv finished off his Sha’tar rep and his 30 Exalted Reputations achievement. Then we did MgT again.

So what happens AFTER the dungeon running is over?

Maybe Arv didn’t know this … but I’m betting he probably did and is just exploiting it … if you get naked (or do anything remotely worthy of screenshotting) when I am around, there is a 99% chance that it will get posted to the blog.

Ok, I guess the final shot is proof that he KNEW he was getting screenshotted. This one makes me want to crank up some Rihanna “S&M” ^.^

Ok, that was worth waiting until Friday for, especially with the fresh pics from last night. 😉