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I’m Flyyyyyyyyying

September 2, 2015

Of course, I don’t have a picture of it, because the only flying I got to do was from my garrison to my shipyard, since my fantasy football draft was last night. So here, have a shot of some old dragon bones instead.


There are many things in this patch to go with the flying … new areas in Draenor only reachable by flight that feature rares who drop pets, badges to collect from Timewalking dungeons with new transmog items and mounts to buy, and … I dunno, some pvp thing. And supposedly some catch-up quests for bro stones and elemental thingamabobs, although I couldn’t find them last night, but I only looked inside my garrisons. Perhaps I have to visit Mr. Khadgar.

Last week was also a big week for other Blizzard games, with both the release of The Grand Tournament in Hearthstone, and the beginning of a new season in D3. There’s not a lot I can say about TGT because I didn’t want to pay $50 for a card back and some packs that I can buy with in-game gold. I honestly enjoy collecting my cards pack by pack rather than buying in bulk. It makes each one more special. Of course, that also means I don’t have many cards from the set to evaluate yet, although I *can* say that a Warhorse Trainer combined with Mukla’s Champion and Muster For Battle can quickly give you an army of pumped up Silver Hand Recruits to smash faces.

In D3 of course, I made my new seasonal hero as soon as it opened. I was going to make a wizard this time, but then I saw the new Witch Doctor legendary mojo, Henri’s Perquisition, which is, well, a cat! so I had to make a WD instead. Here he is by the rainbow, taking his place in history beside my other D3 characters.


And, for those of you who are actually interested, here is the team I drafted last night:

QBs: Ryan Tannehill, Andy Dalton
RBs: Frank Gore, Doug Martin, T.J. Yeldon, Giovani Bernard, Danny Woodhead
WRs: Randall Cobb, Jarvis Landry, Martavis Bryant, Allen Robinson, Eddie Royal
TEs: Rob Gronkowski, Tyler Eifert
K: Chandler Catanzaro
D: Pittsburgh

OMG a post

August 20, 2012

…. with screenshots!

Ok ok, they are not necessarily NEW screenshots. The first one dates from … the end of last month. >.<
Well it's not like I've ever denied being a slacker.

This was from a Naxx run we did in SR awhile back … and River from A High Latency Life joined us, so I had to get a screenie, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten to play with him.

This was from Laid Back Raid night (Alliance version) when Elgar and Bocat came along to Tempest Keep and Black Temple. I know I mentioned in an earlier post that we had quite a turnout that night, and you can see that in this shot taken after we had downed Illidan.

This weekend’s Laid Back Raid was Ulduar 25 (Horde). Van hit the magical Over 9000 achievement points during it, but I was slacking and didn’t realize I was that close, so I missed screenshotting it. Have a pretty pic of Algalon instead.

Of course, with SR being full of overachievers, just hitting 9000 only put me in 6th place in the guild standings. By the end of the night I managed to claw my way up to 5th, but I’m a full 200 points behind the next person. Oh yeah, thanks a lot Shady for transferring your mage over and giving me even more people in front of me. :p heheheh

2 Manning Naxx

May 10, 2012

Yeah, I know, there are DKs and shadow priests soloing harder content than this. But we’re not trying to impress anybody, we’re just trying to get some more achievements done!

Arv was missing 3 or 4 achievements from there, and Van had never been there since I created him just prior to the release of Cata, so we rolled up in there planning to get some things accomplished. Arv was a bit worried about whether two of us could handle it, but I was like ‘dude, we’re paladins and it’s Naxx.’ Ok, so I wasn’t completely correct, but we did pretty darn well! Between the two of us, we have all 3 specs covered and have current raid gear for both of our specs. We might not be super at ret, but … meh, two tentacle swords ftw!

Most of spider wing was a romp through the park. Maexxna took a couple of tries. It’s rough if you’re too far apart when someone gets webbed. I blew my LoH on Arv on this attempt and then he went and died on me anyway. Slacker.

Construct was a little more rough. Patchwerk still hits hard. After a couple of attempts Arv offered up some advice for the next pull. (Poor Stunnah, even when he’s not around he gets picked on.)

We solved the damage issue by .. going tank and heals. Heh. Remember when a full raid hit the enrage timer on him? Yeah …

I stayed heals for Grobbulus. It’s not like I could hit him anyway, since I spent the whole fight dropping the disease clouds around the outside edge of the room. Heck, I needed the holy mana pool to keep from going oom with all the cleansing.

Gluth. Um … yeah. I remember kiting zombies on my hunter. I also remember tank swaps because of the healing debuff. We tried to play with the mechanics in mind. We eventually got tired of the long run back and said ‘eff this let’s do it the SR way’ and we both went ret and stood toe to toe with the beast, ignored the zombies, and burned his ass down … brute force ftw!

Thaddius was easy, although Arv really beat the crap out of whichever of the two first guys he was on and I had to play catch up. Then for the boss himself we just each stood on one side of him and didn’t need to swap sides at all. Super easy with only two.

Plague was a walkover. Noth didn’t even get to teleport. Heigan and the safety dance? Yeah … stand on the platform and whack him. No dancing required. We’re melee! We don’t care about the cast time debuff. We *did* have to be careful on Loatheb though. I turned off ret aura and we made sure not to use any AoE, lest we inadvertently kill a spore.

We knew the Military wing would be rough though. We tried the SR method first on Razuvious and .. wow. Just wow. Although I have to admit, I did kinda enjoy seeing Arv get one-shotted. We eventually managed to both control an understudy with a crystal and somehow we still got him down even after those all died. Gothik we both stayed on live side and went to town with divine storms and holy wraths when the gate opened. Good times. I mean really, is there anything, ANYTHING, more fun than a couple of paladins tearing through a mass of undead? We called it at that point, mostly because it was late. We went back the next night and tried the Four Horsemen, and got that one once we talked Slice into coming on his druid and healing us. We killed Sapphiron as well, but KT still stands. Those ice blocks are hell. We had one great attempt where I was the last one standing and had KT plus two adds that I was trying to kite around. I almost got him but … bleh. It was late at night then, too, and I just wasn’t sharp enough to get it done. Fun times though!

In other news, I downloaded Mumble last night, got it set up, and hopped on to chat with Pie and my new guildies. I even met the GM. New Arelin is level 10 and on the Fleet, with his shiny new Juggernaut advanced class and a full set of crew skills. Original Arelin has artifice … I went with synthweaving this time. Oh! And good news! There was a Tauntaun Ram waiting for me in the mail when I logged on last night. So they DO follow you from server to server. Sure, he’ll still never have the Crimson or Pale Raklings, but … it’s ok. He’s going to have guildies! He’s already done something the first Arelin never did … he has social points. LOL! This lovely Miraluka warrior invited him to a group just as he was ready for the rite of blood. So they did that together and then she asked if I wanted to stay grouped, so we also did all of the quests (including the two heroics) inside the tomb of Tulak Hord together. Maybe tonight I’ll try to find someone to run Black Talon with me instead of going straight to Dromund Kaas.