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Shocking: Dragon Soul Day One

November 30, 2011

Is it really that easy, or are we just … wait, hold that thought, let me back up a bit.

Hey, there was a patch yesterday! Slice had assigned us homework on anticipation of that event, wanting us to look at videos and/or strats for the first four bosses in Dragon Soul. So yesterday, in between phone calls at work, I hung out on Learn 2 Raid and studied. I’m pretty sure most of the team also did the same at some point. We don’t do PTR, but we don’t go in blind. We prepare. A number of us also spent some time e-mailing a group discussion back and forth, including predictions on how we would do. I figured the first two would go down fairly easy, but the ooze guy would give us problems. I didn’t expect to even see Hagara. I also bet 10g that a certain raid member would die to Black Blood on the first boss. Let’s see how I did, eh?


Number of pulls: Uno. As in, One.

Number of deaths: Zero. Zilch. Nil.

You guys want the posed kill shots for each one of these, too? That’s gonna be lots of screenshots in one post! Actually … you know what? It doesn’t matter. You only get first kills once. The main point of this blog is to record my activities so I can look back on them in the future, so get ready, here they come.

Alright, moving on …

Warlord Zon’ozz

Number of pulls: um … 10 >.>

Number of deaths: Well, none in the kill. 😛

Seriously, I thought this guy would be easy, but we had some troubles getting used to him. I kept losing Arv … looking at the logs it seems to have been a combination of the cone attack and the stacking damage buff. Eventually though, we put it all together.

This would be a good place to talk about the redesigned Holy Radiance. LOVE. IT. Arv was bitching about it having a cast time now but honey .. you’re a tank. It’s not *for* you. It’s for ME. My healing done in the second stack-up phase of the kill pull topped out at 38K HPS. From raid healing … a paladin … raid healing!!! I could gush all day about this spell but I have videos to study before tonight so I had better move on. Seriously though … I’m crazy about Holy Radiance now.


Number of pulls: 3

Number of deaths: None in the kill

Wow, I didn’t realize it was just three pulls. I mean … THIS was the fight that I thought we would stumble on. We lost Arv during times when we had the blue Mana Void out. Once we recognized the pattern and got cooldowns and HoTs and whatnot on him before our mana was drained, we had no problems whatsoever.

Raid members present last night were Adoe, Arvash, Cayle, Fahalala, Jendora, Liyhe, Lyssianna, Pix, Vanicus, and Zarm. I guess you knew that though, since, you know, all you have to do is look at the raid frames on the screenshots. >.<

Hagara the Stormbinder

Number of pulls: Sex. Er … six!

Number of deaths: Hm. It says one but … I think the same person maybe died twice.

There were a couple of crazy moments in this fight. There’s a lot going on and I really didn’t expect her to die so easily. Slice always shudders and mumbles stuff about how people can’t dance whenever someone mentions Heigan, so I figured we’d be doomed here. I can’t understand a thing on vent during the lightning phase because my sound gets distorted. More than once I was hit with Shattered Ice at the same time she was doing Focused Assault on Arv and had to make the right decision whether to put big heals on him or dispel myself. Of course, now that I look, I see that the only thing I was dispelling was a 4s movement speed debuff, so I suck … but now I know! It won’t distract me again. /facepalm

Alright … I’ve got transmog shots too but … you’re gonna have to wait to see how sexy Kalethos looks. Tomorrow hopefully there will be more new boss kills to post!