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Up To No Good

May 28, 2014

So, I’ve won with a warlock deck the past couple of days in Hearthstone. I don’t play any of the so-called zoo decks or what have you. I just toss some demons and other stuff in. I got Twisting Nether in a pack recently and have had a lot of fun erasing the board with it.

Anyhow, since I won with the lock deck, I took Madorsa out to play. However, since she’s already done all of the LFRs at least once, and I had been in LFR over the weekend with Paddey, I decided to find something else for her to do … namely, collect enchanting recipes that she is missing. Some of this involves buying recipes from vendors using mats as the currency. So of course, I needed more Heavenly Shards and figured the best way to get some would be dungeons.

So Madorsa went to Stonecore and did what any warlock with any sense would do … killed almost everyone and took over the place.


Some of it also involves bind on pickup recipes dropped by bosses. Kael’thas in Magisters’ Terrace drops like three different ones. So of course, she headed there as well. And on her first ever run of Terrace, she got the Orb of the Sin’dorei. She was pretty disgusted with me for actually making her use it, though.


So yeah, I’m having a lot of fun on my non-raid days just dinking around on all my alts.

Fire and Ice

July 19, 2010

So, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did a lot of goofing around. Saturday after Hart got out of ICC, we needed something to do. There weren’t enough people on to get a 3D or anything like that going, so we headed to Mana Tombs again. Finish that and he’s like ‘ok now it’s your turn to pick something to do.’ So I made him take me to Magister’s Terrace again. No chicken for me, but I did finally get my pet.

Then it was his turn to pick, and he wanted to arena but his latency was too high. So we grabbed Fiak and Lajos, who were already in pvp mode in Wintergrasp, and we ran a bunch of BGs. Kaly ended up having to buy his Wrathful ring to get rid of some of the honor he had accrued. It really adds up fast when you’re winning.

Later that night I’m hanging out in Dalaran and Lore whispers me that he’s going to do the old CoT instances. So I hop on Karius and head down there. Lore hadn’t done any of them yet, so while he was doing the walkaround quest, I rode over to Gadget to turn in some cloth and get the quest to get Don Carlos’ hat.

It went pretty well. We weren’t too worried about Durnhold anyway, but Lore was afraid Black Morass might be challenging. We didn’t gather any of the mobs up, we just rode straight over to the portal .. well, I rode straight to the portal. Lore took a roundabout route, so when the first rift opened, he came riding up with a bunch of crocs on his heels. Heck, we’re mages, and I was in frost spec anyway … frost nova/blizzard wheeeeee! No problem at all, that instance was actually a lot of fun.

So afterwards we go back to Gadget to turn in our quest, and we’re standing around outside town, and I’m like ‘hey you want some entertainment? Ride into town.’ Well, I’m on autofollow and I still need another 1k rep or something before the goblins in Gadget will forget about that little Bloodsail adventure.

Yeah, well, you know what happens when the ice block wears off of course. Lore took the opportunity to dance on my corpse, and then he sat in front of me and cried. He doesn’t look too mournful here though, does he.

Hey Lore, nice hat. :p