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Loremaster Junahu

November 10, 2010

Bearer of Quel’Delar

Sunday I was working on Loremaster on Juna. I finished up Zul’Drak and moved to the final zone .. 17 quests left in Icecrown. I worked on those some and had a heck of a time. I won’t say how many times I died…I’ll just say that soloing 5-man group quests in Naxx gear with a level 78 pet is not advisable. Doable, but it took some strategy and learning.  Definitely more tiring than the putzing around I did in every other zone.

So before I called it for the evening, I went to Orgrimmar to turn in my mysterious object from one of the Rifts and pick up the new elemental invasion quests. While I was there, I hit up the AH to sell some leather and browse. I had made quite a sum from questing, and it was burning a hole in my pocket.

‘Ooh, what do we have here? 5500 for a Battered Hilt?! I wonder if any of those quests count towards Loremaster in Icecrown. Hm, but I only have 5200 … but look! The bid price is only 4k.’ (slap down the cash and cross the fingers)

Log in Monday after work expecting to have 4k gold in the mail. I was actually quite surprised to have this instead …

Score. I wasted no time getting started on the questline. The first parts were very easy, and quite fun. Yeah, the laundry was just a rehash of the Kungaloosh brewing, but it was still cute. And the best part is the dressing up afterwards.

That’s Bear resting on the left there. The bear family special ability, Rest, is the best thing evar. Unfortunately for poor Bear, I was able to run right into the Alliance portal area in my disguise … but the guards wouldn’t let him come in with me. So he kept getting ported out repeatedly. It was pretty funny.

Once I retrieved the book and went back to Quel’Delar’s Rest with it, Blood Queen Lanathel showed up to give us a lore lesson on the history of the blade.

Following that were trips to Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, and Halls of Reflection, to reforge, temper, and subdue the sword. Naturally I screenshotted all of the dialogue, but this post will be screenshot-heavy as it is, so I chose only the most interesting ones to include.

I had already done FoS on regular, so I was able to go straight to PoS … although I did secure the awesome DPS of my friend Skeetter to carry my fail huntering abilities through heroic PoS. (Thanks Hono, you rock!) I hit up heroic FoS on my own through LFD since the only thing required there was to temper the blade after the instance is complete. (Not ONE single piece of hunter loot dropped in either instance. What are the odds?) And that was the end of Monday night because it was after 1am.

Last night after finishing off our short-manned Naxx-25 achievement run, I hopped back on Juna. I knew I didn’t want to queue for HoR if I could help it … I was afraid of what might happen if I got in there to do the quest with random strangers. So I went and tried to solo it. I’d get the thing half down before the MS debuff on my pet became too much to handle.  I might have figured out a way to do it if I had to, but after two attempts, a warlock acquaintance logged on, so I whispered him to see if he would mind helping for a couple of minutes. Fortunately, he was willing to fly out and do it, and we made quick work of it and then wasted twice as much time afterwards just standing there chatting. haha. (Thanks again, Wredwins, you rule!)

Instances out of the way, the next step was to purify the subdued sword in the Sunwell. Yes, that Sunwell, the one on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Before they would let me in, though, the elves required me to obtain the blessing of the sword’s last bearer, Thalorian Dawnseeker.  So I had to ride out to the end of the Dead Scar and seek out his shade. After helping fight off some Scourge, I was rewarded with his blessing.

Blessing secured, the elves were … well, maybe not happy to, but at least willing to, escort me to the Sunwell.

I cleansed the blade in the Sunwell, and of course once the elven leaders that were gathered there realized what it was … well, it’s probably no surprise that Lor’themar Theron tried to claim it for himself.

Reforged, tempered, subdued, and cleansed … the mighty blade was taken once more to Quel’Delar’s Rest, where I was instructed to take it to the Violet Citadel to receive at long last my very own runeblade.

Huzzah! That’s one achievement I had been hoping to get for a long time. The quest line was totally worth the 4k gold.

Armed with my new weapon, and minus 350 more gold for a Massacre enchant, I headed back to Icecrown to finish off four more quests and get Loremaster. The added boost to my dps was enough to make a group quest I had struggled to finish just two days before, much easier to actually succeed at. And so, months after I started (I took lots of breaks what can I say) … ta da …

Now, to find the 8 quests I need to get Seeker.

Out of Outland

September 21, 2010

Juna finished up Outland over the weekend. She did 100 quests in Netherstorm on Saturday. That zone is way too awesome for words, so I have this picture that sums it up quite nicely:

Shadowmoon was pretty cool too. Teron Gorefiend .. he tricked me! *shakes fist* That was an awesome questline. So much lore there … but my journey eventually came to its end at Altruis in Nagrand.

On to Northrend … I have about 26 quests in Grizzly Hills to do, 64 quests in Zul’Drak to do, and a handful of quests left in Icecrown … that’s it!

In Other News …

Brewfest hit yesterday so I logged onto each of my 80s to queue up for Direbrew. After I had done Roz and moved on to Ari, a sudden thought hit me. If I’m having so much fun playing there, why not have them both there?

Remember when …. realm transfers took days? Then it was lowered to hours, and now the transaction page says one hour. But seriously … I exited the game, entered my transaction on the website, logged back into the game … and Roz was already there. FIVE MINUTES! Holy cow … craziness.

Things that suck … going from 1200 haste to 400 haste. Ouchies? It takes Roz a year to cast arcane blast. (Ok, 2.08 seconds, but who actually reads tooltips?) I queued him for regular FoS and then PoS. Both were .. adventures. Special thanks to Helinana of Wyrmrest Accord, who stayed there with me when the healer DC’ed in PoS and the rest of the group decided to jump ship when the queue for a replacement took more than 5 minutes. She gathered up 3 others from her server and we finished the instance.

Later on, Slice logged on and we did a random and got heroic FoS, so I replaced my 5 man ToC dagger with that ugly ass Seethe … now to get Black Magic on that bad boy and maybe I won’t feel so slow. I gotta admit though … the troll racial Berserking is at least a tolerable substitute for Every Man. At least it gets the cast time down to … well, Karius’ unboosted cast time. *sigh*

Ok that’s about it for now. I gotta actually look like I’m working here once in awhile, ya know?

Goodbye Kalimdor

September 13, 2010

I can’t really say I will miss you that much.

Although I will say, I am very glad to be able to say that I’ve spent the time to see pretty much everything there is to see there … before it all gets changed in Cataclysm. I mean, we already know that the zone pictured above will be drastically altered. I just hope the one below will still be as beautiful then as it is now.

Taelan’s Redemption

August 24, 2010

I’ve been finishing up the Plaguelands on Juna … up to 515/550 in the Eastern Kingdoms now. You would think, being such a Tirion fangirl, that I would have cleaned up these zones before this. But hey, at least I’m getting them in now and seeing it all before Cata wipes it all away. The following screenshots contain no cows but lots of undead horses.

At the end of the chain, after you’ve visited Stratholme and retrieved the painting, Tirion sends you to Uther’s Tomb to visit the gnome that sits there on the stump … Myranda the Hag? Something like that. I’d ridden past her 1000 times before and always wondered what she did. Present her with Tirion’s Gift and she will disguise you as a Scarlet Crusader.

The disguise allows you to ride right through Hearthglen up to Mardenholde Keep, where you meet Highlord Taelan Fordring … and give him Tirion’s Gift, full of old mementos from his past.

Broken out of his mental state by the realization that his father is alive, Tae falls to one knee. As the Crusaders standing guard in the room converge on him, asking what is wrong, the anger overtakes him and he attacks them all. Not sure what was happening, I just stood and watched.  Once he had dispatched them, though, he returned to his spot and wanted to talk to me. He asked to be escorted out of Hearthglen and back to his father .. and warned me to remove my disguise lest I accidentally taste his blade in the heat of battle.

So, I put on a more appropriate disguise, and then we went downstairs, fighting off Scarlets along the way. We stepped outside, and mounted our horses to ride to the gate.

Aaaand, we didn’t stop there. We rode on through the gates (after dispatching the Crusaders guarding them) and down the forest path.

But at the tower, Taelan stops and confronts the Grand Inquisitor. Unfortunately, although I was raring to jump to his aid, he instructed me to fend off the Scarlet Elites and leave Issilien to him. Do any of you ever have emotional attachment to these questlines? My heart caught in my throat when the battle progression led to this scene:

I promptly took out the Inquisitor as soon as he was attackable … then stood there waiting for Taelan to get up. Doh. Well, the quest text did say to report back to Tirion, so I mounted up and rode away, expecting to have to go back to the Eastern Plaguelands. But as I rode over the next hill, there was Tirion waiting for me on the trail.

It wasn’t until reading the next text that I realized I had just been witness to the death of his son. Although saddened by Tae’s death, Tirion is thankful that he had renounced the Scarlet Crusade, and he comes out of exile to take up leadership of the Order of the Silver Hand. I may have missed out on some important Lore moments that are gone now (Onyxia questline anyone?) … but I am very glad I took the time to do this one before Cataclysm.