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8 Down, 3 to go

March 17, 2014

Alright, got my 8th class to max this weekend. I had transferred Adryen over at level 87. Dumb? Perhaps, I mean, monks are easy enough to level and he had no professions. Or rather, he has two gathering professions that he didn’t pick up until he reached Pandaria, so … yeah. But I like him. And I get attached to my characters. So … here he is!


I sent him as many Timeless Isle pieces as I could. Or at least, as many as I had in Oranis’ bank. Hmmmm …. remind me to check Wega’s bank for stuff I stored on that server.
So far, I like the look of the leather gear. I’m curious now to see how it will look on Huna! She made it almost to 87 over the weekend. Balance is teh fun.


Ok, that leaves druid, rogue and shaman …. go!

Alt Week: Monk

September 19, 2013

Of course I have monks. I’m an altoholic, remember?


My journey into monks started with a conversation with Averry, asking if I had a baby orc he could add to the DPS group for his blog. I already had toons in his guild, so I simply rolled a new one and leveled her up to 10 so he could view her on the armory.


I had so much fun, though, that she didn’t stay at 10 very long. She’s made it to level 50, and also, eventually, made it into the comic on the Command Board. Gurtash did a really nice job drawing her, I love it!


As an earlier post indicated, Adryen was rolled to get the undead monk achievement for SR.


Adryen is further along than Giska. Then again, he’s been tightly focused on getting levels, whereas Giska has merrily trotted around, earning zone completion achievements and trying to keep up on her leatherworking. He’s up to 83, so his original goal is in sight. He still doesn’t have professions, really, which is so strange for me. Also, no one has commented on his name which makes me kind of sad.

I do have an Alliance monk as well, Kimchii, but she is only 15. She’s going to try leveling up through LFD as a mistweaver … someday.

Adryen Monk

August 12, 2013

So, last Monday evening we’re hanging around in guild chat. Slice is going through the guild achieves and is all like, ‘Van, make a goblin priest. That’s all we need for Classy Goblins.’ I laugh and tell him I already have a priest, but I’ll race change him if he gives me $30. Then he keeps going … Tauren priest, Tauren monk, Undead monk … and I’m like wait, I already have an undead monk, I’ve just never actually logged into him yet. Adoe says he’ll make a Tauren monk. Some jokes fly about it being a race.

Well, between the monk bonuses and carousel rides since it was Faire week, the levels flew by. The first night I got to 18. The second, 28. And so on, at a clip of around 10 levels a day. I made Outland on Saturday.


I did not make 10 levels yesterday though. A bad sinus headache left me not feeling much like playing, although I did make it up to almost 64.

He has zero professions. I mean like, not even cooking. I’ve never done that before, but when the focus is on getting levels, there’s no time. Plus, well … in today’s leveling environment, you outlevel your professions faster than you can keep up with them. It used to be a smart thing to level them as you level but now? It’s really easier to go back and do them later.

Oh, and Adoe is insane. He’s 77 already. o.O

Leave Me Alone …

July 16, 2013

I’m busy playing Card Hunter.

*distracts you with a dozen adorable windrider hatchlings*


If you’re looking for something to do, however … that game is totally awesome fun, browser-based, and completely free.


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