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Stupid Dragon

December 15, 2011

Awfully quiet around the web this week. It’s almost as if half the people in WoW were off playing another game or something …

We started fresh this week after last week’s extension. We knew that now that we had downed the first seven, we could do it again. We one-shot ping pong dude nicely.  We got Stunnah in  to pickpocket Hagara. We had some fun playing in Hagara’s ice walls. >.<

We two healed Ultradragon, with Slice getting the red buff, and myself picking up the green and then replacing it with the blue for funtime Holy Radiance spam.

I still hate Spine. It goes against my nature as a paladin to ignore the tanks and concentrate solely on the people with the debuff.  I really had to force myself to avoid looking at Arv’s bar. I confess, I  forced myself so well and was so focused in on the pink bars that it took me by surprise when suddenly we were in a cutscene. (I have my frames set to turn the bars pink when people get the debuff.)

So we cleared 7/8 on Tuesday night no problem and had all of last night to work on Madness.

The Deathwing fight itself …

I guess I’m glad it is appropriately difficult for an end boss, especially one of the entire expansion. But man … it’s quite a ramp-up from the previous fights. One death and … argh why is work busy on a rainy morning in December? … one death and we’re pretty much done. And those damned tentacles really slam people hard. And when the deaths don’t happen until the fourth platform, we’re 10 minutes into the fight and then have to go back and do it all over again.

So we tried a few different things. We tried 1 tank 3 heals. We tried 2 tank 2 heals. (ha! wtf were we thinking?) We ultimately went back to the ‘traditional’ 2 tank 3 heals. We tried swapping Nozdormu and Kalec around because we’d had problems stacking for the Elementium Bolt on the fourth platform last week.  We never did actually make it to the fourth platform doing it that way. We tried some strange order that was supposed to save Alex for last, which involved killing Kalec … first? Second? Whatever it was, without the extra damage we could not kill the bloods. It was rather hilarious really. So we pretty much eliminated anything other than Ysera – Alex – Nozdormu – Kalec.

We made it through the fourth platform and into phase 2 once. We sort of made it through the bolt more than once. But damn … that damage is rough.  And just getting that far … if people don’t spread out enough we healers expend too much mana on the previous platforms healing multiple people up from getting crushed by the tentacle. We learned, through trial and error, that one of our tanks is going to need Pain Suppression or HoSac on the second impale of the third platform. Arv is going to need a little something extra on the fourth right after that bolt because it seems to come at the same time as an impale.  We have to fine tune everything on that final platform some more, really.

Someone commented last night about how all we’d done is fine tune for hours. Well … that’s how you learn the fight. We made progress. We won’t be fine-tuning for months like on LK. But it’s gonna take us another week maybe two. Especially if we don’t have the same 10 people every night. But we will get him. And that’s all that matters.