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What’s Going On

February 22, 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a rambly thing like this. Then again, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt like I had anything to talk about other than boss kills. It’s not like I haven’t been playing, it’s just not interesting to talk about grinding dailies, or document every single flawless battle stone that I receive. (Actually, that part wouldn’t amount to very many posts … those things just do not drop very often.)

On Drak, I’ve mostly just done dailies with Van, although recently he has ventured into LFR since it’s the only way he’s going to complete his Sigils of Wisdom. Kash drug me along a couple of weeks ago to her Friday night LFR, and I’ve sorta just made plans to leave Friday evenings open for that since we have so much fun together. Dyle made the trip to Pandaria, but he hasn’t gotten very far yet. I should really get him to the Valley so he can start making Imperial Silk … I need that moth!

On Winterhoof, Kerick finally hit the ilevel for LFR with the necklace from the holiday boss, so he’s been running MSV. He’s gotten the helm, several cloaks, and the shield so far. Kaly has been busy leveling and is halfway through level 88. I need to get him to 90 for a screenshot that I have planned, and he also needs to funnel some more ghost iron bars to Kerick so he can finish his blacksmithing.

Most of my non-raid time lately though has been spent on Kargath. (I really need to update the armory links on the sidebar eh?) Madorsa has been leveling steadily. She recently hit 50, and Averry sent her some shiny new glyphs, so now she can play locktank when she wants to. I’ve had so much fun with her there, that I took my baby mage and made a bank guild. (Special super big thanks to Grom, Bocat, and Lyssi for helping me out with charter sigs!) That’s not all though … I also deleted my level 60 DK and transferred Futara over from Firetree. She was renamed Kirgra and has been blasting full speed through the Cata zones. Last night she whirled through part of Uldum, moved on to Twilight Highlands, and ended the night at the Crucible of Carnage with Averry’s assistance. (I am kicking myself this morning for not taking a few screenshots) The weapon will literally only last for a couple of hours until she heads off to Pandaria (she’s at 83% right now) but it was a huge chunk of xp and a lot of fun. Oh yeah, there’s also a baby monk there that you will be hearing more about soon.

So that’s mostly what I’ve been up to. I’ll be out for the next week geeking it up in FL with the SR crew. (Florida, not Firelands!) So, no posts next week, but there will be awesomeness the week after so come back then! 😀

Beyond WoW

July 6, 2012

It doesn’t matter what game it is … get two people together who know Sorak, and things like this happen all on their own:

Bleh. Why you so small, pic? Why?? Whatever.

One week! I get to hang out with Sorak, Slice, and Lyss for reals … like, not online type stuff. It’s gonna be awesome.

Taking orders now if anyone wants me to, like, pull Sorak’s hair or anything. Only 10g!!

Lyss is teh Best

June 8, 2012

So, no pics today, I am a slacker. But my barbarian finally killed Diablo, thanks to Lyssi coming to help. Pretty sure the bulk of the problem was my nonexistent vitality. I had something like 1648 health. At level 34. I logged onto my level 16 monk and she had as much health as the barbarian. Fayle!! Speaking of that, I blame Sorak. He made fun of the 7k health my WD had and made me swap out some gear for damage over health and, well, I guess I took it too far in that direction on the barbarian. But he was doing something like 751 dps! Everything that *wasn’t* Diablo just melted under one to two swings of his legendary mace.

While I’m at it I should also thank Arv for his suggestion on how to reduce my lag. I never knew my characters were capable of moving so fast! OMG!!

Not sure how far I will go in nightmare. I may continue running alts through normal. The monk has a pair of nice rare fist weapons and tore through The Butcher last night without even moving.

Still … I can haz pandas nao?

Heroic Morchok

February 17, 2012

Home sick, day two. Cold symptoms – you name em, I’ve got em. Stuffy head, fever, sore throat, cough, headache, chills, sweats … I think the ONLY thing I’m lacking is a runny nose. I want to go back to bed, but I need to get this up while it’s not old news.

Wednesday night (alternating between freezing cold and sweating to death) we finally went ahead and flipped it to heroic. We’d been stalling because of personnel issues, but we’ve got our full roster including fillins pretty much geared up now so … I think we’re out of excuses to put it off. hehe.

We started out with me and two tanks on the mirror and Slice with the rest of them on Morchok. I’d read you needed extra healers, not extra tanks, so I dunno where they found this strat, but … there was much confusion on my side about how the crystals work.  Slice and I swapped sides then and we made some progress, and then I was like ‘um .. .are we 2 healing this?’ Yes, really, I was so sick I didn’t even realize it until a few pulls in. We’d made progress enough though for Adoe to analyze the dps output and determine that we were in no danger of hitting the enrage, so Shady switched to resto and chain healed the crystal group on my side, while I soaked stomps and kept Arv and Stunnah up. (yeah baby!) Somewhere in there Zarm had also switched to kitty instead of bear.

Seriously, holy pally is great for stomp soaking. We did wipe once when I fell behind and didn’t catch up fast enough, but with PoTI (which I still keep 3 points in even though it’s been nerfed somewhat), my armor and health pool, Divine Protection on a 30s cooldown, and of course the emergency measures of bubble and LoH if things get real serious … heck, it was FUN!

Oh yeah, you want a screenshot, huh?

Oh yeah, those dead people? Apparently after Morchok falls over, Kohcrom still has some health left. So while my side was all patting each other on the backs, he was over there killing Slice and Fayle. Muahahahahah.

Stunnah, dude … you have Destroyer’s End and you’re still wearing Ambassador? :p

Ok, let’s see if I can get these right. I never realized how dark it was in there. Or maybe it’s just me this morning.
The dancing bear is Zarm, then Liyhe, then me Vanicus, then Pix ruining yet another screnshot by putting up his Mage Armor right over Cayle’s face (wait, maybe I owe him 10g for that!), Arvash is behind us on his statue, ummm I’m pretty sure the troll in front is Adoe and the one behind him is Stunnah based on their armor and choice of tabards, then Lyssianna, and Fahalala on the very edge of the shot. If anyone can figure out why there’s a wolf with its nose up Adoe’s rear …

Oh, and Deathwing dropped another tentacle sword, so now Arv and I can make worms together! 😀

ON that note … cya Monday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz