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Stopping the Wind

January 31, 2011

Friday night we started off at Magmaw. We had a couple of subs in, as one tank and one healer had real life obligations. Having only the one raid group to worry about getting saved to meant I was free to bring in Kerick to cover the missing heals. We had a new hunter who was able to come in and provide frost traps/kiting on the parasites. That helped so much. I think it took up about 90 mins and we were done and wondering where to go next. Since we didn’t have a third tank available for Halfus and had already spent time in previous weeks learning the Council of Wind, we headed over to Uldum.

Our hunter switched over to his prot warrior, and I was assigned to heal him on the green platform. I had only ever been on the mage for previous attempts, so it was a learning experience for me. I’m not sure I quite ever got the hang of it completely. We had some good attempts and learned a lot, and ended the night quite satisfied. After all, we’d gotten our first boss down in this group!

Saturday night we had some switching around. We had a different warrior tank, so the hunter got to stay on his hunter. Our regular healer was available, so I got to go back to the mage. After healing on the other platform the night before, dodging tornadoes and wind blasts was a breeze. (heh heh heh) I think it was once again about 90 minutes. I was impressed that we did it so fast, what with  breaking in yet another new backup and all.

Of course, this left us with more time to fill, but this time we had an extra tank available once we sweet-talked the hunter into switching again. So we went and worked on Halfus for awhile. One of these weeks, we’ll get an ‘easy’ set of drakes. We did have a decent try where we got to the enrage though. Our enhance shaman has become an expert at interrupting the shadow nova.

Next week’s lineup is sure to change again, as Ado has speed-leveled his shadow priest from 60 to 85 in a little over a week, and we drug him on his first heroic last night already.  Crazy man!

BBQ Worm

January 24, 2011

Not the greatest of screencaps … no one seemed all that interested in photo ops for some strange reason. But the worm is now food.

STILL no hunter in the raid. The one we have wasn’t feeling well, so Analogue came in to boomkin. Cael, who was scheduled to be our holy priest, had a real life commitment, so we had another holy pally along. Naturally, this ensured that the drops would be a cloth helm with spirit, and hunter legs. We also happened to have an enhance shaman filling in, so at least the gear didn’t go to waste.

It was nice to get him down on my last night in the raid. I decided four nights in a row is a bit more than I want to commit to, especially since it requires multiple toons to be geared up. I don’t even have ONE fully geared yet! The other pally is geared and prepared to fill the role, so it works out quite nicely, really.

Paladin: Tips for Healing Magmaw

January 18, 2011

With the craptastic lineup of drakes for Halfus this week, both of my raids spent the majority of the weekend working on Magmaw instead. Yeah, I know a lot of my friends in other guilds are laughing and calling it easy because they’ve already downed him, but we’re not all that hardcore. Very few of the people in either raid have spent all their time grinding rep and points on a single toon … we like alts. So we’re slightly behind the curve compared to some, but that’s ok.

Last night we made real progress on the fight and were consistently getting through the first (double) parasite phase, and often getting through the second one as well, with our best attempt putting him down to 52%.

Members of the raid team: Cael Clan and Fyuria with Kerick

I did get some gear upgrades since last week which probably helped some, but I also made some changes to what I was doing.

1. Stand close and melee the boss. Our strategy has everyone except for the pillar of flame ‘soaker’ stacking up just to the left of the boss. The boss is stationary. Don’t just stand there and cast heals … HIT HIM. A quick autoswing here and there between casts will regen mana. (Yes, it took me a couple weeks of working on the boss before I remembered that I should be doing this. Gimme a break, ICC was out when my pally hit 80 and the rules for healing then were stack int and spam holy light. I didn’t think about my mana.)

Ok, now that we have some mana regen going, we can no longer be afraid to …

2. Use Holy Radiance to help out with the raid heals. I wasn’t even using this before last night. The huge mana cost scared me. But as long as you’re getting a few melee swings in (and have replenishment and a decent amount of spirit and preferably a trinket with a spirit proc or on-use effect … and Heartsong on your weapon … ) … ok, so maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. But if the raid is taking damage and HR is not on CD … use it. If you’re finding that you’re still having mana issues, stack more spirit. The only other thing I would add is … try to stagger it with your other healers’ abilities. I’m healing with a druid and a holy priest, so if I see Efflorescence and Sanctuary both on the floor, I save HR to use right after those disappear.

3. Focus on your assignment. Somewhat counter to the last point, but don’t fall into the trap of worrying so much about the raid damage that you end up losing the tank. Just pop that HR when needed and keep your direct heals on your target. I’m not saying you can’t toss a Holy Shock on someone who’s low once in a while, or BoP the lock that the parasites are looking to chow down on … just don’t slack off on the tank. At the beginning of the night last night, I whispered our tank and said “You are MINE. My goal tonight is to never let you die before I do.” I mostly succeeded. Deaths due to Mangle going its full duration do not count.

4. Paladins have LOTS of CDs … don’t be afraid to use them. I have historically been a CD hoarder. It’s a hard habit to break. After tanking on a DK though, I have learned the value of using all of your abilities, and especially of chaining CDs rather than popping everything at once like a DPSer does. There are a couple of points in this fight where it’s a good idea to always use something. Magmaw will swallow the tank using an ability called Mangle … pop a CD. The tank will then have a DoT debuff on him, and if the DPS assigned to chain him down don’t get it done fast enough and Mangle lasts for 30s, the tank will die.

For a super awesome breakdown of our cooldowns and some tips on using them, visit this post from Divine Plea. Almost all of the credit for the changes I made to my performance last night, go directly to the fact that I read this post yesterday.

5. Once the head is spiked, get your mana back. The ‘burn phase’ is a great time for Divine Plea and is open season on standing there and doing nothing but hacking at the exposed head with your sword. (Or smacking it with your mace.) Heal up anyone that’s not at full health, but otherwise, just get back to your melee position and get your mana back. I can have a full blue bar at the end of the phase.

That’s pretty much it. Just rinse and repeat.