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Up To No Good

May 28, 2014

So, I’ve won with a warlock deck the past couple of days in Hearthstone. I don’t play any of the so-called zoo decks or what have you. I just toss some demons and other stuff in. I got Twisting Nether in a pack recently and have had a lot of fun erasing the board with it.

Anyhow, since I won with the lock deck, I took Madorsa out to play. However, since she’s already done all of the LFRs at least once, and I had been in LFR over the weekend with Paddey, I decided to find something else for her to do … namely, collect enchanting recipes that she is missing. Some of this involves buying recipes from vendors using mats as the currency. So of course, I needed more Heavenly Shards and figured the best way to get some would be dungeons.

So Madorsa went to Stonecore and did what any warlock with any sense would do … killed almost everyone and took over the place.


Some of it also involves bind on pickup recipes dropped by bosses. Kael’thas in Magisters’ Terrace drops like three different ones. So of course, she headed there as well. And on her first ever run of Terrace, she got the Orb of the Sin’dorei. She was pretty disgusted with me for actually making her use it, though.


So yeah, I’m having a lot of fun on my non-raid days just dinking around on all my alts.

Alt Week: Warlock

October 25, 2013

I never really liked warlocks. I tried making one not too long after I started playing. I figured it would be easy, since I had already leveled a hunter, so another pet class should be no big deal. But … I dunno. I just never quite got it. She made it to about 23 but stalled there and was eventually deleted. Now .. this was back in BC, and a lot has changed since then. You had the big talent trees and had to figure out where to put those points. You had all of the spells and had to figure out which ones were supposed to be used with which spec. Yes, sure I was only 20-something, but even at that small level I was overwhelmed.

Then in Wrath I picked up maging. Well obviously since I was now a mage I had to hate warlocks, right? So I never got around to trying another one. Mage was easier to make sense of. If you’re fire, use fire spells. If you’re frost, use frost spells. If you’re arcane … well you get the picture.

Cata changed everything around, of course. With the talent revamp, I figured it was time to try again. I made a male worgen. He still exists, and I level him occasionally, but I had a hard time getting used to his casting animations so he joined my group of set-aside alts.

Then in Mists we got the green fire questline. Naturally, I took this as a sign to try once more. I had several revamped zones in the Eastern Kingdoms that I hadn’t seen yet, so I also used it as an opportunity to level through them. I made a female undead on Averry’s server, partly to avoid leveling on my home PvP server and partly to (finally) have a max level character to play with him there. This time, it stuck.

Madorsa made it all the way to max level.


She’s run around the Isle of Thunder with Averry’s lock, killing rares for the Tome of the Lost Legion. We both eventually found a copy on the AH for a price that we felt was reasonable, so that chapter is over. She’s run LFRs with him also. I think she still has to complete the final wing of ToT, but she’s eligible to go to SoO now as well. She’s spent a lot of time on the Timeless Isle. The survivability of the lock compared to ret pally is just … yeah. She killed stuff that Van would run away from. Even in lesser gear.

She started on her green fire quest. It’s been very interesting so far and there is so much lore. I’ve taken a ton of screenshots. Unfortunately, the scenario part is long and I had to log out shortly after this screenshot was taken, but this particular exchange amused me.


So … I’ve gone from basically disliking warlocks immensely, to having one as my second main. She’s the only character besides Van (and Kerick but he’s the same class/spec as Van so that doesn’t count) to have completed any raiding this expansion. Ok, fine, Kirgra hit up a single wing of MSV because some Prinnie wanted company, but otherwise .. that’s it. I’m getting that end of xpac itch to drag alts through content though, so maybe soon I will have others completing LFR too.

One More 90

September 2, 2013

It’s about time I get some of these dang alts finished, eh?


This is the first time I’ve ever leveled a warlock. It’s been a lot of fun. And so much different than the mage that I just finished. Every rare she ran across, she killed. Some took a few tries … I had to learn the timing to drop a shadowfury on Nalash Verdantis or his Torrent would eat up Negaton’s health bar. Others, like that stupid mantid Gar’lok … hah! Negaton went and pulled him right inside his little hut and tanked all of his Blade Flurry and Tornado, while I stood around casting shadowbolts. Tank and spank. Even my DKs had to move out of Blade Flurry. Locks are OP!

She went and did the scenarios and intro quests for Battlefield: Barrens.


Same thing there. The elites that destroyed my mage in Razor Hill were a yawnfest for Madorsa.

I’m guessing, from what I’ve heard, that the green fire questline will be a challenge though.

You Rolled a WHAT?!?

February 4, 2013

I rolled a warlock. Yes. I know. I think this is number … five? The others made it to somewhere between 20 and 25 and went poof, except for the Worgen who became my Alliance bank alt because I only like him when he’s in his human form. Seriously, what was Blizz thinking when they designed the worgen casting animations? Male is especially awful .. I can live with the female.

I already have a goblin lock rolled on Drak. I haven’t logged into him yet, but he’s there. But … I didn’t feel like playing a goblin, I wanted an undead. I suppose I could have just deleted him and rolled what I wanted but … well, sometimes I just need a change of scenery, i.e. I need to chill on another server. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy where I’m at. Oh hell, why am I even trying to explain this? How about I just say I didn’t want to level on the PvP server and leave it at that, I *know* you all will accept that excuse.

So, I have 3 alts and a DK over on Kargath, along with cloth heirlooms. And a monk that I haven’t logged into yet. I know Averry won’t mind if I place yet another alt in his guild, even if I only play it once and forget about it. So I create a nasty looking undead female, and play around with the name generator until I find something suitably evil. Madorsa. Then as soon as I’m logged into her I pick out a title. Hey, these things are important you know! I jokingly told Averry I was going with Salty Madorsa, and we both went eeewwwwwww before I changed it to Matron.

The levels go so very fast with 4 pieces of heirloom gear. You know, now that I think about it … yes, I did send a Dread Pirate Ring over there. I thought I had. The paladin is wearing it. Oh well, she really doesn’t need more xp. I’m having troubles outleveling zones as it is! I mean, part of the reason for this project is to see the new questlines that I missed in Cata. Seriously, up until now, I had not met Johnny Awesome. Now I have …


And Yetimus, of course, I had seen many times, but never tried to kill him on an appropriate level toon. Poor little Kal’gore, my voidwalker, got stomped into the ground in two hits. So I moved on to the other quests until I could get Kashina to come help. Afterwards, we go flying around on a sightseeing tour. You see that spire on top of Greymane Manor there?


We landed on top of it and were dismounted. Silly me decided to test out my Glyph of Falling Meteor so I jumped off the side and turned into a spinning purple ball of flying demon. Coolness! Except … there was some phasing and now we couldn’t see each other. Oops. So I had to hearth. heh.

I was supposed to move on to Arathi at 25 but … well, I already had the achievement there and I’d heard it hadn’t changed much so I stuck with Hillsbrad. I finished out the zone and got the achievement, then had to kill a few things around Arathi to get leveled to 30 so I could get the quest to move on to the Hinterlands. I also went the Faire and did the cooking, tailoring, and enchanting quests.

When I hit 32 just before entering Skulk Rock, I got a new passive ability, Wild Imps. O. MG. These things proc all the time! I am surrounded by my own little army of imps!


So yeah, it looks like this time, the warlock will stick. On her second fishing daily, she gave Faranell a severed abomination head and he gave her a bone fishing pole. (Oh stop it, Lyss, I mean a literal fishing pole!)

I’m already planning transmog outfits for her. What? There are some really hot looks for locks you know!



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