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Stupid Nice Weather

March 11, 2013

Makes it too busy at work to do any sort of meaningful post so here, have a pretty picture of Van playing Saurok superhero.


Note I said SAUROK superhero, not Sorak superhero, because only one of those things exists.

Cloud Serpents

December 17, 2012

This is probably the last post for the year. Vacation, holidays, etc. will have me afk from both the game and the blog most likely. I might post an update or two from my phone depending … we’ll see how things go.

Not like I have much to post anyway. You’d get bored pretty fast with ‘I got a rare stunted yeti, I got a blahblahblah and another humanoid battle stone’ … I mean, I do plenty of things in game, I just don’t screenshot as much as I used to.

One thing I DO like to screenshot, however, is mounts. It’s been awhile now since I completed this grind (although it’s almost unfair to call it a grind since it goes so fast) but I never got around to posting the shots. So here … for the holidays, how about some really super awesome serpents? I didn’t expect to like them nearly as much as I do.


This azure is the one that I raised from my egg. Of course, I could just raise a different color with another character in order to get the others, right? Too much work … Van, spend some gold and just buy them yo! Good boy.


I still can’t decide what color I like best. I mean, I chose the azure, but I really love this gold one as well. And the jade, well, I wasn’t all that enamored with it until I was hovering around Blackrock Mountain waiting for Arv to come to BWL with me and noticed how shiny his scales are.


It’s not all serpents all the time though. I love my random mount macro. And sometimes the ‘plain old’ drakes make for great shots as well! Like when I was flying through the Blasted Lands to do my pet daily outside Kara and someone was doing that quest where you fight the demon … everything turned red as I passed over and I had to stop and capture the moment.


Can anyone even tell what color drake that actually is?

So anyway … I hope you all have a great holiday season and I will be back next year!

Alliance Raiding

November 19, 2012

So, one week after dinging 90, Kerick got to his first raid for this expansion – Bastion of Twilight.

What? Didn’t you read the letter that came with your 8th Anniversary Celebration package yesterday? It clearly said to go out and defend a shattered world.

Plus, ya know, it was Laid Back Raid night.

This was LBR’s first real foray into Cata content. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous going into it.  Sure, it’s nerfed from what it once was, and most of the raid was level 90 … but it’s still new enough and the fights are complex enough that some attention must still be paid to certain mechanics. Toss in having tanks that haven’t been there and the fact that everyone studied Blackrock Descent since that was where we were supposed to go and you can understand my concern.

Of course we wiped on the trash in the front room. It wouldn’t be a BoT raid without a wipe on that trash! Halfus went down easy though. Then we lost a couple who got thrown off the stairs (also a normal thing in BoT even if you’ve been there before) and got to Val and T.  What a trip. I think we lost most of the raid between the first breath and the first dazzling circles of swirly stuff. Three of us lived and finished the fight somehow. It was pretty epic.

That council fight … ugh. Yes, it’s still awful. There are just so many things going on.  We did it though. And everyone did awesome on the attempt where we killed them. After that, well … Cho’gall himself was a big pushover. A bunch of people got the BoT achievement at the end, too.  😀

So, a quick note about addon issues. Last week, Van couldn’t get the Closed Circuit debuff to show up on healbot during the Elegon encounter. After much gnashing of teeth over it, Sorak talked me into setting up the default frames again with mouseovers. It worked ok. But I didn’t bother setting up all the macros for Kerick, so he just used the healbot version that I downloaded last week. Now, it has some features my old version didn’t. And I love it. Sorak is going to give me hell I know, but Khizzara gave me a suggestion to solve my Closed Circuit issue, so … hey it’s Monday, I always give Sorak a hard time on Mondays!

Double Agent

November 12, 2012

So, now that Van is past the Golden Lotus to revered grind, he’s been having a little more fun with dailies. He doesn’t get bored because he rotates them. You see, the August Celestials have four different quest hubs, one at each of the temples. So, he bases what dailies he does on which hub the Celestials want him to defend. If it’s at Cradle of Chi-Ji he does Anglers. If it’s at Temple of the Jade Serpent, he does Cloud Serpent. If it’s at Niuzao, he does Shado-Pan. If it’s at White Tiger, he does Klaxxi. And if it’s at the same place two days in a row, he’ll do Golden Lotus instead. So yeah … sure it’s slow, but it keeps it halfway interesting.

So yesterday after he did his stuff in the Jade Forest, I decided I wanted more to do. So I said, yeah, it’s time Kerick got to 90 and started dailies. So I logged him on … oh boy, he has a whopping 2% into level 89. But full rest xp. So after harvesting his measly four crops, he headed to the Spine to get his assignment into the Dread Wastes. O.MG. I mean, the quests weren’t hard. Ret survivability is pretty dang good (esp if you’re really a healer and care more about your health bar than your damage) and I make use of repentance and don’t overpull when I’m undergeared. But geez … Van was 90 when he went there, and the ability to fly really makes getting around a lot easier. But meh, I managed. Rescued a whole bunch of paragons and stuff and even did some dailies. Had fun with a leviathan, too.

By the time I only had the brewgarden hub left to do, he was sitting at 97%. Yay rest xp! But … I wasn’t feeling up to riding over there on my ground mount. I knew I could find a much better method for the ding and screenshot.

Zari, Fayle … this one’s for you!

And yes, after buying flying and doing Tillers stuff (omg I can pick up dark soil YAY) he did go and start on Golden Lotus. Now I just gotta get enough gear to go to the guild LFR on Saturday …