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3 Peas in a Pod

July 29, 2011

… a guest post by Sorak




Nefarian’s End

June 16, 2011

It’s finally done.

Last week we got him to .. 7%? 3%? Somewhere in there.

Tuesday we went in … missing Cayle and Zerl, but we have capable raiders ready to step in. 100k. Like half of a per cent. No one slept much that night.

Last night … we get Cayle and Zerl back, but now Arv is not on and may not make it on. We get Zug’s tank set gemmed and enchanted and he steps into Arv’s add tanking role. Second pull we get the 7% again, so it’s working … then Arv logs on! Full regular team in place, let’s do this!!

I’m very proud of our guild, especially the fact that we have people who are willing to step in and out as needed and there is no drama about it. I mean, sure, it’s very likely that we could have killed him anyway, but man, after all the work and the nights he spent having nightmares about tanking Animated Bone Warriors … I’d have felt pretty awful if Arv wasn’t in on the kill.

We did make a change in strategy and popped hero after the first crackle in P3 instead of after the 20% one. (Sorry guys, I’m gonna keep calling it hero for awhile. Funny story .. back when I was doing Naxx, we had a shaman helping out our group whose main was Alliance, and I always gave him hell for calling it hero. Strange how the pendulum always manages to swing back the other way, isn’t it.)

Lyssi came prepared with gift-wrapped mangowns for us to wear in the kill shot.

L to R: the huge orc is Arv’s Guild Page, Arvash, Cayle, Lioncourt lying down just begging to be pounced on, Vanicus, Doomkoff (Zerl), Liyhe (Slice), Lyssianna, Zarm failed at changing into a gown, Lyssi’s felpup, and Adoe. Yes, Zug is missing … he never stands still during the photo setup, instead he runs around until Lyss starts the countdown and then heroic leaps into the center of the shot. When he did, he covered up the hawt belfs, so I’m posting this one instead. Sorry Zug. 😛

After that it was still early so we headed over to BoT and finished off Cho’gall again. Cayle and Van both needed the kill for sure, because we were on Arelin and Sorak previously.  No .. wait. Ryli was there. Damn, has Sorak even killed him ON Sorak? lol.

As you can see, there is a huge difference in the amount of mana that Van has left compared to Kerick. There are also a lot more people alive. Hmmmm …..

That was a two pull. Then we were off to Throne to work on Al’Akir. I did a little bit of begging to kill Conclave first because I could use the VP or a ring, so we took a vote. No Conclave. Oh well. I believe only three of us had worked on Al’Akir before, so there was plenty of learning to do. I had a good laugh as Arv got carried away by the very first tornado. By the end of the night we were getting into P2 pretty consistently though, and got pretty deep into it more than once.

Nef puts SR at 11/12. Just one boss to go!